Story of Darral Royal tonight on KLRU

Tonight we present The Story of Darrell Royal at 7 pm. Narrated by Matthew McConaughey, this documentary features Willie Nelson, Earl Campbell, George W. Bush, Larry Gatlin, Keith Jackson, Ed Marinaro and many more.

KLRU’s guest tonight in the studio is Jenna McEachern.  She is the author of 100 Things Longhorn Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.  McEachern, is also the co-author of What It Means To Be A Longhorn, and is currently finishing a book project with Edith Royal for UT Press on letters sent to Coach Royal at his 85th birthday.

The first eight people to call in tonight and give $500 will receive a football signed by Coach Royal.

Membership drive update

KLRU is off to a great start, but the need for resources remains.  In the last four days, our community has given $81,000 towards our goal of $240,000.  We have 13 days to go.  Give your gift now to help us reach our goal and return to uninterrupted programming early.

Last night was a great example of how KLRU is changing the way we think about on-air fundraising.  We pledged ANTIQUES ROADSHOW live in our studios at its regular time.  Instead of offering expensive thank you gifts, KLRU offered tickets to an event that brings the community together.  By giving $120 in support of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, you can receive 2 tickets to the KLRU Antiques Appraisal Fair in January. You’ll be entitled to bring up to three items to the event to have them appraised by local antiques experts. Help us continue to provide great content like ANTIQUES ROADSHOW by giving a gift now at this link.

A total of 80% of our funding comes from right here in Central Texas, at an average gift amount of $80.  Our ability to provide you the highest quality PBS programming, local productions, one-of-a kind events and outreach activities depends on you.  We help you explore your world, and your support makes that exploration available to everyone.

Thank you for supporting and watching KLRU!

The Experiment Continues, but the Need for Resources Remains

KLRU-TV, Austin PBS needs to raise $240,000 in the next 17 days.  If we reach our goal early, we’ll return to uninterrupted programming immediately.

As you know KLRU has experimented this year with ways to reduce our need to raise money via pledge.  In recent years we’ve reduced on-air pledge from 86 days to just 49 days so far this year.  In June, we tested pledging our regular schedule on five-consecutive nights, while highlighted groups doing good work in our community.  We stopped fundraising after 11pm on weeknights, so that Charlie Rose airs at its regular time.  During our March drive, we reduced the number of pledge interruptions by 20%, while investing new resources to raise money online.  Finally we reduced the use of expensive thank you gifts by offering tickets to events that fulfill our mission, while showing you our appreciation.

Next year, we plan to cut back on pledge as never before. However, the need for resources remains.  A total of 80% of our funding comes from right here in Central Texas, at an average gift amount of $80.  Our ability to provide you the highest quality PBS programming, local productions, one-of-a kind events and outreach activities depends on you.  We help you explore your world, and your support makes that exploration available to everyone.

Thank you for supporting and watching KLRU!

On air testing in progress this weekend

KLRU will be running a test on the air this weekend to determine the feasibility of adding a Mobile DTV channel to our signal. We have reserved 3Mbps of data space to simulate the configuration we would use if we add the Mobile DTV channel. This test could potentially cause some display problems, particularly with the HD signal. Please let us know here if you have any issues with picture quality over the weekend. KLRU’s engineering department will be closely monitoring the situation and if there is any significant signal degradation, KLRU will revert back to our standard configuration.

Watch the President's address on KLRU

President Barack Obama traveled to the Gulf Coast on Monday to visit three states affected by the oil spill disaster. Tonight, the president will return to Washington to make his first national address on the disaster, which will also be the first time he will speak to the nation from the Oval Office. The PBS NewsHour will have live coverage anchored by Judy Woodruff starting at 7 p.m.

You can watch the President’s speech live on KLRU, 18.1 or streaming right here on (live stream will switch to President’s address at 7pm.)

Live Videos by Ustream

After the speech KLRU will join Nova: Alien from Earth in progress, followed by Frontline at 8p.m. This Nova episode will re-air Sunday 6/20 at 6 p.m.'s new look

The new version of launches today. This redesign has taken several years and many members of the community have participated by testing the site. The redesign was sparked by a need to make more flexible so  the user experience would be a great one.

Here are some highlights of the changes:

  • The new site reorganizes all the content on so that you can reach any page from the top navigation bar.
  • We have a new drop down schedule that shows the next three hours of programming on all three channels.
  • Content is constantly being fed to the footer section from all our blogs so you can get the latest news at a glance.
  • We have a new video site with new and old KLRU programs as well as your other favorite PBS shows. New content to appear weekly, so keep checking back.

KLRU will be redesigning the schedule section of the site shortly. If you would like to be included in the beta group for this project, either in person or over the internet, contact Libby Peterek, Director of Web Services, at

Vote for KLRU in The Big Give

We have an exciting new opportunity for you to show the larger community that you care about and support KLRU.

For its second anniversary the “I Live Here, I Give Here” campaign is holding a contest that will award one Central Texas nonprofit The Big Prize of $10,000 for excellence in donor relations at The Big Give Event. The Big Prize will be awarded to the agency with the most support of their donor relations practices. From September 1 – September 30 show your support for KLRU by voting at the “I Live Here, I Give Here” web site. The winner will be announced at The Big Give event on October 22 at 7 p.m. in KLRU’s Austin City Limits Studio. Cast your vote for KLRU here.

We need your support to show Central Texas how much KLRU means to you. Vote now for KLRU in the Arts and Culture category or the Education/Training category.

Ken Burns seeks Dust Bowl stories

Filmmaker Ken Burns is seeking stories for his upcoming film “The Dust Bowl.” Burns writes “… Like our earlier films on World War II, Jazz, Baseball, and The Civil War, we think the Dust Bowl is an important event in all of American history. We’re in the early stages of our research, but we know that Oklahoma will be a major part of the Dust Bowl story we want to tell. We’re looking for first-person stories of Oklahomans who lived through those hard, hard times, especially out in the Panhandle, where the Dust Bowl was the worst. We hope to find people who can share their experiences with us – or their photographs, diaries, or home movies from the 1930s, to help us tell this important story.”

If you have or know of a person who has a dust bowl story to share,

call: the Oklahoma PBS station OETA at 1-800-846-7665
or writing to:
OETA Dustbowl Stories
P.O. Box 14190
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

KLRU Q starts July 1

Quirk, Quip, Quest, Quality, Quark, Quench, Quintessential, Queso

Click on image to view larger

Click on image to view larger

KLRU announces a new channel featuring entertaining and inspiring shows about history, music, science, nature, food and more. The channel called Q will begin broadcasting Wednesday, July 1. Q will feature ‘blocks’ of programming throughout the day, with genres chosen specifically for the Austin audience. The channel will be available over the air on 18-3. KLRU also broadcasts its core PBS programming on 18-1 and KLRU Create on 18-2 featuring how to, do-it-yourself and crafting shows.  Schedules for all channels are available on KLRU’s Web site at

“One of the great things about the switch to all digital broadcasting is our ability to deliver more programming to Austin viewers, and we have designed KLRU-Q to be diverse, informative, entertaining, and fun., We are really excited to be able to bring a new channel to our Central Texas viewers that features a different lineup from KLRU but with the same quality of programs you’ve come to rely on,” said Bill Stotesbery, general manager of KLRU. “Some of the programming will be familiar and some will only be available on KLRU-Q, but it will all have the same high quality long associated with PBS.”

The daily block schedule is include on the graphic (just click to enlarge it).  For example every day at 11 p.m. you can tune to Q and find a music program like Austin City Limits or an American Masters documentary on a music legend or every Thursday at 8 p.m. you can watch Q to find a program on the theme of Sailors, Soldiers and Spies like Battlefield Britain, M15 or Carrier. Other Monday to Friday highlights of this channel are the morning and afternoon tea Britcom blocks at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; the talk show block featuring encores of Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley at noon; the Newshour at 7 p.m.; and the morning and afternoon stretch with some of your favorite PBS fitness programs at 6 a.m. and 2 p.m.