Kodosky Foundation Supports Arts In Context

KLRU is pleased to announce that the Kodosky Foundation has renewed its support of Arts In Context, our local arts series, with a $5,000 grant.

Arts In Context celebrates Austin’s vibrant diversity while promoting cross-organizational collaboration, innovation, arts accessibility and cultural tourism. The series helps KLRU achieve its vision to present quality multimedia content that engages people in the thoughtful exchange of ideas, expression of the arts, and enjoyable lifelong learning, resulting in a more vibrant community and higher quality of life.

Arts In Context is a “win” four times over:  it brings the magic of local arts productions to viewers; Austin-based arts organizations that partner with us gain exposure and build name-recognition; Austin’s reputation for thriving, creative culture is strengthened; and affiliate PBS stations gain access to new content.  

We are thrilled to continue a partnership with the Kodosky Foundation in support of these goals.  Thank you!

The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation Supports Overheard with Evan Smith

We’re very happy to announce that the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation has elected to renew their generous support of Overheard with Evan Smith with a $10,000 grant. Previously Texas Monthly Talks, this Lone Star Emmy award-winning production provides viewers with a unique perspective on current affairs. It’s wonderful to continue a partnership with this foundation into our 9th season. On behalf of KLRU board, staff and viewers—thank you!

Generous support received for KLRU

KLRU is very grateful to have received several recent commitments towards its ACL Studio Fund. Bettye & Bill Nowlin have made a generous contribution of $250,000 through the Austin Community Foundation. Pledges have been made by The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston, ($100,000) and the Still Water Foundation ($50,000).

We are thrilled that the Moody Foundation has pledged $50,000 toward our Grand Opening Street Party for the Moody Theater in February 2011. This gift will allow approximately 2,000 members of the general public to attend a free unveiling of the new Austin City Limits Stage and to enjoy festivities around the W Austin Hotel downtown, including a live, outdoor projection of the evening’s highlights from inside the venue.

We are so fortunate to have enlisted the support of these partners — and we look forward to sharing the outcomes with Central Texas and beyond!