When Scary Things Happen: Resources for parents


When scary things happen in the world around us, like the attacks in Nice, France or in our backyard like the Dallas shootings, children can feel afraid and anxious. It can be difficult for parents to address these issues with kids, so we’ve gathered a list of resources to help you navigate these difficult situations with your children.

Helping Children Cope After a Crisis or Emergency (PDF)

This sheet gives you a list of ways to support children after an unexpected event happens. Be patient, comforting, and understanding as they ask and you answer their questions. Remember that as an adult you also need to take care of yourself.

Draw Your Feelings Worksheet (PDF)

Sometimes children can express their feelings better creatively. Here’s a worksheet where kids can draw how they’re feeling.

Comforting Children Through Stressful Times

From Sesame Workshop, this link gives you a series of tips on how to help your kids get through scary situations.

Encourage Pretend Play

Sometimes children don’t understand their feelings and through pretend play they find out how they feel about something. This link helps you understand what role pretending can have in your child.

Here’s a video from Sesame Workshop that tells children who they can turn to in a scary situation:

For more videos and resources on how to help your kids in an emergency or crisis, you can visit PBSKids.org/learn/when-something-scary-happens.

Sid Movie Was a Hit!

Thanks to all the families that joined us for the Sid the Science Kid Movie Premiere at Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek and Slaughter locations on Saturday.

Before the movie, we had fun playing catapult games in the lobby, posing for photos with Sid, and meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog!

See photos from both locations: Sid the Science Kid Movie Premiere | March 30, 2013

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WordGirl's Season Premiere

Word Girl and her sidekick HuggyA STUPENDOUS new season of WordGirl kicks off with the back-to-school special episode “Bummertime/The Home Run King,” premiering Monday, August 23rd at 3:30pm on KLRU.
(repeats: Tuesday, September 7 at 3:30pm)

Becky just wants to read a book on the last day of summer but Tobey and his latest robot creation are AGGRAVATING her. Can WordGirl figure out how to stop crime and PROLONG her last day of vacation?

Then, when TJ foils a crime during his baseball game with an EXTRAORDINARY home run, he becomes “the Home Run King,” the city’s latest superhero. FORTUNATELY, WordGirl steps in to save the day when he gets in over his head fighting real crimes.

Six new episodes will broadcast throughout the fall beginning September 13th.

The Charlie Rose Brain Series

Cross image of a human brainThe Charlie Rose Brain Series explores one of sciences final frontiers, the study of the human brain.

Charlie will interview the most knowledgeable scientists and researchers in hopes of illuminating a new topic of study. Each monthly episode will examine different subjects of the brain, including perception, social interaction, aging and creativity.

We will also look at scientific discovery and advances in technology, in the hope that someday terrible illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s will be history.

Our special colleague on this journey is Dr. Eric Kandel.
He is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist and professor at Columbia University. He’s also affiliated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

He received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2000 for his research into the biological mechanisms of learning and memory.


  1. The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain
  2. The Perceiving Brain
  3. The Acting Brain
  4. The Social Brain
  5. The Developing Brain (great program for parents)
  6. The Aging Brain
  7. The Emotional Brain
  8. The Anxious Brain
  9. The Mentally Ill Brain

Programs may be viewed online or check out the broadcast schedule on KLRU.

Upcoming Shows:

July 20: The Disordered Brain

September 28: The Deciding Brain

October: The Artistic Brain

November: The New Science of the Mind