“KLRU is a community in the virtual space.”

Amy Wong Mok of the Asian American Cultural Center believes that media doesn’t have to be divisive. As a KLRU board member, she’s proud to support programming that lives up to her values.

“I like to use [as an] acronym: the Chinese chi,” she says. “Throughout KLRU or PBS programming, they have these three characters, civility, humanity and integrity.”

In fact, the need for civil, trustworthy reporting led to the creation of KLRU’s Decibel earlier this year. In addition to national PBS news and public affairs programs, KLRU knows local audiences also want to watch local stories.

Hosted by Judy Maggio, Decibel produces television specials and short videos that help connect viewers to complex local issues while highlighting the real people whose lives are impacted by current events.

Amy says this kind of reporting can actually help strengthen rather than divide—because the community can’t grow until people really see, hear and feel the things that lead others to think differently.

“I think diversity can only enrich our life,” Amy says. “[KLRU] is a community in the virtual space, and I think it’s very important.”


Do you value KLRU? Find out how to help. http://www.klru.org/value/

We’d love to hear from you! Follow the link and let us know what #YourKLRU and PBS stories are. You might just be our next featured viewer.

AISD Awards Belated Diplomas to War Veterans

It’s a graduation that’s been years in the making.  On Veterans Day, the Austin Independent School District awarded 11 veterans with diplomas from their respective high schools.  It’s a ceremony that AISD has held since 2002, offering veterans who did not finish high school and who served in any formally declared war or military engagement a chance to don the cap and gown.  For some, it’s a chance they’ve waited years to take.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted,” said Air Force veteran Doyle Hobbs.  “It seemed like a gift from heaven.”

“I completed my G.E.D.,” recalled U.S. Military veteran Eugenio Gaona.  “But I always wished I could get it converted so I could have a diploma from my hometown.  Now I’m happy. I have a high school diploma from my high school.”

Click here for more information on the AISD Diploma Award Ceremony and eligibility requirements.

KLRU News Briefs air locally every Saturday and Sunday evening during PBS NewsHour Weekend. 


KLRU responds to Citizen Koch documentary controversy

Many of you know about the controversy surrounding the “Citizen Koch” documentary. (If not, please read the included links to news articles on the subject.) We have read the emails, petitions and comments from our community with interest and appreciate the opportunity to clarify a few matters regarding “Citizen Koch.”

The public television system includes a wide array of organizations, from producers and local stations to distributors like PBS.  Each entity is independently owned and operated.

The Independent Television Service (ITVS), which funds, presents and promotes documentaries and dramas for public television and cable networks, was the organization that was in discussion with the makers of the film “Citizen Koch.” ITVS did not submit the film to PBS, or any public television station, for consideration.

To the best of our knowledge, the filmmakers have not yet made “Citizen Koch” available for broadcast. Right now, it seems that the filmmakers are presenting the film at festivals and screenings.   If the film does become available to PBS stations, we will review it and consider airing it just as we would any similar submission.

If you would like more information on this subject, the PBS Ombudsman, Michael Getler, has written a column on this which you might find informative.

You might also be interested in a film presented earlier by PBS through ITVS and  INDEPENDENT LENS series entitled “Park Avenue.” This examination of the widening gap between America’s wealthy and rest of the nation by Alex Gibney (Academy Award-winning filmmaker of Taxi to the Dark Side and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) was aired by public television stations across the nation, including KLRU,  and can be seen via free streaming on klru.tv

We appreciate your feelings on this matter, and we share your concern for open and honest information.  KLRU appreciates and seeks out input from our community.  We will watch for a program offer that will allow us to consider “Citizen Koch.”


Recent articles about the film and PBS:

The New Yorker, May 27, 2013
A Word From Our Sponsor – Public television’s attempts to placate David Koch
By Jane Mayer

Beyondthebox.org, May 28, 2013
ITVS Responds to The New Yorker article on Park Avenue and Citizen Koch

The PBS Ombudsmen, May 25, 2013
David Koch and PBS: The Odd Couple
By Michael Getler

Current.org, May 20, 2013
Was resignation of billionaire Koch from WNET Board related to controversial doc?
By Dru Sefton

Indiewire.com, May 23, 2013
Why ITVS should be held accountable and “Citizen Koch” should be called “Citizen Corp”
By Anthony Kaufman


The Texas Rundown: Now Online

Last week was an historic week in Texas: an 11-hour filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis drew national attention, and two Supreme Court cases with deep ties to Texas were decided. In light of the recent news, KLRU aired a special thirty minute news and analysis program Friday evening called The Texas Rundown. The program was aired statewide, in cooperation with Texas PBS.

Joining us for analysis was Alana Rocha, multimedia reporter, The Texas Tribune. She moderated a discussion with Ben Philpott, host KUT’s Agenda Texas, Dave Mann, editor The Texas Observer, Becca Aaronson, health reporter The Texas Tribune, and Erica Greider, senior editor Texas Monthly.

You can watch the show in the video above.

KLRU news special: The Texas Rundown

Between the end of the Legislative special session and two Supreme Court rulings with major Texas ties, this has been a busy news week.  As your public television station we feel it is our duty to be a source of trust worthy information so we are putting together a special news program called The Texas Rundown that will air Friday 6/28 at 7:30p recapping the news of the week.

Joining us for this analysis will be Alana Rocha, multimedia reporter, The Texas Tribune. She will moderate a discussion with Ben Philpott, host KUT’s Agenda Texas, Dave Mann, the editor The Texas Observer, Becca Aaronson, health reporter The Texas Tribune, and Erica Greider, senior editor Texas Monthly.

This special will preempt Need to Know.

Darrell K Royal (1924-2012)

Darrell Royal passed away earlier today at the age of 88. Evan Smith interviewed him for Texas Monthly Talks in 2004. When the show originally aired, Evan’s into said this about Royal:
National Football Hall of Fame member Darrell Royal is the winningest coach in University of Texas football history. Royal took over as head coach in December of 1956, and achieved success almost instantaneously. The team went from a 1-9 season in 1956 to a 6-3-1 season in 1957. In Royal’s 20 years as as head coach, UT never had a losing season. With Royal at the helm, UT won three national championships, won or shared 11 Southwest Conference championships, and made 16 bowl appearances. Royal is also known as a great innovator. He introduced two key changes to college football — the “flip-flop” and the wishbone formation backfield. Royal is also known for his commitment to the academic success of his players. He was the first coach in the nation to employ an academic counselor, and four out of five of his players went on to earn their degree. Starting in 1962, Royal also served as athletics director for UT. He retired from coaching in 1976, and remained director of athletics until 1980. He now serves as special assistant to the university president on athletic programs.” – Evan Smith, Texas Monthly Talks, Broadcast 5.13.04

Feb. 26 Celebration of ACL's New Home




Austin, TX – KLRU and The 2nd Street District invite the public to come downtown for 2ND ST. SOUNDCHECK — a special free party with music, events and more, sponsored by the businesses of The 2nd Street District.  The 2ND ST. SOUNDCHECK will celebrate AUSTIN CITY LIMITS’ new home at The Moody Theater and will take place throughout The 2nd Street District on Saturday, February 26 from 3 to 8 p.m.  The evening’s celebration is also sponsored in part by Cirrus Logic and The Moody Foundation.

The evening will culminate with the first AUSTIN CITY LIMITS taping in The Moody Theater featuring a 90-minute performance by Steve Miller Band including new material from his soon-to-be-released new Blues Rock album entitled “Let Your Hair Down.”

“KLRU and AUSTIN CITY LIMITS are grateful to Cirrus Logic for stepping forward to support this public welcoming of AUSTIN CITY LIMITS to its new downtown home,” said Austin City Limits Executive Producer Terry Lickona. “It’s been a dream to be able to give AUSTIN CITY LIMITS its own place in the skyline.”

“Cirrus Logic is proud to present Austin City Limits’ premier celebration at the new Moody Theater,” said Jason Rhode, Cirrus Logic president and CEO. “We look forward to becoming one of ACL’s neighbors when our new headquarters is completed in the summer of 2012, placing the company in the heart of downtown’s vibrant live music, restaurant and retail scene. We are pleased to continue our support of KLRU and ACL and its great gift of incredible music performances.”

“The businesses of The 2nd Street District are thrilled to welcome AUSTIN CITY LIMITS to what can now, surely be deemed the coolest neighborhood in town,” said Julie Sutton-McGurk, Retail Marketing Manager for The 2nd Street District. “And we will do so in quintessential Austin style – by throwing 2ND ST. SOUNDCHECK, a street party filled with live music, great food, and of course, what truly makes this city the special place that it is, the people that call Austin ‘home.’”

The new Moody Theater includes a state-of-the-art digital production system, supported in part by a $2.5 million matching grant from The Moody Foundation, one of the nation’s largest private foundations.  Developed by Stratus Properties, the new home of AUSTIN CITY LIMITS will enable more fans to watch future live tapings of the show and provide an enhanced experience while maintaining the intimacy, character and integrity that have been the hallmark of AUSTIN CITY LIMITS for more than three decades.

KLRU is currently engaged in a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to complete the equipment acquisition and installation.

“Thanks to the vision of Stratus Properties and the generosity of The Moody Foundation and other major donors, we are proud to be part of the energy and vibrancy of The 2nd Street District,” said KLRU CEO Bill Stotesbery.

On Saturday, February 26, 2nd Street will be closed all day to allow for street entertainers and special performances by Matt Wilson, Dale Watson & His Lone Stars and Rick Trevino.  Retailers and restaurants will be open and programming special activities as part of the event.  Immediately following the 2ND ST. SOUNDCHECK, doors will open for the AUSTIN CITY LIMITS taping in the new state-of-the-art venue.

Lauded rock guitarist Steve Miller and his band have been inspiring fans for more than four decades with Miller’s unique brand of rousing American rock ‘n’ roll. His catalog includes 17 studio albums and multiple hit singles including “The Joker,” “Take The Money and Run,” “Jet Airliner,” “Abracadabra” and more.  This will be Steve Miller’s first performance on AUSTIN CITY LIMITS.

For more information on how to get a ticket to the AUSTIN CITY LIMITS taping go to austincitylimits.org. Tickets are limited and you must have a ticket to be able to attend the taping.

For more information or a schedule of events for 2ND ST. SOUNDCHECK and additional opportunities to get tickets to the first AUSTIN CITY LIMITS taping go to 2ndstreetdistrict.com


Texas School Ready! Summit

This year’s Texas School Ready! Summit brings together some of the brightest minds and leadership—from across Texas and the nation to discuss a pressing issue for our state: Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This summit takes place at KLRU on Tuesday, January 25th.

The focus of the Summit will be to provide a better understanding of Autism, how to detect it early and assess it properly, gain insights into medically associated conditions and treatments, and learn how early childhood programs and teachers can smartly work to be responsive to the needs of children with developmental delays.

Go to the live webcast of the event from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm Tuesday, January 25, at texaspbs.org