Student Reporting Labs Gets New Focus On STEM

KLRU and PBS NewsHour are working together in community schools to build the next generation of journalists.

Students at Pflugerville High School produced stories about local farms, studying abroad and immigration as part of the Student Reporting Labs program. They learned journalism ethics, how to personalize big national issues and why balanced, in-depth reporting is important.

These budding young journalists participated in webcasts with professional public media journalists, learned to use professional equipment, interviewed experts and change makers in the community and written scripts and produced stories for NewsHour’s website – and even the national broadcast. Since the program began, 28 stories by middle school and high school students across the country have been broadcast on the NewsHour.

This year, the Student Reporting Labs program will add a new STEM reporting focus with funding from the National Science Foundation. STEM – which stands for science, technology, engineering and math – helps students understand the world around us, tackle huge problems like water scarcity and climate change and develop the skills that are becoming more and more important to the global economy.

As part of the project, NewsHour’s research partner is conducting a study of attitudes toward science journalism. Please take this five-minute survey and let @reportinglabs know what you think!

You can help bring more journalism education programs to our community by taking a quick survey. Your time will help the NewsHour and KLRU build the next generation of public media producers and STEM-savvy citizens.