Science Night Mar. 22

Science night is bringing a wide range of incredible topics, from Zebras to Nazi War Prisons, you won’t want to miss out.

Great Zebra Exodus explores parenthood and the fragility of young life—from zebras to lapwings to meerkats. It’s a tale of loyalty and sacrifice, of home and exile, of death and new life, set against the backdrop of one of Africa’s most surreal landscapes. Watch this episode of Nature at 7:00 pm.

Colditz Castle, a notorious prisoner of war camp in Nazi Germany, was supposed to be escape-proof. But in the dark days at the end of World War II, a group of British officers dreamt up the ultimate escape plan: in a secret attic workshop, they constructed a two-man glider out of bed sheets and floorboards. As the hair-raising launch 90 feet up draws near, the program explores the Colditz legend and exposes the secrets of other ingenious and audacious escapes. Then, after a 70-year wait, the team finally finds out if the legendary glider plan would have succeeded. This episode of Nova airs at 8:00 pm.

Meet Dr. Marian Diamond, renowned academic and research scientist, and prepare to be smitten. Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg’s film follows this remarkable woman over a 5-year period and introduces the viewer to both her many scientific accomplishments and the warm, funny, and thoroughly charming woman herself, who describes her 60-year career researching the human brain as “pure joy.” My Love Affair With The Brain airs at 10:00 pm.

Science Night Mar. 15

Science Night check off list: Cats, Origami, Europe. This week, take a look at a variety of topics, including the evolution of some of the fastest species, into our favorite domesticated cat that we know and love. Then, we see how the ancient paper folding craft is being used for science and technology advancement. Finally, end the night with Rick Steves as he takes you on a European Journey.

Discover how the first cats arose in the forests of Asia, how they spread across the continent and later came to conquer Africa. We reveal how cats evolved with an in-depth look at lions, servals, caracals, cheetahs, tigers, fishing and sand cats. Watch The Story Of Cats: Asia To Africa, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions. Watch The Origami Revolution at 8:00 pm.

Taking you on a spring journey through Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Greece, RICK STEVES SPECIAL: EUROPEAN EASTER celebrates this 2,000-year-old story in a variety of cultures, airing at 10:00 pm.


Science Night Mar. 8

This science night takes you on a journey through the jungle and back and forth through time. Watch monkeys and super batteries, then end your night with a nostalgic trip back in time to the ’70s when traveling was much, much different.

Spy Creatures explore the rarely seen emotions of animals, revealing whether they are as strong and complex as our own. Join the spycams as they are accepted into a wild dog pack, witness elephant love, and are mourned by a troop of monkeys! Catch the Love installment of Spy In The Wild, A Nature Mini Series, airing at 7:00 pm.

Join renowned gadget geek and host David Pogue as he sets out on a quest to discover how batteries work and uncover what the future of batteries means for our gadgets, our lives and even our planet, on Search For The Super Battery, airing at 8:30 pm.

Journey back to a simpler time-before the Internet, GPS or airline security lines-when the roadtrip and hitchhiking reigned both at home and abroad. In this nostalgic special, Traveling In The ’70s, host Dean Cycon explores how travel has changed over the past 50 years, airing at 10:00 pm.


Science Night Mar. 1

For this week’s science night, watch the last installment of the Spy In The Wild Series, and then take a look at the unknown, complex trade networks formed in Africa, on Africa’s Great Civilizations.

The final “making of” episode takes us through the evolution of Spy Creatures from the original BoulderCam to the PenguinCams that inspired the “spycams” in this series. Marvel and laugh at unexpected and funny moments from the Spy Creatures’ POV in this installment of Spy In The Wild, airing at 7:00 pm.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uncovers the complex trade networks and advanced educational institutions that transformed early north and west Africa from deserted lands into the continent’s wealthiest kingdoms and learning centers. Watch Africa’s Great Civilizations airing at 8:00 pm.

Science Night Feb. 22

Planes, Trains and Automobiles? More like planes, trains, and monkeys! Science Night takes you through the trees and into the sky. Follow the next installment of Spy In The Wild for monkey fights, while NOVA guides you through a journey of the dangerous realities of train wrecks. Finish out the night learning more about how important it is when it comes to safely landing passengers from their flights.

Watch the Bad Behavior installment of Spy In The Wild as spy creatures infiltrate the underground world of animal mischief, crime and retribution. Spy Monkey is caught between crossfires as real monkeys fight over beach bar alcohol. Watch more Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.

Trains are essential for moving freight and people throughout the world, but they are far from accident-free. Follow investigators as they probe the wreckage of infamous accidents and watch safety experts test the latest crash prevention designs on this episode of NOVA, airing at 8:00 pm.

What goes up must come down-and getting passengers safely back to earth depends on complex global networks and some astonishing technology. Around the world, 100,000 flights a day make touchdown-almost every one safely. Learn what’s involved on City In The Sky, airing at 9:00 pm.

Science Night Feb. 15

This Science Night At The Movies brings you friendship, space and sky. Join the friendly critters on the ground and the helpful technology and hidden army that makes sure that you fly safely in the sky.

Spy Creatures and their new wild friends rely on each other to look out for predators. A Spy Meerkat babysits meerkat pups while a Spy Cobra pretends to attack the mob. Spy Crocs witness a convenient partnership between real crocodiles and birds. Watch the Friendship installment of Spy In The Wild, beginning at 7 pm.

The ancient art of paper folding is sparking scientific advances, affecting drug development and future NASA space missions. Discover how the art of origami is reshaping the world around us as scientists uncover the power of folding in this episode of NOVA, airing at 8:00 pm.

Examine the hidden army that keeps your plane safe, and explore just what it takes to keep the “city in the sky” functioning and safe between take-off and landing. Learn why flying has become safer than ever, all on City In The Sky airing at 10 pm.

Science NightFeb. 8

This week’s Science Night spans across many levels of curiosity – from the intelligence fuzzy creatures in the wild, to how to build boats and airplanes, this Science Night is one you won’t want to miss.

Spy Creatures infiltrate the world of animal intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity. Watch our spies disguised as animals observe a gray squirrel stealing Spy Nut, a sea otter cracking open a meal, and an orangutan washing with soap! Watch the Intelligence installment of Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries, airing Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Weighing 54,000 gross tons and stretching over two football fields, the Seven Seas Explorer is no ordinary boat. Join pioneering shipbuilders as they endeavor to build the ultimate cruise ship on NOVA, airing Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Learn what it takes to get a million people off the ground-from building the world’s biggest passenger plane to controlling the flow of passengers through the busiest airport on the planet to the perils of takeoff in the coldest city on Earth on City In The Sky, airing Wednesday at 9:00 pm and again at 10:00 pm Saturday Night.

Science Night At The Movies Feb. 1

This week’s Science Night At The Movies takes a deeper look into the loving hearts of animals, and spans to the technology of batteries and how it affects our future. And for those who love beautiful colors and mystery lights in the sky, you can learn all about the phenomena of aurora borealis.

Spy Creatures explore the rarely seen emotions of animals, revealing whether they are as strong and complex as our own. Join the spycams as they are accepted into a wild dog pack, witness elephant love, and are mourned by a troop of monkeys in the Love category of Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries, airing at 7:00 pm on Wednesday.

Join renowned gadget geek and host David Pogue as he sets out on a quest to discover how batteries work and uncover what the future of batteries means for our gadgets, our lives and even our planet on NOVA, this Wednesday at 8:00 pm.


Examine legends about the origins and meaning of the aurora, the colorful glow that often brightens the night sky in Earth’s polar regions. Investigate the myths of Finland’s Saami, Alaska’s Inuit, Canada’s Native Americans and New Zealand’s Maori, in Aurora – Fire In The Sky, which airs at 9:00 pm Wednesday.

Science Night Jan. 25

Follow this week’s Science Night as we discover more about the subdued creatures known as sloths, the digging of treasure beneath the waves of our oceans, and finally, the crisis of Alzheimer’s and the effects of the disease on the human race.

Sloths, once largely ignored, have become a hot topic of scientific researchers. Filmed in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, this is a story of friendship between a journalist and the sloth she named Velcro and a network of people working to learn more about sloths in order to protect them. This episode of Nature airs Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

A team of 500 engineers and divers struggle to raise the Costa Concordia cruise ship on NOVA, airing Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

This powerful documentary illuminates the impending social and economic crisis for America unless a cure for Alzheimer’s is found. Watch as the national public health threat posed by Alzheimer’s disease is revealed, on Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts, Wednesday night at 9:00 pm.

Science Night At The Movies Jan. 4

This Science Night’s theme covers vampires, vampires, and more vampires. Join us for Science Night at the Movies as we discover more than we thought possible about the blood sucking night beasts.

Kays tracks and photographs coywolves with remote motion sensor cameras, collects road kill and scat, and obtains tissue and bone samples from fur trappers, hunters, and others to unravel the mysteries that define this new species on Nature, airing at 7 pm on Wednesday.

A team of scientists and explorers probe high altitude caves in the Tibetan Himalayas looking for clues to how humans found their way into this forbidding landscape and adapted their bodies to survive. Join NOVA in the exploration of Vampire Sky Tombs, airing at 8 pm Wednesday.

Follow scientists as they uncover “deviant” burials dating back to medieval England, pointing to a belief that the dead could rise from their graves on Secrets of the Dead airing at 9 pm on Wednesday.