The Texas Rundown: Now Online

Last week was an historic week in Texas: an 11-hour filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis drew national attention, and two Supreme Court cases with deep ties to Texas were decided. In light of the recent news, KLRU aired a special thirty minute news and analysis program Friday evening called The Texas Rundown. The program was aired statewide, in cooperation with Texas PBS.

Joining us for analysis was Alana Rocha, multimedia reporter, The Texas Tribune. She moderated a discussion with Ben Philpott, host KUT’s Agenda Texas, Dave Mann, editor The Texas Observer, Becca Aaronson, health reporter The Texas Tribune, and Erica Greider, senior editor Texas Monthly.

You can watch the show in the video above.

KLRU news special: The Texas Rundown

The Texas Rundown

Between the end of the Legislative special session and two Supreme Court rulings with major Texas ties, this has been a busy news week.  As your public television station we feel it is our duty to be a source of trust worthy information so we are putting together a special news program called The Texas Rundown that will air Friday 6/28 at 7:30p recapping the news of the week.

Joining us for this analysis will be Alana Rocha, multimedia reporter, The Texas Tribune. She will moderate a discussion with Ben Philpott, host KUT’s Agenda Texas, Dave Mann, the editor The Texas Observer, Becca Aaronson, health reporter The Texas Tribune, and Erica Greider, senior editor Texas Monthly.

This special will preempt Need to Know.

KLRU Launches Smart Screen Time Initiative For Summer


KLRU announced a Smart Screen Time / La Pantalla Inteligente Initiative to connect Central Texas families and kids to PBS content, videos, games and apps and to use them to explore the world beyond the screen.  “We know that as school ends more and more kids are going to be watching television, playing games on tablets and using their parents’ phones to play apps,” said Ben Kramer, VP Educational Services at KLRU,“ and we want to encourage families to be smart about their choices.”

Smart Screen Time is about finding good content, using it in smart ways, and knowing when to turn off devices. KLRU has developed five guidelines for parents and caregivers to follow when watching a television show or playing online with their kids.  They are:

  • Knowing the difference between “smart time” and “silly time.”
  • When the brain slows down, turn the screen off.
  • Talk throughout the day with your children.
  • Watch and play on screens together.
  • Read at home every day.
    Get more details about each of these guidelines

To combat the summer learning loss KLRU will be offering 11 hours of uninterrupted non-commercial children’s programs each weekday as well as launching connects learners of all ages 2 and up to a plethora of curriculum-based video, games and apps that teach math, literacy, and more.   These resources in both English and Spanish, will allow kids to have Smart Screen Time while also having fun.  All of the activities featured on embody the PBS Kids spirit that “anytime is learning time” and “learning can be fun.”


KLRU Selected to Support Early Learning with New Digital Content

KLRU and four other public television stations will train teachers and families to use educational content developed through the Ready To Learn Initiative

KLRU is one of five stations partnering with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and PBS KIDS to provide educational multimedia content to low-income communities.  The station will receive $109,318 from CPB to test the effectiveness of digital content developed through Ready To Learn (RTL), a cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvement, to test the effectiveness of digital content developed through the program in supporting the development of early math and literacy skills for children ages 2-8 in low-income families.

Over the next year, KLRU will provide RTL content and resources at two sites in the community: SafePlace, which provides residential services to victims of family violence, and Foundation Communities, which offers housing and family-centered educational services to low-income families. The station will train highly qualified educators/education service providers to use RTL content so they can support the children and families who use the facilities at SafePlace and Foundation Communities. Through family-focused community events, KLRU will also demonstrate RTL to other community educators/education service providers, children, and parents/caregivers in the Austin area.

“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has set the standard for investment in the future of our young learners,” said Bill Stotesbery, KLRU CEO and General Manager. “Through initiatives such as this CPB is continuing its leadership into the digital world, and KLRU is proud to be at the forefront of this technology. We’re excited to get to partner with SafePlace and Foundation Communities but also to provide these tools for learning to our entire community.”


Darrell K Royal (1924-2012)

Darrell Royal passed away earlier today at the age of 88. Evan Smith interviewed him for Texas Monthly Talks in 2004. When the show originally aired, Evan’s into said this about Royal:
National Football Hall of Fame member Darrell Royal is the winningest coach in University of Texas football history. Royal took over as head coach in December of 1956, and achieved success almost instantaneously. The team went from a 1-9 season in 1956 to a 6-3-1 season in 1957. In Royal’s 20 years as as head coach, UT never had a losing season. With Royal at the helm, UT won three national championships, won or shared 11 Southwest Conference championships, and made 16 bowl appearances. Royal is also known as a great innovator. He introduced two key changes to college football — the “flip-flop” and the wishbone formation backfield. Royal is also known for his commitment to the academic success of his players. He was the first coach in the nation to employ an academic counselor, and four out of five of his players went on to earn their degree. Starting in 1962, Royal also served as athletics director for UT. He retired from coaching in 1976, and remained director of athletics until 1980. He now serves as special assistant to the university president on athletic programs.” – Evan Smith, Texas Monthly Talks, Broadcast 5.13.04

LinkAsia added to KLRU Q lineup

KLRU Q presents a unique half-hour program covering everything from official state news from Asia’s top networks to the trends and conversations rising through Asia’s social media on LinkAsia airing Mondays at 5:30 pm starting Nov. 5.

From Beijing to Tokyo, from Seoul to New Delhi and beyond, LinkAsia takes viewers into media about Asia — from Asia — offering unfiltered insights into one of the most diverse, fast-paced regions of the globe. ELinkAsia’s host, entrepreneur Yul Kwon, serves as your trusted guide to the vast world of Asian media — spanning culture, business, technology, politics, and more. With an award-winning staff of producers from around the world and a panel of experts giving perspective on how the news impacts the rest of the world, LinkAsia will quickly become your source for international news from the region.

The LinkAsia blog takes you even further into the headlines with n-depth analysis from expert contributors and LinkAsia producers, as well as transcripts from NHK Japan reports.

The addition of LinkAsia is part of KLRU’s continuing focus on providing quality public affairs programing to inspire understanding. KLRU Q will continue to add international news programming as news shows from other regions become available.

Cooking together on Saturdays with KLRU

Maria Rodriguez is Senior Vice President for Programming at KLRU. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and gardening.

One thing that I always enjoyed watching on television with my Mom and my sister was the cooking shows on Public Television.  So if you need some new cooking recipes, you might check out the KLRU-TV schedule on Saturdays starting at 1 pm.  There are many new episodes as well as new additions to the cooking block on Saturdays.

Simply Ming at 1 pm.  The James Beard and Emmy-nominated public television series Simply Ming is back for its 10th Anniversary season.  Award-winning host Chef Ming Tsai celebrates the television milestone with 26 all-new episodes in a season full of surprises and new twists and featuring some of his all-time favorite special guest chefs—both in-studio sequences “Cooking on the Fly” and in exotic locales “On the Road.” No matter what the location, Ming brings inspiration and surprise ingredients to create simple, fresh cuisine and delicious dishes on the spot, as well as demonstrate basic culinary techniques that all home chefs should understand. The new season coincides with the October 2012 release of Simply Ming in Your Kitchen, a new book of 80 recipes (published by Kyle Books).

For Season 10, Ming opens each episode revealing fun and user-friendly tips and advice with quick and easy demos. Designed to make cooking fundamentals less daunting for the home cook, these quick and simple demonstrations showcase Ming’s masterful teaching techniques on everything from blanching to caramelizing, thickening to tenderizing, reconstituting to grilling and poaching. Whether it’s creating pan sauces, a reduction or a roux, or making a ganache with panache, Ming and his all-star line-up of guest chefs will serve up a season full of one-of-a-kind recipes that viewers will want to try at home.

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School at 1:30 pm.  In this new series inspired by her best-selling cookbook, Martha Stewart demonstrates classic cooking techniques and basics.  Using her signature, step-by-step how-to teaching process, Martha will illustrate the building blocks of recipes everyone should know — from roasting and poaching to braising and blanching.

Pati’s Mexican Table at 2 pm.  Food writer and chef Pati Jinich guides viewers through the fascinating world of Mexican cuisine.  Pati infuses her recipes with a sprinkling of culture and traditions and demonstrates just how easy it is to make delicious, regional Mexican food at home!

Lidia’s Italy in America at 2:30 pm.  Lidia is returning for an all-new season of exploring America’s Italian heritage through food.  Join celebrity chef and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich as she embarks on another eye-opening culinary journey. Her series explores the food, artisans and ingredients at the heart of Italian-American cooking. Over the course of 26-half hour episodes, Lidia traces the impact of Italian culture on American food, drink, art, music and fashion. She travels from the East Coast to the South to the Midwest to interview Italian-American families still making wine and vinegar in their garages or curing their own prosciutto, to visit the “Little Italys” keeping old-world traditions alive and to meet third- and fourth-generation Italians putting their twist on authentic recipes.

Cooking Country from America’s Test Kitchen at 3 pm.  This cooking series features new episodes about the best regional home cooking — from potluck dinners and holiday favorites to simple suppers and lost recipes. In season five, the test kitchen chefs Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison and Erin McMurrer cook a variety of family-friendly recipes with host Christopher Kimball. The Tasting Lab’s Jack Bishop again challenges Kimball to sample supermarket staples, while Adam Ried reveals his top equipment recommendations. Other segments include: “Food History” and “Ask Cook’s Country.”

Simply Ming and Lidia’s Italy in America will start new episodes on October 13th.  So check out these new episodes and new series on Saturday afternoons on KLRU-TV.

KLRU nominated for 12 Emmy Awards

The Lone Star Emmy Award nominees were announced this week. KLRU programs and projects received 12 nominations! Thanks to your support Austin’s public television station is able to create top quality programming and we’re proud that he Lone Star Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has recognized this work with nominations.

The Lone Star Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is the standard-bearer for excellence in the television industry and the gatekeeper of the prestigious regional Emmy Awards in Texas. The Lone Star Emmy Chapter represents the best and brightest television and media professionals from all disciplines of the industry and from all of Texas’ 19 television markets.

Below is the list of KLRU nominees. Winners will be announced Nov. 10th.