Hispanic Heritage Month 2015

KLRU celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a range of special programs and events that celebrate the Latino experience. Year round, KLRU provides content and events that give a diverse perspective on our community.

New programs for this September & October include the documentary On Two Fronts:  Latinos & Vietnam.This program, airing on Tuesday, September 22 at 9 pm, examines the Latino experience during a war that placed its heaviest burden on working class youth. Framing the documentary are memoirs of two siblings, Everett and Delia Alvarez, who stood on opposite sides of the Vietnam War, one as a POW and the other protesting at home.

Other programs airing on KLRU for Hispanic Heritage Month:

American Masters Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey
Friday, September 18 at 8 pm
This film captures the life and work of Pedro Guerrero, a Mexican American photographer born and raised in segregated Mesa, Arizona, who goes on to an international career as photographer of master American artists of the 20th century. Using Guerrero’s words, the film gives the viewer an insider’s look into three of the most iconic American artists of the 20th century: Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder and Louise Nevelson, as well as important images of modernist architecture.

Arts In Context Shorts Barrio Writers
online Friday, September 18
By empowering teens through creative writing, higher education and creative arts, the Barrio Writers are reinstating the term “Barrio” to its original meaning – community, and embracing it.  This writing community began with small workshops atEl Centro Cultural de Mexico in Santa Ana, California and have now evolved into week long, intensive programs on university campuses. At the end of the week, the Barrio Writers transform their stereotypes into a place of positivity and become empowered in their own words.

POV Don’t Tell Anyone
Monday, September 21 at 9 pm
In a community where silence is seen as necessary for survival, immigrant activist Angy Rivera joins a generation of dreamers ready to push for change in the only home she’s ever known — the United States. Hers is the quintessential America​n success​ story: Rivera is the author of the country’s first and only advice column for undocumented youth, and her YouTube channel boasts over 27,000 views as she comes out of the shadows to inspire her peers.

Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic of Words
Monday, September 21 at 10:30 pm
Rudolfo Anaya was the first Hispanic American writer to achieve major publishing success with his landmark novel, Bless Me, Ultima, in print since 1972. Recipient of the National Medal for the Arts, Anaya has demonstrated a lifelong determination to persevere – through poverty, catastrophic injury and an almost insurmountable artistic struggle to publish – and in the end, succeed. Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic Of Words is a vital reference to the authentic culture of Hispanic New Mexico. And while the wellspring of Anaya’s stories is New Mexico, his insight is invaluable to understand the quest by all Hispanic Americans for cultural identity, recognition and respect.

Arts in Context “Tardeadas”
Thursday,October 1 at 7:30 pm
Through music and community, the band Los Pinkys is keeping the Conjunto musical tradition alive. Los Pinkys are a traditional-style conjunto formed in 1993 and have been performing around the United States ever since. The band is one of the few who continues the long tradition of the Sunday afternoon performance (Tardeadas). Elderly Mexican-American couples share the dance floor with a new crowd of revelers often experiencing their first sounds of conjunto music.

El Taller
Thursday,October 1 at 9 pm and repeats on Sunday, October 4 at 1 pm.
Proyecto Teatro aims to make the arts accessible to the entire community, regardless of income levels, and to reduce social and cultural differences of society. For actor and director Luis Ordaz maintaining a space that leads to human development through the arts is his main reason to keep Talleres Infantiles alive. Talleres Infantiles is a year round Spanish language art program for mostly low income students. We follow Luis Ordaz and a group of theater students and volunteers as they work together to improve their community while keeping their culture alive.

Annual Imagen Awards
Friday, October 2 at 8 pm and repeats on Sunday, October 4 at 2 pm
The 30th  Imagen Awards recognizes and rewards positive portrayals of Latinos in all forms of media, as well as encourages and recognizes the achievements of Latino celebrities and Latino-focused projects, including programs that have aired on PBS.  This year’s nominees include America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa, the Children of Giant documentary by Hector Galan, Voces, Palmetto Scene: East coast Migrant Head Start, from South Carolina Educational Television and an on-air spot, Jessica Suarez PSA, out of Vegas PBS.

Voces on PBS “Children of Giant”
Monday, October 5 at 10:00 pm
In 1955, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean and a massive crew descended on the Texas town of Marfa to begin production on Giant. Now, 60 years later, “Children of Giant” explores the film’s still timely examination of racial prejudice.  Film by Hector Galan.

Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson
Friday, October 9 at 8 pm
The PBS Arts Fall Festival is hosted by international superstar and Grammy-winner Gloria Estefan. The Festival begins October 9 and showcases such titles as Unity, which features 16 songs that inspired musicians from all over Latin America to come together to celebrate and re-imagine hits such as “Smooth Criminal,” “I Want You Back” and “Billie Jean.”

The Hispanic Heritage Awards
Friday, October 9 at 9 pm
Join host Rita Moreno for a celebration of the country’s highest tribute to Latinos by Latinos. The program includes performances and appearances by celebrated Hispanic artists.

Central Texas Gardener
Saturday, October 17 at noon
Meet effervescent Velia Sanchez who designed and maintains a front yard garden complete with colorful meditative nicho. Every month of the year, neighbors stroll through to gather serenity and wonder, along with handfuls of fresh herbs and flowers. Not only only does Velia teach young and old about the wildlife that visit, she also passes along knowledge of Mexican herbal remedies for health and good taste.

What’s happening this weekend: Aug. 21-23

Austin Skyline

Can you believe summer is almost over, and students go back to school next week?! If you’re looking to enjoy one last sweet, summer weekend with the family, here are our recommendations.

GirlStart Back To School STEM Saturday

GirlStart is hosting a free back-to-school party to celebrate all things STEM! The event will feature hands-on activities, mini planetarium star shows and more.

Learn more about the effort to get more girls and women involved in science, technology, engineering and math fields in Immense Possibilities — The STEM Girls: Melting the Barriers. Millions of girls are raised to believe they have no aptitude and little chance for success in the STEM disciplines, but their thinking is changing, thanks to the professional role models and volunteers determined to encourage them to dream big and then make their dreams real.

Hours: 9:30 a.m. to noon. Admission: Free. Details here.

Blow bubbles at the library

Austin Public Library’s Twin Oaks Branch is celebrating its fifth anniversary in its new location this August, and the theme of the birthday bash is bubbles! Watch a puppet show from Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre, bubble games, cake and a special talk entitled “Libraries: Humanity’s Greatest Achievement (Besides Whiskey and Chocolate),” from Owen Egerton, a local screenwriter, novelist, performer and host of the monthly KUT podcast, The Write Up. Speaking of reading, school starts Monday – how are your kids doing in the Austin Public Library and KLRU’s Summer Reading Program?

PBSKids_300x250_Anytime[1]Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission: Free. Details here.

Sweat it out at the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival

We know it’s the middle of August, and the Austin Chronicle’s 25th Hot Sauce Festival may make you just a little hotter, but it’s worth your while. Dress light, pack a water bottle (you’ll need a refresher after sampling some of those spicy, spicy sauces) and head on down to Fiesta Gardens Sunday to sweat it out with food trucks, live music and more.

Get in the mood and watch Dale Watson perform “I Lie When I Drink” during his Austin City Limits taping. Watson and his Lonestars are performing Sunday afternoon at the Hot Sauce Festival.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission: $5 or three healthy, nonperishable food items. Details here.

Celebrate Austin’s arts scene at the Long Center

On Sunday, 14 of Austin’s arts organizations are hosting the Austin Arts Block Party celebrating more than 138 shows, concerts, exhibits and events through the 2015-2016 season! Learn more about some of Austin’s best arts organizations and experience art, dance, music and more for free. KLRU has worked with the Long Center on many arts projects — including featuring the first live-action graphic novel, The Intergalactic Nemesis, Book One: Target Earth, on Arts In Context. Created by an original comic-book story projected panel-by-panel on a video screen while three actors voiced the characters, one performer created sound-effects, and a keyboardist performed the score. Watch the documentary below!

Hours: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Admission: Free. Details here.

News Briefs: Texas Tribune Report on New Laws Hitting the Books Sept. 1

Many of the laws passed during the recent legislative session go into effect September 1st. This weekend during PBS NewsHour, our partners at The Texas Tribune look at two of those new laws. The stories, reported by Multimedia Reporter Alana Rocha, are part of the Tribune’s 31 Days, 31 Ways series.

You may not have known that up until the passage of House Bill 104 it was illegal for professional hair stylists to do their work “on location,” outside of a traditional salon. The clients who usually ask for that type of service are brides on their wedding day.

“Some [wedding venues] have gone to the extreme, they’ve got great lit mirrors and multi-plugs every so many feet. That makes it easier for me to come and service their brides,” Lecia Harkins of Beauty on the Go says.

But even with all of those accommodations, Harkins and other beauticians and cosmetologists were actually breaking the law. House Bill 104, a bill by state Rep. James White, spells out in statute the ability for those professionals to beautify bridal parties wherever is convenient for them and work other special events.

Another new law is meant to prevent patients with health insurance from suffering sticker shock when the bill comes from a hospital visit. Senate Bill 481 minimizes the impact of so-called “balance billing” on policyholders.

Currently, if the balance bill patients get stuck with is below $1,000, they have to cover the cost. In most cases if a bill is over that amount doctors and insurers will negotiate a deal, if patients request mediation. Starting September 1st, that threshold will be lowered to $500.

The Texas Association of Business supported the new law, and the group hopes to eliminate balance billing all together next session.

“We think that for those who have insurance, the insurance company should be able to go to bat and negotiate a rate for the entire difference between the contracted rate and what the doctors are billing them for,” says Bill Hammond, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Business.

Doctors’ groups worry that eliminating balance billing will force them to spend more time in mediation with insurers and less time with patients.

KLRU News Briefs air locally during PBS NewsHour Weekend, every Saturday and Sunday evening at 6:30pm. 

Who Cares About Kelsey?

KLRU presents Who Cares About Kelsey?, a documentary featuring Kelsey Carroll, a student who has one goal: to graduate from high school.

However, there are plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t. She attends a school with one of the highest dropout rates in New Hampshire and has dealt with homelessness, sexual abuse and ADHD. As a freshman, she didn’t earn a single academic credit, but she did get suspended for dealing drugs.

Who Cares About Kelsey? is the story of Kelsey’s transformation from a defiant and disruptive “problem student” to a motivated and self-confident young woman. Along the way, critical figures in her personal and educational life shape her coming of age and play important roles in an education revolution that’s about empowering – not overpowering – youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The documentary premieres August 27 at 9 pm on KLRU. For more information, visit the program’s website.

Who Cares About Kelsey? is part of KLRU’s American Graduate initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The American Graduate initiative seeks to establish a clearer understanding about why students drop out of high school and how drop out impacts our economy and society.

Thanks to YOU, KLRU will end the fund drive 3 days early!


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Best of all, your support continues to help us transform and innovate the way we fundraise on-air in order to bring you more of your favorite programs. We really couldn’t do this without YOU!

Thank you for investing in YOUR KLRU!

Q Night at the Movies 8/22

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

This week’s Q Night at the Movies brings you a night of comedy and music. After an episode of On Story and the classic movie Annie Hall provide some laughs, Lindsey Stirling Live From London and Gloria Estefan: The Standards bring you into live performances of electronic violin and Latin Pop. Finally, we wrap up the night with more humor on an episode of Artist Toolbox featuring comedic actor Jason Alexander.

On Story Bringing Comedy to the Big Screen at 7:30 pm
Comedy in film is discussed by the creative minds behind To Die For, The 40 Year Old Virgin, National Lampoon’s Vacation and The Hangover. Featuring Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, Buck Henry and Jon Lucas.

All-Star Film Collection Annie Hall at 8 pm
A New York comedian (Woody Allen) recalls his lost love, a kooky singer (Diane Keaton) with a style all her own.

Lindsey Stirling Live From London at 9:35 pm
In this special, electronic violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling brings her incredibly creative music production to the big stage. Filmed at London’s Forum Theater in 2014, the dynamic program showcases a new music world where the infectious energy of dance and electronic music meet modern classical.

Gloria Estefan: The Standards at 11:05 pm
Over the course of her illustrious career, the seven-time Grammy-Award winning international superstar, Gloria Estefan, has recorded many classics from the American Songbook and collaborated with countless musical icons. Now, on this PBS special, Gloria Estefan performs songs live from her new album, The Standards.

Artist Toolbox Jason Alexander at 12:05 am
Join host John Jacobsen as he attempts to crack up classic funny-man Jason Alexander, perhaps best known as George Costanza from the classic sitcom, Seinfeld. While having such a successful show often typecasts actors for the rest of their careers, Alexander talks about breaking the mold and forging a career based on craft, training and ambition.

KLRU-Q is broadcast channel 18.3. It is also available to digital cable subscribers of Grande on 284 and Time Warner on 20.

Highlights August 23 to August 29

KLRU Highlights

Meet the young migrants in a Swiss integration class, who have made long and arduous journeys for a new life on POV Neuland at 9 pm on Monday. Separated from their families, they struggle to learn a new language, prepare for employment and reveal their innermost hopes and dreams. Then, at 10:30 pm on Monday, POV Point and Shoot lets you ride shotgun with Matt VanDyke, who films his self-transformation from a timid 26-year-old to a motorcycle-driving rebel, fighting in the Libyan revolution.

Come along on a tour of fruity and creamy pie shops from Maine to Alaska on Few Good Pie Places at 7 pm on Tuesday. Meet crusty and flaky cooks who know how to make dough, add spices to fillings and crisscross a lattice top. It’s a celebration of apple, berry and sweet potato slices!

Few Great Bakeries at 8 pm on Tuesday explores warm, toasty, small bakeries from Massachusetts to California. Find out how a business that makes cakes, pies, bread and bagels can become a neighborhood landmark. Celebrate beautiful icing, gooey treats and skillful bakers!

Frontline The Trouble with Chicken at 9 pm on Tuesday investigates the spread of dangerous pathogens in meat – particularly poultry – and why the food-safety system isn’t stopping the threat. Focusing on an outbreak of salmonella Heidelberg at one of the nation’s largest poultry processors, the documentary reveals how contaminants are evading regulators and causing more severe illnesses as Americans consume more chicken than ever.

Sculptor Todd McGrain’s efforts to memorialize five birds – the Great Auk, Carolina Parakeet, Labrador Duck, Passenger Pigeon and Heath Hen – driven to extinction in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are charted on The Lost Bird Project at 10 pm on Tuesday. The captivating nature documentary follows McGrain and his brother-in-law, Andy, as they embark on a road trip in search of the last-known locations of the birds and seek permission to install McGrain’s six-foot-tall bronze sculptures on those sites.

Chris Morgan has tracked large predators in some of the wildest and most remote places on Earth. He now embarks on his greatest challenge – to find and film the Siberian tiger living wild and free in Russia’s far eastern forests on Nature Siberian Tiger Quest at 7 pm on Wednesday.

NOVA Vaccines – Calling the Shots at 8 pm on Wednesday examines the science behind vaccinations, the return of preventable diseases and the risks of opting out.

The first ever long-range rockets were designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top-secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads. Nazi Mega Weapons V2 Rocket at 9 pm on Wednesday explores the story of how scientist Werner von Braun heralded the birth of ballistic missiles and laid the technological foundations for the space race.

Noir rock hits Austin City Limits at 10 pm on Wednesday and 9:30 pm on Friday with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The Australian group’s set ranges across their 30-year career, from their first album to their latest, Push the Sky Away.

On Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm on Thursday, Evan talks with James Ellroy, an author known for his noir-style crime fiction, primarily set in Los Angeles. Some of his past works have been adapted into Hollywood successes including the Academy Award-winning L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia.

After creating Red vs. Blue, the longest running webseries in the world, Rooster Teeth is ready to tackle their first feature-length film, Lazer Team. On Arts in Context People’s Choice at 7:30 pm on Thursday, learn how engaging with their now-vast community has always been a priority for this dedicated team of creators, and how that paid major dividends while crowdfunding for Lazer Team – to the tune of nearly $2.5 million. Then, at 8 pm on Thursday, Arts in Context The Intergalactic Nemesis explores the first Live-Action Graphic Novel. Created by an original comic-book story projected panel-by-panel on a video screen while three actors voiced the characters, one performer created sound-effects, and a keyboardist performed the score.

Chet explores the “Painted Churches of Texas” and dives into the German and Czech history of Central Texas in Schulenburg, Texas on The Daytripper at 8:30 pm on Thursday. He also visits the Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum honoring the iconic company that made model planes right in town.

Kelsey Carroll has one goal – to graduate from high school – and plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t. She attends a school with one of the highest dropout rates in New Hampshire and has dealt with homelessness, sexual abuse, and ADHD. As a freshman, she didn’t earn a single academic credit, but she did get suspended for dealing drugs. Who Cares About Kelsey? at 9 pm on Thursday is the story of Kelsey’s transformation from a defiant and disruptive “problem student” to a motivated and self-confident young woman.

Great Performances Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2015 at 8 pm on Friday is under the direction of guest conductor Zubin Mehta and features internationally acclaimed pianist Rudolf Buchbinder as soloist in Edvard Grieg’s powerful Piano Concerto. The concert opens with a festive Fanfare that was written especially for the orchestra by Richard Strauss, and includes such favorite compositions as Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite and Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia.

On PBS Previews – Best of the Fall at 10:30 pm on Friday, get a look at PBS’ fall 2015 programs, including Walt Disney: American Experience, Indian Summers on Masterpiece, Gorongosa Park, American Epic, Earth’s Natural Wonders, NOVA, Nature, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having and the PBS Arts Fall Festival.

See how to transition from tomatoes to lettuce on Central Texas Gardener Summer to Fall Vegetables at noon on Saturday. Then, on tour, meet incredible succulents and cacti.

Austin City Limits at 7 pm on Saturday showcases modern Americana with the Avett Brothers and Nickel Creek. The Avett Brothers perform tunes from their LP Magpie and the Dandelion, while Nickel Creek highlights their comeback album, A Dotted Line.

On Masterpiece Mystery!: Season 2 – A Scandal in Belgravia at 8 pm on Saturday, Sherlock and Watson are plunged into a case of blackmail involving crafty dominatrix Irene Adler, whose motto is “know when you are beaten.” It seems she has incriminating photos of a session with a British royal. Can she outsmart Sherlock at his own game? And at a battle he is ill prepared to wage – love?

Sherlock and Watson pursue the trail of the Baskerville experiments – top-secret government research on genetically engineered gigantic animals for military use on Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock – The Hounds of Baskerville at 9:30 pm on Saturday. Or so it is rumored. Whatever the truth, something big is up on the moors.

Science Night August 26


This week on Science Night, we take you through the worlds of mammals, medicine and machines. Nature takes you into Russia to find the elusive Siberian Tiger, NOVA explores the history of vaccines and Nazi Mega Weapons shoots you into the world of long-range rockets.

Nature Siberian Tiger Quest at 7 pm
Chris Morgan has tracked large predators in some of the wildest and most remote places on Earth. He now embarks on his greatest challenge – to find and film the Siberian tiger living wild and free in Russia’s far eastern forests. This film features the work of Korean cameraman, Sooyong Park, who spent two years in the forest tracking and filming the world’s biggest cat.

NOVA Vaccines: Calling the Shots at 8 pm
Examine the science behind vaccinations, the return of preventable diseases and the risks of opting out.

Nazi Mega Weapons V2 Rocket at 9 pm
The first ever long-range rockets were designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top-secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads. This is the story of how scientist Werner von Braun heralded the birth of ballistic missiles and laid the technological foundations for the space race.

Bubble hurricanes, bug eating and Pokemon: This week on PBS Digital Studios

pbs digital studios 3

Big news in the PBS Digital Studios world this week! The Physics Girl, an MIT graduate and YouTuber who posts physics videos, is now a member of the Digital Studios team. To celebrate, let’s check out her latest video.

Make a hurricane on a bubble – The Physics Girl

…What? Yeah, you read that right. Scientists actually use bubbles to mimic the physics of a hurricane. Crazy, right? As they heated up the soap film from the bubble, convection from the bubble shell caused vortices to form, which mimic hurricanes and cyclones. Researchers actually use bubbles for other research, too — but before we get into that, let’s all go try to make a hurricane in the kitchen. (But be careful, it gets hot…potholders and oven mitts are your friends!)

Why you should eat bugs – The Good Stuff

Yeah, you read that one right, too. Bugs are one of the most plentiful sources of protein on our planet, and they could make up a significant portion of our diet. Should you be eating bugs? Is eating bugs better for the environment? Are bugs good for us? Watch Craig with The Good Stuff taste test some bug dishes and learns about the benefits of eating our six-legged friends.

Why are there so many Pokemon? PBS Game/Show

The question that every 90s kid has been asking themselves for years: There are now more than 700 critters in the Pokemon universe – WHY SO MANY?! Actually, there are more than 1.7 million species of animals on Earth — and that’s only the ones we know about. So why shouldn’t there be that many Pokemon? On this week’s episode of Game/Show, Jamin, joined by special host Joe Hanson from It’s Okay To Be Smart gives us a pretty good answer as to WHY EXACTLY there are so many Pokemon.

National Gallery

National Gallery journeys behind the scenes of a London institution, to the heart of a museum, filled with masterpieces of Western art, dating back to the Middle Ages. Frederick Wiseman’s film is the portrait of a place, its way of working and relations with the world, its staff and public, and its paintings. In a perpetual and dizzying game of mirrors, film watches painting watches film.

Budd Wilkins of Slant Magazine says, “This is one of Wiseman’s richest and most thought-provoking films, and easily one of his best.”

National Gallery airs on KLRU at 8 pm on Friday, August 21.