American Graduate Day 2016

Shaquille O'Neal_APPROVED

American Graduate Day 2016 returns this fall for its fifth consecutive year! Soledad O’Brien will host the national broadcast which premieres Saturday, September 17 starting at 1 pm. Featuring news segments, mini-documentaries, performances, and interviews, American Graduate Day 2016 is the culminating event of Spotlight Education Week – a special week of primetime education-themed programming on PBS beginning September 12, 2016.

American Graduate Day 2016 will focus on the importance of mentorship as a solution to one of the nation’s largest education challenges, and will celebrate the exceptional work of individuals and groups across the country who are mentors in their communities, by helping local youth stay on track to college and career successes. This year’s broadcast will be anchored by “Stories of Champions,” a series of short documentary-style profile pieces, which will spotlight individuals and influential figures in local communities around the country who are successfully keeping students on the path to graduation through engaging mentorship and ongoing support. The day will feature one of KLRU’s local champions. You can watch them all below.

After the national broadcast, KLRU will feature local American Graduate Day programming.

AISD Champions at 4:30 pm Sept. 17
Student filmmakers from 11 AISD high schools tell the stories of the champions who have supported, challenged and encouraged them in their academic and personal journeys. The film captures the richness and diversity of life in AISD high schools and the dedication of the teachers, coaches, families and community members who inspire students every day.

Eastside Education at 5:30 pm Sept. 17
Follow students, teachers and staff at an Austin high school under threat of closure by the state. For years, Eastside Memorial High School has been plagued by failing test scores and negative headlines. An Eastside Education spends one semester at one of Austin’s lowest-income schools, as teachers, parents, administrators, and students fight to meet state accountability standards or watch their school be closed. An Eastside Education is a production of KLRU­-TV, Austin PBS. It is part of KLRU’s American Graduate initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. American Graduate seeks to establish a clearer understanding about why students drop out of high school and how dropout rates impact our economy and society.


Spotlight Education Week 9/12-17

Spotlight Education_Logo_BG_Color

On Sept. 12-17, KLRU and PBS will be showcasing a week full of primetime programming which will focus on the challenges facing the American education system.

As part of KLRU’s and PBS’ commitment to education, the programs will explore the classrooms of today and explain how the amount of creativity and dedication that goes into teaching children makes a difference in schools and communities. Along with episodes from our core series such as POV, TED Talks and Frontline, the schedule will include primetime and PLUS programming, both of which are one-time specials.

Spotlight Education week in Austin is supported by Austin Community College.

Monday, September 12
9 pm – POV: All The Difference weaves together the stories of two promising young men as they navigate their lives in low-income, high-risk communities in Chicago. The 90-minute film explores the factors in their lives that made all the difference – an example of prioritizing education as a tool to secure a place in the middle class. Accompany two African-American teens from the South Side of Chicago on their journey to achieve their dream of graduating from college. Follow the young men through five years of hard work, sacrifice, setbacks and uncertainty.

10:30 pm – Arts In Context  Music for All Offering free, intensive music education to low-income youth from Travis and Hays County, Austin Soundwaves believes firmly in the principle that all students deserve a world-class education in the fine arts. Determined to make a difference in the minority community of Austin at a young age, the Hispanic Alliance of Performing Arts launched Austin Soundwaves. Program director Patrick Slevin and his team have already seen a positive impact on their students’ overall academics, motivation levels, and self-esteem. For Slevin, Austin Soundwaves is the first step towards providing the world class fine arts education that all students deserve.

Tuesday, September 13
8 pm  – FRONTLINE dives deep into the most pressing issues in education by updating two films.; “The Diploma Mill” and “Omarina’s Story.” “The Diploma Mill” (wt), a fresh look at the troubled for-profit college industry, examining reports of predatory behavior and fraud and the implosion of the education chain Corinthian Colleges. “Omarina’s Story” looks at how a program to stem the high school drop-out crisis has affected one girl’s journey. It chronicles how an innovative program to stem the high school drop-out crisis has affected one girl’s journey, from a public middle school in the Bronx to an elite New England private school to college. The film documents the divergent fates of two twins from the Bronx and sheds light on America’s dropout crisis and the brutal inequities in American Education.

9 pm – TED Talks: Education Revolution is hosted by writer/comedian Baratunde Thurston and actress/singer Sara Ramirez and includes short films, music, and inspiring speakers who are making a difference in our nation’s schools and universities. Explore innovative approaches to education. Speakers, including Anna Deavere Smith and Sal Khan, discus the school-to-prison pipeline, micromanaging kids and turning struggling students into scholars.

10 pm – The Address, a film by Ken Burns tells the story of a tiny school in Putney, Vermont, where the students are encouraged to memorize, practice and recite the Gettysburg Address, to unlock the history, context and importance of President Lincoln’s most powerful speech.

Wednesday, September 14
8 pm – NOVA: School of the Future, a two-hour documentary, looks at the school of the future by exploring “learning science,” a complex and interdisciplinary new field that encompasses neuroscience, physiology, and the psychology of children. In a new age of information, rapid innovation and globalization, how can we prepare our children to compete? Discover how the new science of learning can help us reimagine the future of education for all children.

Thursday, September 15
7:30 pm  – Eastside Education is a KLRU production. Follow students, teachers and staff at an Austin high school under threat of closure by the state. For years Eastside Memorial High School has been plagued by failing test scores and negative headlines.An Eastside Education spends one semester at one of Austin’s lowest income schools, as teachers, parents, administrators, and students fight to meet state accountability standards or watch their school be closed.

8 pm  – Time for School is an award-winning documentary project that visited seven classrooms in seven countries around the world. View an update to the documentary project that visits seven classrooms in seven countries and offers a glimpse of seven children struggling to get a basic education. The film catches up with the now adult seven to see how their lives have turned out.

Friday, September 16
9:30 pm – Craft in America: Teachers begins its eighth season on PBS with a unique hour that celebrates teachers: craft artists renowned for their own artistic visions, and committed to passing on their skills and passion for craft to new generations of students and artists.

Saturday, September 17
American Graduate Day! Find out more

Spotlight Education week in Austin is supported by Austin Community College.

Los Años Preescolares


El desarrolló de una base para el éxito escolar empieza en los primeros días de vida . La educación infantil es un enfoque importante de PBS , así que tenemos muchos recursos para compartir . KLRU también tiene varias conexiones con la comunidad educativa en el aprendizaje preescolar.

Si usted está buscando programas infantiles de calidad para su hijo,  para ayudarle a educar a su hijo o el de otra persona , le sugerimos que llame al número de teléfono 211 de United Way . Ellos reciben la información actual sobre programas del cuidado infantil de alta calidad , programas de visita al hogar , y talleres de padres / familia . También pueden darle información sobre cómo obtener asistencia para las necesidades más básicas de la vida , tales como :
curious george
-el hambre
-la falta de vivienda
-la atención médica
-el cuidado de la salud mental
-la visión / audición

Esta herramienta le puede dar ideas para la preparación hacia el Kinder :
Preparación Para la Escuela- Guia para los padres 

¿Es usted un padre, maestro o educador en busca de diversión , educación , medios de comunicación seguros y de alta calidad para niños ? KLRU niños tiene juegos , vídeos y mucho, mucho más .

smart screen time

Para más diversión y aprendizaje con los niños pequeños , sugerimos las siguientes opciones libres / de bajo costo :

The Thinkery Children’s Museum– Miércoles por la noche se paga -lo-que – quiera
Austin Parks and Recreation
freefuninaustin– una página de internet que da información sobre eventos gratuitos para familias.
Austin Public Libraries
Austin Museum Day– un día al año , todos los museos son gratis!
Capital Metro-tome el autobús o el tren y aprenda sobre nuestra ciudad

Para videos sobre el trabajo que se realiza a nivel local en la educación infantil busque aquí.

Maneras En Que Los Adultos Pueden Ayudar


Da el siguiente paso, participa! Los adultos hacen un mundo de diferencia en el rendimiento escolar de un niño. Tener adultos constantes en la vida de los jóvenes les ayuda a mantenerlos en el camino hacia la graduación. Aquí están algunos programas para que su familia se enfoquen en las maneras que los adultos pueden ayudar.

Los programas donde puedes ser un mentor: enrollment

Oportunidades pagadas

Americorps–se involucran a más de 75,000 estadounidenses en el servicio intensivo cada año en las organizaciones no lucrativas , escuelas , organismos públicos, la comunidad y grupos religiosos de todo el país .  (MS/HS)
BreakthroughOfrece aprendizaje afuera de la escuela y también manejos de casos académicos para los estudiantes de la escuela intermedia hacia el colegio.
CARY– (Council on At Risk Youth)- Son socios con los distritos escolares , agencias de servicios a la juventud , las universidades y los organismos de justicia de menores hacia el logro de los objetivos de la prevención de la violencia juvenil , el abuso de drogas y la delincuencia. (MS/HS)
College Forward-genera confianza,  motivación,  y el desarrollo de estrategias personalizadas que ayudan a cada estudiante entrar a la universidad y graduarse. Para los estudiantes del grado 11- universidad.

Oportunidades para ser voluntario


ACE– (Arquitectura. Construcción. Ingeniería)  -Los estudiantes en el programa ACE trabajan en colaboración con sus mentores en proyectos que proporcionan una experiencia práctica en la solución de los tipos de diseño, e ingeniería y desafíos que los profesionales del sector se enfrentan todos los días. (HS)

Austin Partners in Education– mentores trabajan uno-a-uno y ayudan a los estudiantes a mejorar sus habilidades sociales, su estudio, y fortalecer sus habilidades de comunicación , y desarrollar confianza en sí mismo (cualquier grado dentro del distrito de Austin) .

Big Brother, Big Sister–criar a los niños y fortalecer las comunidades a través de una serie de programas como el Programa basado en la comunidad , Iniciativa de Justicia Juvenil , Programa de la Escuela a la Comunidad , Asesoría Militar, y  El Centro de Mentores Bennett – Rathgeber . (todas las edades)

Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA– voluntarios son nombrados por los jueces para vigilar a los niños maltratados y abandonados , para asegurarse de que no se pierdan en el sistema de servicio legal. (todas las edades)

E4 Youth– ayuda a reducir las barreras en los jóvenes marginados y las carreras de artes creativas comerciales ; Identificar, nutrir y promover el talento a través de capacitación , tutoría y prácticas . (MS/HS )

Explore Austin– combina los beneficios de la tutoría y aventura al aire libre en un programa de seis años para los jóvenes marginados (grado 6º – 12º).

ICUSP– para promover el logro académico y el bienestar de los niños en el centro de Texas , reuniendo los recursos de la comunidad local , la Universidad de Texas , y las escuelas locales . (MS /HS )

OutYouth– promueve el bienestar físico , mental , emocional , espiritual y social de los jóvenes de minorías sexuales y de género , para que puedan explorar y afirmar su identidad abierta y segura. (MS /HS )

Project Males– (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success) Este proyecto conecta a los estudiantes de la Universidad de Texas en Austin con estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias del área de Austin. (HS )

Southwest Key Programs– conecta con los jóvenes adultos que están involucrados o en riesgo de problemas con el sistema de justicia de menores (10-17 años) .

VICTORY– Ofrece cursos gratuitos para los estudiantes en ciertas Bibliotecas Públicas de Austin. Los estudiantes se emparejan en una relación 1: 1 con voluntarios de la comunidad de Austin (grado 1 al 12 )

YES (Youth Empowerment & Success) Mentoring-Partnerships for Children– destinado a mejorar el autoestima de los jóvenes y mejorar su capacidad de tomar decisiones responsables a través de la formación , la orientación y el apoyo financiero . ( MS /HS )

Youth Advocacy– un grupo orientado al servicio de las personas que se concentran en los servicios de intervención y prevención del abuso de sustancias con un enfoque principal en los niños y sus familias en las zonas de bajos ingresos (10-14 años de edad y vivir en o ir a la escuela en 78744 )

Los programas con un enfoque particular en los niños o las niñas :



COBRA- (Community of Brothers in Revolutionary Alliance) es un programa de tutoría para los niños de la escuela secundaria ( grado 9 al 12 ) .

Communities In Schools: XY-ZONE Program– apoya y orienta los adolescentes varones en su cambio hacia la edad adulta . Es un programa de apoyo y desarrollo de liderazgo entre pares que desarrollan habilidades para la vida productiva en los varones de alto riesgo .

Project MALES– (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success) Este proyecto conecta a los estudiantes de la Universidad de Texas en Austin con estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias del área de Austin. (HS )

100 Black Men of Austin –  Organización que trabaja para mejorar la calidad de vida y las oportunidades educativas y económicas para todos los afroamericanos . (todas las edades)

Niñas:Explorer DC 6

Ann Richards School– una escuela pública para niñas en el Distrito Escolar Independiente de Austin (grado 6º – 12º).

Con Mi Madre-Las latinas jóvenes y sus madres se inscriben y disponen de servicios que incluyen : conferencias de madre e hija , visitas a universidades , reuniones del campus, actividades de servicio comunitario , asesoramiento , tutoría durante todo el año (del 6 al 12 grado ).

GENAustin apoyan y guían a niñas a tomar decisiones inteligentes, y cómo manejar las presiones únicas de infancia (grado 3 al 12 ) .

Girl StartOfrecen programas de educación STEM en el año escolar. (K- 12 niñas) .

Latinitas– Reforzar a las jóvenes Latinas a través de medios de comunicación y tecnología (12-17 años) .

VOICES-(Verbally Outspoken Individuals Creating Empowered Sisters) es un programa de liderazgo académico de las niñas de la escuela secundaria (grado 9 al 12 ).

Ve videos sobre la participación que los adultos pueden hacer. 

Para obtener más información acerca de programas de tutoría en el centro de Texas , busca la base de datos de Servicios para Jóvenes Mapping.


Center for Mexican American Studies Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations 9/15-10/6

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.44.29 PM

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. The Center Mexican American Studies (CMAS) at the University of Texas at Austin is hosting Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations beginning Sept. 15 through Oct. 6.

Kicking off the event on Sept. 15 is a talk with John Quiñones, broadcast journalist and host of What Would You Do?, titled “From the Barrio to Network Television: The Power of Never taking ‘No’ for an Answer.”

“As Hispanic Heritage Month is an important way to recognize publicly the many contributions of Mexican Americans and other Latinos to the United States, the Center for Mexican American Studies warmly invites the campus and greater Austin communities to this series of educational and fun events,” said CMAS Director Dr. John Moran Gonzalez.

All events will be held on the UT campus. You can click the dates for more information:

  • Sept. 15: Kick-off featuring John Quiñones
  • Sept. 22: Teatro y Cine featuring “Mama’s Boi”
  • Sept. 29: Pan-Latin Showcase
  • Oct. 5: Living the Dream: A real discussion on the impact of DACA
  • Oct. 6: Cine y Cena featuing “Songs of Our Homeland”

GIF or GIF: Our Picks from PBS Digital Studios

PBS Digital Studios

Here’s an idea, check out this week’s pick from PBS Digital Studios’ Idea Channel!

Do You Pronounce it GIF or GIF?

So. Whether you like it or not, when you say the word G-I-F, especially on the internet, people are gonna talk about it. Some will correct you, some will correct the people correcting you, it’s the same conversation every time. Over and over and over. Which is why Mike proposed a third pronunciation way back when: Zhaif, or in the IPA: ʒaɪf.

CASA Superhero Run 9/18


Everyone wants to be a superhero, right?

By running for the cause, you can be the superhero you’ve always wanted for children that have been abused and neglected. The CASA Superhero Run will take place Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016 at Domain Central Park. 1458849274289

CASA of Travis County, CASA of Williamson County & CASA of Central Texas (Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe & Hays Counties) will be hosting the event to raise awareness for children who’ve been abused and neglected. CASA speaks up for children by empowering our community to volunteer as advocates for them in the court system.

There will be a choice between two runs, a 5k and a kids 1k. Everyone is encouraged to register to race, donate to kids, fundraise for the cause or do all 3!

7:00 am – Registration/Check-In (T-Shirt and Bib Pick-Up), Costume Contest and Superhero Activities
8:00 am – 5K
9:15 am – Kids 1K with Villains to Chase (Time approximate, Costume Contest Judging Ends when Kids 1K Starts)
Superhero Dance Party & Awards Ceremony after Kids 1K

$30 through Wednesday, August 31st
$35 through Tuesday, September 13th
$40 through race weekend
+ $5 for Optional Chip Timing

Kids 1K:
$20 through Tuesday, September 13th
$25 through race weekend

Highlights Sept 4-10

KLRU Highlights

With permission from Queen Elizabeth, Queen’s Garden at 7 pm Sunday covers a year in Buckingham Palace Garden, exploring the history and the natural history of this remarkable hidden royal treasure in the heart of London.

Secrets of the Manor House at 8 pm Sunday looks beyond the fiction to the truth of how life was in these ancient British houses, and how mounting financial, political and social pressures were about to bring momentous changes to both the wealthy and their servants.

Go behind the scenes at Japan’s Yoshida Brewery, where a brotherhood of artisans, spends  months in nearly monastic isolation as they follow an age-old process to create sake on POV The Birth of Sake at 9 pm Monday.

Arts In Context at 10:30 pm Monday showcases Songwriting With Soldiers, which offers intensely immersive retreats to military veterans and active duty soldiers where they write songs about their experiences with the help of professional songwriters.

On September 11, 2001, Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon, killing 184 people. What happened behind the walls of the Pentagon is a largely untold chapter in history. Fifteen years later, survivors and first responders shed light on that tragic day on 9/11 Inside the Pentagon at 7 pm Tuesday and 9 pm Wednesday.

Frontline The Man Who Knew at 8 pm Tuesday tells the story of John O’Neill, an FBI expert on Al Qaeda who warned it was a threat. He was forced out of the FBI and worked in security at the World Trade Center, where he died during September 11th, 2001 attack.

Learn how Asian-American, black millennial, Arab-American and Latino evangelical voters are exerting their growing strength on America By The Numbers at 9 pm Tuesday.

Nova at 8 pm Wednesday investigates the psychology of a terrorist and examines how radical organizations have grown to make use of modern propaganda and social media tools in order to cultivate an army of self-radicalized killers.

Ken Burns talks about creating documentary films on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday. Former US Representative for California’s 36th district Jane Harman discusses politics on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7:30 pm Thursday.

Chet heads to the “Lavender Capital” in Blanco at 8 pm and Richmond at 8:30 pm to explore a living history park full of reenactors and a local swamp full of alligators.

From the early settlers to shopping mecca and urban oasis, Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy at 9 pm Thursday examines the transformation of Houston’s most glamorous address.

Enjoy an all-star tribute to singer and songwriter Willie Nelson, the 2015 recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, on Friday at 8 pm.

High school students taste the future of sustainability with hands-on growing and aquaponics on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday.

The Grammy Award-winning group featuring Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and an ensemble of musicians showcases their latest record, Let Me Get By, at Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday.



KLRU, for my family and yours…


We must raise $20,000 more to meet the $50,000 Board Challenge Match. Catherine Robb, grandaughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson and KLRU Board Member & former Chair of the Board, shares why she’s committed to supporting KLRU through the Board Challenge Match.

My family and I have had a lifelong love affair with KLRU. Beginning with my grandfather, who signed the Public Broadcasting Act in 1967, and continuing through multiple generations – – we have all loved watching, and have enjoyed learning from, the entertaining and educational programming found on our local PBS station.

Growing up, public television was the one thing I always knew I could turn on when I was with my grandmother, especially PBS Newshour, which was “her” show. I knew we would see interesting, quality programs that would leave us glad we had taken the time to watch. And more recently, my nieces got really excited when they saw me carrying my Odd Squad totebag; they were quite impressed that I knew about this PBS Kids show. I actually get positive comments on my tote quite often, demonstrating the substantial love for PBS in our community.

Personally, I consider my involvement with KLRU to be one of the highlights of my time in Austin and one of the many reasons that I am so glad I decided to stay here after law school. This dedication to KLRU is not only for the many ways it benefits me (I also love the Newshour, as well as local programming like Austin City Limits, Overheard, and many many others), but also for its ability to impact the larger Central Texas community. It is one of those rare organizations where our supporters and the people we serve are quite often the same people.

This is why I’m committed to supporting KLRU and I’m asking you to support as well. And as a Board Member, I’m excited to share that we’re in the final days of our $50,000 Board Challenge Match and need to raise just $20,000 to reach it! So make your gift of any amount now to double your generosity and its impact on our community.

Supporting KLRU really is giving a gift to yourself as well as to your neighbors. And the vast array of programming means there is something for everyone in my family, and yours. Won’t you join me in making a gift of support to KLRU today?


Catherine Robb
KLRU Board Member & Former Board Chair
Granddaughter of President Lyndon Baines Johnson

In the Studio: Gloria Steinem tapes Overheard 9/14


UPDATE:This taping has reached capacity. We are no longer accepting RSVPs. Thank you for your understanding and your interest in Overheard with Evan Smith.

Please join KLRU’s Overheard with Evan Smith for an interview with Gloria Steinem on September 14 at 3pm in KLRU’s Studio 6A (map). Doors open at 2:30pm. The event is free but an RSVP is required. Entrance is based upon capacity. 

Gloria Steinem is a writer, lecturer, political activist and feminist organizer. She is particularly interested in the shared origins of sex and race caste systems, gender roles and child abuse as roots of violence. She now lives in New York City and has just finished a book detailing her more than thirty years on the road as a feminist organizer. Steinem is in Austin for the Liz Carpenter Lectureship.

Wednesday, September 14 at 3pm
KLRU’s Studio 6A (map)
Doors at 2:30pm

We hope you’ll be there as Overheard with Evan Smith continues its seventh season of interviews featuring engaging conversations with fascinating people. The show airs on PBS stations nationally and presents a wide range of thoughtmakers and tastemakers from the fields of politics, journalism, business, arts, sports and more. Please join us and be part of the studio audience at this taping with Gloria Steinem. And don’t forget you can watch past episodes anytime