Postcards from Buster | Beyond Broadcast

Buster travels to Egypt in one of three all-new international adventures Postcards from Buster has great new online resources! The just released international episodes – Chile and India – are now available to watch online, along with Buster’s previous trips to China, Italy, and Egypt. The Postcards from Buster website has also been updated with educational resources and a new web game called “Buster’s International Game Show” (or the “BIG Show,” for short).

Educational Materials
There’s a new Teacher’s Guide for the Postcards from Buster international specials. Designed especially for third graders, the activities in the Teacher’s Guide work side-by-side with the episodes now available online. View the guide here.

Web Game
Buster and Arthur fans, look at the new interactive and educational web game “Buster’s International Game Show.” Hosted by Buster himself and loaded with over 400 questions, it is designed to teach AND quiz kids about food, religion, pastimes, the Arts, history, daily life, and more! Test your skills on the Postcards from Buster website.