Q Night at the Movies 12/12

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Gary Cooper is the star of this week’s Q Night at the Movies with a doc about the actor’s life at 7 and the feature film Meet John Doe at 8.

Hollywood Idols Gary Cooper: The Face Of A Hero 7 pm
Known for his personification of the Western Hero, it was Montana-born Gary Cooper’s horse-riding skills that first brought him bit parts in movies – and he never lost his love of the great American outdoors. Though he rarely played a villain and was an adept comedian, Cooper is best remembered for the strong, silent heroes he portrayed. With his lanky, country-boy looks and shy manner, he created a unique screen presence, though his real life was one of sophisticated elegance. He received three Academy Award nominations and two Academy Awards for his resume of more than 100 films.

On Story House Of Cards: A Conversation With Beau Willimon at 7:30 pm
House of Cards creator, Beau Willimon, discusses writing for Netflix, working with David Fincher, and delving into the psychology of narrative power struggles.

Meet John Doe at 8 pm
Fired reporter Ann Mitchel (Barbara Stanwyck)l prints a fake letter from unemployed “John Doe,” who threatens suicide in protest of social ills. The paper is forced to rehire Ann and hires John Willoughby (Gary Cooper) to impersonate “Doe.” Ann and her bosses cynically milk the story, until the made-up “John Doe” philosophy starts a whole political movement.

Q Night at the Movies 12/12

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Michael Caine: Breaking The Mold at 7 pm
Born into poverty in London, when he first decided to become an actor, Caine was met with amazement – who did he think he was? Yet, he persevered, starting in repertory theater, then television, and, finally succeeding in becoming one of filmdom’s most versatile stars. Included are the recollections of friends, co-workers and family members such as actors Julie Walters, Bob Hoskins, Dyan Cannon, Ben Kingsley, Roger Moore; directors Lewis Gilbert and Sidney J. Furie; and, Michael Caine’s wife, Shakira.

On Story Creating Classic Characters 7:30 pm
Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack (OUT OF AFRICA, TOOTSIE, THE WAY WE WERE) and NYPD Blue and Deadwood creator David Milch discuss the inspiration behind creating classic film and television characters.

Henry VIII And His Six Wives at 8 p.m.
On his deathbed Tudor-king Henry VIII (Keith Michell) remembers his long reign and especially the crucial part his six marriages played in it, without producing the male heir he desired.

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Q Night at the Movies 12/5

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week, Q Night at the Movies celebrates one of the most definitive leading men from the Golden Age of Hollywood – Cary Grant. Hollywood Idols starts the night with a profile of the prodigious actor. On Story follows with an episode about romantic comedies, one of Grant’s favored genres. Round out the night with a screening of Grant’s movie Only Angels Have Wings.

Hollywood Idols Cary Grant: The Leading Man at 7 p.m.

With a winning combination of comic style and leading-man charisma, Cary Grant was the essence of a star. But the suave exterior concealed a complex individual. Family photos, archival footage and film clips vividly convey Grant’s journey from lonely, working-class beginnings to the peak of Hollywood royalty.

On Story Romantic Comedies at 7:30 p.m.

The screenwriters (Abby Kohn, Geoff LaTulippe, Dana Stevens, Marc Silverstein, Marcie Mayhorn-Moderator) behind Never Been Kissed, Safe Haven, Going The Distance and He’s Just Not That Into You contemplate the important balance of relationship, conflict and originality when creating romantic comedies.

All-Star Film Collection Only Angels Have Wings at 8 p.m.

A sassy chorus girl (Jean Arthur) falls in love with a seat-of-the-pants pilot (Cary Grant) in South America.

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Q Night at the Movies 10/17

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

War, imprisonment and daring escape make for an exciting evening with Q Night at the Movies. This week, Q talks war with Oliver Stone and John Milius in an episode of On Story, followed by a showing of legendary getaway film “The Great Escape.” Next, get to know the people who made dangerous escapes from high security prison Colditz Caste and Nazi Germany with a documentary double-hitter. The exciting night starts with an episode of Variety Studio featuring Michael Keaton and Reese Witherspoon.

Variety Studio: Actors on Actors at 6:30 p.m.

The actors responsible for the most exciting performances of the year talk about their work-and more. Featuring Reese Witherspoon “Wild” and Michael Keaton “Birdman”, Keira Knightley “The Imitation Game” and Ethan Hawke “Boyhood”, David Oyelowo “Selma” and Jack O’Connell “Unbroken”, Jenny Slate “Obvious Child” and Felicity Jones “The Theory of Everything”.

On Story War at 7:30 p.m.

War in film is discussed by the creative minds behind “Red Dawn,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” and “Apocalypse Now.” Featuring Oliver Stone and John Milius. Film: Veterans by Miguel Alvarez.

All-Star Film Collection The Great Escape at 8 p.m.

Allied soldiers (Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough) dig a tunnel out of a Nazi prison camp, pocketfuls of dirt at a time.

Colditz the Legend at 10:55 p.m.

Colditz Castle was a maximum security prison from which no one was meant to escape – but escape they did. The exciting and moving new documentary “Colditz the Legend” takes a fresh look at the legendary escapes, featuring stories from both Colditz survivors and their extended families.

Shot Down: Escaping Nazi Europe at 11:40 p.m.

During World War II, fierce aerial battles and daring bombing raids took place over Europe every day and night. “Shot Down: Escaping Nazi Europe” tells the astonishing and emotional stories of three Royal Airforce (RAF) pilots who survived being stranded behind enemy lines and the remarkable resistance fighters, some of them young French women, who helped save their lives and smuggle them out.

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Q Night at the Movies 10/10

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Q Night at the Movies presents another night of crime, this week in the style of film noir and neo-noir. The evening begins with an exploration of the masked men of lucha libre in an episode of Voces focused on the Latino wrestling sport. Then the night explores noir in earnest, starting with On Story’s conversation with L.A. Confidential creative Brian Helgeland. Mob movie “Bullitt” follows, and the night concludes with a discussion about crime dramas in Pioneers of Television.

Voces on PBS Tales of Masked Men at 6:30 p.m.

Explore “lucha libre” and its role in Latino communities in the United States and Mexico. Part circus and part athletic contest, the sport, famous for its masked wrestlers, provides a sense of “home” for new immigrants in the United States. It also continues to expand and build on its unique cultural tradition in countries where it enjoys enduring popularity.

On Story A Conversation with Brian Helgeland at 7:30 p.m.

Brian Helgeland, the creative force behind “42,” “L.A. Confidential,” “Mystic River,” and “A Knight’s Tale,” shares his experience as a screenwriter, director and producer, along with the ups, downs and left turns of the filmmaking industry. Accompanied by the short film “Hector Is Gonna Kill Nate,” from Ari Issler about a basketball student that rolls into his High School gym looking for revenge.

All-Star Film Collection Bullitt at 8 p.m.

A San Francisco police detective (Steve McQueen) gets hold of a mob-witness/corruption case and won’t let go.

Pioneers of Television Crime Dramas at 9:55 p.m.

As viewers reveled in being transported to shadowy underworlds, creative geniuses emerged in the forms of Jack Webb (“Dragnet”), Desi Arnaz (“The Untouchables”) and Bruce Geller (“Mannix” and “Mission: Impossible”). Groundbreaking actors Bill Cosby (“I Spy”) and Angie Dickinson (“Police Woman”) reveal the methods behind their successes as the first African-American and breakthrough female lead characters in a television series. Barbara Bain and Martin Landau share the secrets behind the success of the innovative hit “Mission: Impossible, ” while the evolution of Peter Falk’s amazing characterization in his role as “Columbo” is recalled. And James Garner, in his only recent interview, along with series creator Stephen J. Cannell, recounts the success of the “The Rockford Files'” reluctant crime solver.

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Q Night at the Movies 10/3

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week, Q Night at the Movies tries to beat the heat – law enforcement, that is – with a night of crime. Learn how crime influenced Lemon Andersen’s poetry in an episode of Voces before diving into the world of director Jonathon Demme. Demme and Paul Thomas Anderson discuss creativity in On Story before a showing of Demme’s 1988 crime comedy “Married to the Mob.” The night wraps up with “Beat the Devil,” John Huston’s 1953 spoof of “The Maltese Falcon.”

Voces on PBS Lemon at 6:30 p.m. This documentary profiles three-time felon, one-time Tony Award-winner Lemon Andersen, an acclaimed Puerto Rican American poet who broke out on Broadway in Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam. Lemon’s life personalizes the anguish of men, clinging to the margins of society, but fighting for something more.

On Story A Conversation with Jonathan Demme & Paul Thomas Anderson Part 2 at 7:30 p.m. In this second On Story installation featuring Paul Thomas Anderson and Jonathan Demme, the duo look back on the vision, style, influences, and creative passion for Demme’s “The Silence of the Lambs,” “Stop Making Sense,” “Rachel Getting Married” and “Something Wild.”

Married to the Mob at 8 p.m. An FBI agent (Matthew Modine) gets close to a gangster’s widow (Michelle Pfeiffer) in order to nab a crime boss (Dean Stockwell).

Beat the Devil at 9:35 p.m. On their way to Africa are a group of rogues (including Humphrey Bogart) who hope to get rich there, and a seemingly innocent British couple. They meet and things happen…

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Q Night at the Movies 9/26

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week, Q Night at the Movies dives into the ways individuals can create significant social change with nonviolence. The evening starts with an episode of Voces exploring how one Mexican poet ignited an international movement for peace, followed by an episode of On Story discussing the social impact of “Philadelphia.” Then, watch the award-winning portrait of one of the most famous non-violent protesters ever known: Gandhi. Finish the night with Gabriela Frank’s reimagined Western composition “Compadre Huayshayo.”

Voces on PBS El Poeta at 6:30 p.m.

Meet renowned Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who ignited an international movement for peace after the brutal murder of his 24-year old son – collateral damage in a drug war that has left more than 70,000 dead since 2006.

On Story Philadelphia: A Look Back at 7:30 p.m.

Ron Nyswaner recounts the social impact of his screenplay Philadelphia, a bold film released during a delicate time in history. Followed by Oliver Kember’s Puzzled, about a young boy whose only chance at survival on the playground is to outsmart the other children.

All-Star Film Collection Gandhi at 8 p.m.

Richard Attenborough’s Oscar-winning portrait of the man whose policy of nonviolence won India’s independence.

Compadre Huayshayo at 11:10 p.m.

Inspired by the Ecuadoran huashayo, an individual appointed to hire musicians for a special celebration, Grammy-winning Western classical composer Gabriela Frank decided to recreate a traditional Western composition and use only South America’s native instruments. The resulting piece, “Compadre Huashayo,” is a lively and intriguing cultural blend of tone and style. Frank replaces the horn and violin sections with sampona and quena flutes, siku panpipes, guitar-like charangos and bandolins.

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Q Night at the Movies 8/29

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week’s Q Night at the Movies brings you around the world! After On Story teaches you about the modern day Neo Noir, The Third Man takes you on a mysterious adventure through Vienna and Spies Beneath Berlin transports you to the Soviet sector of Berlin’s past. Finally, The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint looks back at a classic American club.

On Story Neo Noir: The Modern Day Film Noir at 7:30 pm
Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential) discuss the modern day Neo Noir—a genre-bending response to the Film Noirs of the 1940s and 50s —and dissect the basic styles, impulses, themes and tones that embrace this form of storytelling.

Corinth Film Collection The Third Man at 8 pm
Pulp novelist Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) travels to shadowy, postwar Vienna, only to find himself investigating the mysterious death of an old friend, black-market opportunist Harry Lime (Orson Welles).

Spies Beneath Berlin at 9:35 pm
This film tells the extraordinary true story of the top-secret mission to build a spy tunnel into the Soviet sector of one of the most heavily guarded cities in history. CIA Chief Alan Dulles would later describe the tunnel as “one of the most valuable and daring operations ever undertaken.”

The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint at 10:29 pm
This film chronicles the 45-year history of a Washington, D.C., landmark and takes viewers on a journey from Dixieland to Dave Matthews, from strippers and bikers to hippies and punks. The kind of club that’s all but vanished from the American scene, The Bayou featured jazz legends in the 1950s; rock ‘n roll and student riots in the ’60s; the debuts of Kiss, the Runaways, Dire Straits, Foreigner and U2 in the ’70s and ’80s; and the last performance by international star Eva Cassidy in the ’90s.

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Q Night at the Movies 8/22

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week’s Q Night at the Movies brings you a night of comedy and music. After an episode of On Story and the classic movie Annie Hall provide some laughs, Lindsey Stirling Live From London and Gloria Estefan: The Standards bring you into live performances of electronic violin and Latin Pop. Finally, we wrap up the night with more humor on an episode of Artist Toolbox featuring comedic actor Jason Alexander.

On Story Bringing Comedy to the Big Screen at 7:30 pm
Comedy in film is discussed by the creative minds behind To Die For, The 40 Year Old Virgin, National Lampoon’s Vacation and The Hangover. Featuring Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, Buck Henry and Jon Lucas.

All-Star Film Collection Annie Hall at 8 pm
A New York comedian (Woody Allen) recalls his lost love, a kooky singer (Diane Keaton) with a style all her own.

Lindsey Stirling Live From London at 9:35 pm
In this special, electronic violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling brings her incredibly creative music production to the big stage. Filmed at London’s Forum Theater in 2014, the dynamic program showcases a new music world where the infectious energy of dance and electronic music meet modern classical.

Gloria Estefan: The Standards at 11:05 pm
Over the course of her illustrious career, the seven-time Grammy-Award winning international superstar, Gloria Estefan, has recorded many classics from the American Songbook and collaborated with countless musical icons. Now, on this PBS special, Gloria Estefan performs songs live from her new album, The Standards.

Artist Toolbox Jason Alexander at 12:05 am
Join host John Jacobsen as he attempts to crack up classic funny-man Jason Alexander, perhaps best known as George Costanza from the classic sitcom, Seinfeld. While having such a successful show often typecasts actors for the rest of their careers, Alexander talks about breaking the mold and forging a career based on craft, training and ambition.

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Q Night at the Movies 8/15

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

On this week’s Q Night at the Movies, after On Story highlights television dramas, the Corinth Films Collection brings you the 1954 classic The Last Time I Saw Paris. Then, Variety Studio: Actors on Actors takes you into conversations between some of the most influential actors in Hollywood, and the night concludes with the triumphant story of Norma Miller on Queen of Swing.

On Story Drama at 7:30 pm
In episode 6 of On Story, the creative minds behind the shows Mad Men, The Wire and Treme discuss historical and modern day relevance in television dramas. Featuring Matthew Weiner and David Simon.

Corinth Films Collection The Last Time I Saw Paris at 8 pm
Richard Brooks directed this adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald story about a writer who returns to Paris to gain custody of his daughter, and while there reminisces about his ill-fated marriage to the girl’s mother.

Variety Studio: Actors on Actors Episode #202 at 9:59 pm
An intimate conversation between some of the greatest actors working today. Featuring Claire Danes (Homeland) with Don Cheadle (House of Lies), Matt LeBlanc (Episodes) with Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Clive Owen (The Knick) with Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder) with Jane Fonda (Grace and Frankie), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) with Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black).

Queen of Swing at 10:59 pm
This film recounts the true story of a Jazz Age trailblazer—95-year-old entertainer Norma Miller. The engaging biography highlights the life, career and indomitable spirit of the Harlem-born actress, dancer and choreographer known as “The Queen of Swing.” Discovered at the age of 12, Miller’s show business career has spanned seven decades (and counting).

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