KLRU wins 2013 Emmy Awards

KLRU was well represented at the 2013 Annual Lone Star EMMY Awards November 9th and was honored to come home with four gold statues for Arts In Context, KLRU Collective and SXSW Flashback 2013. The awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio and was attended by television professionals from all over the state. KLRU programs and associated shows were up for 17 nominations.

We were pleased when two of these associated shows, Daytripper and Texas Parks and Wildlife received awards for Outstanding Magazine Program – Series and Outstanding On-Camera Talent – Program Host and Magazine Program – Feature/Segment and Magazine Program – Program/Special.

KLRU winners include:

Arts In Context: Bill Carter & The Blame
J.J. Weber, Executive Producer
Pat Kondelis, Executive Producer/Director/Editor/Videographer
Kevin Cochran, Song Mixer

Arts In Context: Young Composers
Mario Troncoso, Director/Producer

KLRU Collective/Healing Sands: The Sand Mandala Project
Eve Tarlo, Producer/Editor

SXSW Flashback 2013
J.J. Weber, Executive Producer/Sound/Videographer
Pat Kondelis, Producer/Editor/Videographer
Galia Farber, Producer

About KLRU-TV, Austin PBS
KLRU-TV, Austin PBS is dedicated to telling stories that entertain, inspire and change our lives. KLRU highlights what makes Austin unique – whether music, arts or public issues – by creating and distributing award-winning original content. KLRU produces several series including Austin City Limits, Arts In Context, Central Texas Gardener, Civic Summit and Overheard with Evan Smith. As a nonprofit educational organization, KLRU also prepares children to succeed in school and creates lifelong learning opportunities for all. Find out more at klru.org.

Collective: Upcycle Challenge

This week’s KLRU Collective gets creative with trash.

The Austin Upcycle Challenge took place in June 2013 in the Austin Goodwill Outlet parking lot. Participants used items from Goodwill’s blue bins, a final receptacle for items donated to Goodwill, to create artwork, refurbished furniture, home accents and much more. The Austin Upcycle Challenge was a collaboration between Goodwill AustinAustin Creative Reuse,  Austin Zero Waste Alliance and Re-Sourcery.org.  These community organizations are working to help make Austin a Zero Waste City with a goal to transform trash to treasure and keep landfills clear of methane-producing textiles and home goods.

KLRU Collective: Science and art merge

This week’s KLRU Collective brings us the union of science and art.

Art and Science don’t have to constantly butt heads, and at Art.Science.Gallery., artists can be scientists and scientists can be artists. As Art Scientists, they make science more readily available, entertaining, and engaging through educational art exhibitions. It is the ultimate interdisciplinary experience, bringing the left-brained and the right-brained together. At Art.Science.Gallery.’s always free exhibitions, people can effectively blend science and art to innovate in both fields. The gallery is located at 2009 S. 1st Street in Austin.

KLRU Collective: Submerged

This week, KLRU Collective takes us underwater!

The Barton Springs Pool is a critical part of Austin culture & life. What better way to honor the Springs than an art exhibit dedicated completely to them? Bridget Quinn & the lovely patrons of Barton Springs have teamed up to create Submerged. Composed of photos & videos taken under the surface of the 68 degree Springs, people ranging from professional photographers to tech savvy six year olds have submitted works that capture what Barton Springs means to them.

The Sheffield Education Center is accepting submissions until July 5, 2013. The Submerged exhibit will run August 11 – October 6, 2013.


KLRU Collective: BYOBeard

This week KLRU Collective gets hairy.

BYOBeard is an exercise in unapologetic dorkiness. For one night only, an Austin gallery will be transformed into an ‘apiary of bearded people buzzing around’ while admiring bearded artwork, browsing through bearded trinkets, and sipping from beers from bearded brewers. But the story behind the event is as unique as the event itself. In this video meet seven artists and hear their inspiration as they plan for the event and create their own submissions for BYOBeard. They explain how constraint helps breed creativity and how beards make everything more fun.

KLRU Collective: Modern Quilting

This week KLRU Collective gives us a glimpse into the art of modern quilting.

Modern Quilters adhere to one rule: There Are No Rules! Modern Quilting brings a bold new aesthetic to a traditional craft. With clean lines, contemporary color schemes, and the excitement to meet online quilting friends in person, The Modern Quilt Guild presented QuiltCon on February 21-24, 2013 in Austin, Texas. QuiltCon is the first International Modern Quilting Conference with vendors, demonstrations, exhibits and some of the craft’s most influential people. People came from all over the United States to learn new techniques, and everyone was inspired by the beautiful and unique craftsmanship of the quilts.

KLRU Collective: Con Mascaras

CFILLMXE2SMLThis week, KLRU Collective presents the Masked: Changing Identities exhibition. Mexic-Arte Museum brings together over 200 traditional masks from various eras & regions in Mexico. The collection illustrates a people’s history that blends real life & myth & emphasizes the continued importance of masks in Mexican culture. While some consider them works of arts & some see them as part of traditional dance costumes, others revere them as religious symbols. However interpreted, these masks serve as inspiration for contemporary art & are a unique feature of Mexican tradition.

Masked: Changing Identities is on exhibit at Mexic-Arte Museum from January 25 – May 25, 2013. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, Collective will be available in both English and Spanish during the day and provide links to traditional dances.

Collective is now airing on Ideastream

Ideastream, Cleveland’s PBS, will be airing KLRU Collective’s Architects of Air. The Collective short will air on Applause, an Emmy Award-winning show that celebrates artists and cultural groups around Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Architects of Air 
Architects of Air seeks to bring a visual surprise and excitement into the environment and to create the optimum conditions where people can be moved to a sense of wonder through the particular phenomenon of luminous colour. Since 1992, over 2 million visitors in 37 countries across 5 continents have immersed themselves in the spectacular, luminous world of Architects of Air.


KLRU Collective: Is Graffiti Art?

This week, KLRU Collective explores the art of graffiti.

Spray-can art started as an underground, street art movement. Today, graffiti is as relevant as any other art form, and Emerge ATX brings these artists into the gallery. With live graffiti painting and performances from DJs, MCs & B-boys, this annual art show uncovers the culture and process behind Austin’s street art.

Art Seen Alliance is a group of artists that come together to make art and produce events

KLRU Collective: Texas Photo Roundup

This week, KLRU Collective focuses on photography in this week’s piece.

Turning your love of photography into more than a hobby is not an easy task. With the rise in popularity of apps like Instagram, everyone has the ability to be a photographer, but it takes more than just having the right equipment. We’ve got some tips from Austin professionals at the Texas Photo Roundup on how to develop your photography.