New KLRU Kids schedule starts 6/2

On June 2, KLRU will have a new lineup during our children’s programming block from 6:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. The new schedule features back-to-back episodes of some of our viewers favorite shows plus the brand new series Space Racers. The weekend lineup will stay the same. Download a printable version of the new schedule
Here’s the new schedule:
Monday to Friday
6:30 am   Wild Kratts
7:00 am   Sesame Street
8:00 am   Curious George (two back-to-back episodes)
9:00 am   Peg + Cat
9:30 am   Super Why
10:00 am Daniel Tiger (two back-to-back episodes)
11:00 am Dinosaur Train (two back-to-back episodes)
12:00 pm Signing Time!
12:30 pm Thomas & Friends (M-Tu-W) / Peep (Th) / Space Racers (Fri.)
1:00 pm  Peg + Cat
2:00 pm  Curious George (two back-to-back episodes)
3:00 pm  Arthur  (two back-to-back episodes)
4:00 pm Wild Kratts  (two back-to-back episodes)
5:00 pm  Martha Speaks

Schedule Change 9/10

KLRU Highlights

Due to a PBS Newshour special, the September 10th KLRU schedule will change. The new schedule for the evening is as follows:

7 pm  POV‘s “Ping Pong”  follows eight table tennis players as they play in the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China’s Inner Mongolia. This is an unusual story of hope, regret, friendship, ambition, love – and sheer human tenacity in the face of aging and mortality.

8 pm  PBS Newshour  “President Obama address”
Live coverage of President Obama’s address to the nation on the situation in Syria.

9 pm  American Masters “Billie Jean King” commemorates the 40th anniversaries of both the infamous Billie Jean King / Bobby Riggs tennis match — the Battle of the Sexes — and the launch of the Women’s Tennis Association, this film looks back to the 12-year old southern California girl who played tennis on public courts, observed disparity and unfairness and, as she soared athletically, never stopped trying to remedy the situation.

10:30 pm Frontline The Suicide Plan explores the underground world of assisted suicide and takes viewers inside one of the most polarizing social issues of our time – told not only by the people choosing to die, but also by their “assisters,” individuals and right-to-die organizations that put themselves in legal jeopardy by helping others to die.

KLRU news special: The Texas Rundown

Between the end of the Legislative special session and two Supreme Court rulings with major Texas ties, this has been a busy news week.  As your public television station we feel it is our duty to be a source of trust worthy information so we are putting together a special news program called The Texas Rundown that will air Friday 6/28 at 7:30p recapping the news of the week.

Joining us for this analysis will be Alana Rocha, multimedia reporter, The Texas Tribune. She will moderate a discussion with Ben Philpott, host KUT’s Agenda Texas, Dave Mann, the editor The Texas Observer, Becca Aaronson, health reporter The Texas Tribune, and Erica Greider, senior editor Texas Monthly.

This special will preempt Need to Know.

PBS Newshour coverage of the Presidential Address 9/8

PBS Newshour will show President Obama’s address on ways to spur job creation at 6 pm on Thursday. If the address and commentary last for more than one hour, KLRU will join the encore of Overheard with Evan Smith already in progress. This episode features Wendy Copp from Teach for America.

The rest of the evening will include:
7:30 pm Arts in Context “15 Artists to Watch”
Emerging artists take the spotlight as part of AMOA¹s exhibition ³ New Art In Austin: 15 to Watch.² Arts In Context features the artist in this exhibit that are stretching the boundaries of contemporary art.

8:30 pm Austin Daytripper “Bastrop”
This episode Chet travels to Bastrop, Texas to conquer the mighty Colorado river, a mighty chicken fried steak, and Chet’s mighty beard. But, I hope you brought your pool stick, as there may be a brawl ahead.

KLRU Saturday cooking lineup changes in September

Starting in September, some new cooking shows and episodes will join the Saturday line-up!

On Sept. 3, new episodes of Cook’s Country at 3:00 pm

On Sept. 10, Cuisine Culture replaces Primal Grill at 1:30 pm.

On Sept. 17, Lidia’s Italy in America replaces Lidia’s Italy at 2:30 pm.

On Sept. 24, Mexico: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless replaces Pati’s Mexican Table at 2:00 pm.

Schedule Change: 6/22 Obama's speech on Afghanistan

PBS NewsHour will provide live coverage of President Obama’s speech regarding Afghanistan troop levels on Wednesday, June 22, at 7 pm.

We are currently waiting for details on the length of the speech to set the final lineup for the evening. This post will be updated as soon as the schedule is set.

Shows originally scheduled to air on June 22 were:

Secrets of the Dead “Blackbeard’s Lost Ship”
Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard, was the most notorious pirate of his day. At the height of his rein, he commanded a fleet of four ships and a crew of 400 men. They were ruthless seafaring raiders who terrorizing vessels in American waters. In 1717, Blackbeard even blockaded the city of Charleston, crippling its economy. Eventually he was caught and beheaded by a posse from the Royal Navy. Now, 300 years later, a marine archaeology team believes they have found his sunken flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, off the North Carolina coast. The remains of the shipwreck are helping solve the most enduring mystery surrounding the infamous pirate captain – did he accidentally run his ship aground, or was it a deliberate plot to betray his crew and cheat them out of their share of the plunder?

Nova “Space Shuttle Disaster”
On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas just 16 minutes before it was due to land. All seven astronauts aboard perished and the implications for the future of the space shuttle program were enormous. What caused the Columbia tragedy? An engineering flaw? A failure within NASA? A lack of financing? Could this catastrophe have been avoided? Through interviews with astronauts and their families, as well as with members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, “Space Shuttle Disaster” gives viewers a new look at the Columbia tragedy – and at NASA itself. From the creation of NASA through decades of technical and financial compromises, the program gets to the heart of what went wrong – and how to make sure it never happens again.

Britain’s XFiles
The amazing true stories of Britain’s X-Files are uncovered for the first time. In 1950, a spate of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings by Royal Air Force pilots inspired the British Government to set up the top-secret Flying Saucer Working Party. In 1952, UFOs reappeared over southern England and, sensationally, over the White House in Washington. As panic escalated, Winston Churchill demanded to know what was going on and the Ministry of Defence set up a permanent UFO Investigation Unit. We now know that over the next 50 years, the government unit secretly investigated and dismissed hundreds of UFO sightings. Why did it take so many years for the Government to admit its activities? This film travels back in time to examine the political climate in the early 1950s.

Austin City Limits
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings burn up the stage with their modern take on classic soul and funk. Texas treasure Carolyn Wonderland follows with her incendiary blend of rock, blues and soul.

Frontline: "Fighting for Al Qaeda"

From Frontline:
In the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden, FRONTLINE presents two inside views of the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

First, Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi — who reported last year’s award-winning FRONTLINE film Behind Taliban Lines — once again journeys deep inside enemy territory. This time, he gains extraordinary access to a band of militants and foreign fighters in Afghanistan who say they’re loyal to bin Laden and are readying a Spring offensive against the U.S.

Then, FRONTLINE crosses the border into Pakistan, where correspondents Stephen Grey and Martin Smith go inside The Secret War against the militants. They uncover new details of a CIA “private army” of militiamen launching kill raids against al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan. They also find new evidence of covert support for elements of the Taliban by the Pakistani military and its intelligence service, the ISI. At a safe-house not far from where bin Laden was killed, they make contact with one mid-level Taliban commander who tells FRONTLINE, “If they really wanted to, [the Pakistanis] could arrest us all in an hour.”

“Fighting for Al Qaeda” airs tonight at 8pm on KLRU.

Read more:

Viewer's decide last weekend of pledge programming!

Your feedback is important to us. For instance, you said that you wanted more days of uninterrupted programming; we responded by cutting seven days from our March Fundraising Drive, making your support more important than ever.

We have received a number of comments from viewers via Twitter and Facebook this week, requesting that we air a special from Houston PBS called, The Gifts of Imperfection: Living with Courage, Compassion and Connection. Because of your enthusiasm (and because it’s also a really great program!) The Gifts of Imperfection will air this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday.

As always, we also ask our viewers to choose the schedule for the final weekend of our March Fundraising Drive. The results are in, and we’re happy to announce our lineup for the upcoming weekend:


Dr. Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

10 AM – Rick Steves’ Viva Espana
12 PM – Central Texas Gardener
1PM – Suze Orman’s Money Class
3 PM – The Gifts of Imperfection: Living with Courage, Compassion and Connection
4:30 PM – Carole King & James Taylor Live at the Troubador
6 PM – Lawrence Welk’s Big Band Splash
8 PM – Rock, Pop and Doo Wop
10 PM – Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan In Session
11:30 PM – The Gifts of Imperfection: Living with Courage, Compassion and Connection


9:30 AM – The Gifts of Imperfection: Living with Courage, Compassion and Connection
12:30 PM – ADD & Loving It
2 PM – Rock, Pop and Doo Wop
4 PM – Great Performances: The Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends
6 PM – Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert
10 PM – Suze Orman’s Money Class

In just eleven days, KLRU-TV, Austin’s PBS has raised over $208,000 towards our March fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who has contributed online, over the phone, or through the mail – your support makes everything we do throughout the year, on TV and beyond, possible. Give your gift now.

Schedule Change: Gov. Perry's State of the State to air on 2/13/11 at 1 p.m.

KLRU will air a re-broadcast Governor Perry’s State of the State address on Sunday, February 13 at 1 p.m. on 18.1

Earlier this week, Governor Perry addressed an audience of both houses of the Texas Legislature for his customary State of the State address. The Governor provided guidance to legislators as they begin to work on the state budget and face an estimated $27 billion deficit.

KLRU is grateful to KVUE-TV, a subsidiary of Belo Corporation for providing this content.