Here’s an Idea: Our picks from PBS Digital Studios

Examine the connections between pop culture, technology and art on this week’s picks from PBS Digital Studios’ Idea Channel.’

Why Are You Ignoring My iMessages?? – Idea Channel

Why are you ignoring my messages? Are read receipts amazing or infuriating? When you check iMessage on your iPhone, iWatch, iMac, iPad and you see a little note that says your friend saw your message, but they aren’t responding. Why are you ignoring my texts?  Also, what’s up with those people with green bubbles? Aren’t they the worst? Join Mike this week on Idea Channel as he takes a deep dive into read receipts and iMessage!

Can You Speak Emoji? – Idea Channel 

Since the popularity of emojis having risen in the past decade, many of these symbols have taken on lives of their own. Which is understandable since no one can get through a text message conversation without using at least one emoji. So does that mean these symbols qualify as a language?

The Vague Horror of Face Swap – Idea Channel 

Face Swapping isn’t new, but it sure is popular these days with things like the Face Swap Challenge, and apps like, FaceSwap Live, MSQRD, and of course, Snapchat. But have you ever noticed that there’s something…weird and horrific about the face swap? Perhaps it’s even an example of the Body Horror genre, especially when face swaps go wrong. Those glitchy face swaps you see on your friend’s story of them having a computer as a face may revealing something about the relationship between humans and computers. What does that say about the way computers see us?

The Electric Company Arrives on the iPhone!

Announcing the release of The Electric Company Wordball!, the latest PBS KIDS educational app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Wordball! is the first arcade-style game app that aims to help kids ages 6 to 8 build literacy skills, including phonemic awareness and decoding. The app also features music videos starring Ne-Yo, Jimmy Fallon, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and favorite characters from THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.

PBS will be offering the app at no charge in the App Store from January 15th through February 14th. (Starting February 15th, the app will cost $2.99.)

To download the app from the App Store, go to:

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