Create Marathon on May!

KLRU Create will have Saturday marathons this May!

At the Mexican Table – May 4
Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Mexican cuisine is on full display as Rick Bayless and Pati Jinich bring you the best dishes Mexico has to offer! Rick and Pati are preparing seafood, giving recipes a boost with tequila and serving next level tacos! Your taste buds will enjoy the flavors at the Mexican Table.

Rise and Shine – May 11  
What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast of course! Start your day with excellent eggs, fabulous French Toast and more, prepared by chefs Lidia Bastianich, Pati Jinich and Chris Kimball. With this caliber of cooks in the kitchen, you’ll never miss breakfast again!

Street Fare – May 18  
What’s more fun than shopping and cooking? Create’s Street Fare follows some of our favorite chefs, such as, Ming Tsai, Clodagh McKenna and Joanne Weir to popular street markets around the U.S. and beyond. They’ll teach us how to choose the freshest ingredients possible, from veggies, to seafood, to cheese and then whip up delicious reci pes for your family’s table.

Red, White and BBQ – May 25
The unofficial start of summer begins today. If you grill it, they will come, with forks, knives and a big appetite. Fear not as Create’s expert grill master, Steven Raichlen will show you how to cook the perfect steak and prepare ribs so succulent that they will make your mouth water. Just make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand, to wipe up all the barbecue sauce. Fire up teh grill and enjoy the first cookout of the season!

Create Special Days in April

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

April 6  Simply Shrimp 
Who doesn’t love shrimp?  After this marathon you’ll love shrimp even more!  Shrimp is so versatile and our Create chefs show us how to work it into any recipe.  One bite of Chipotle Shrimp by Pati Jinich will immediately transport you to Mexico.  Sara La Fountain will show you how shrimp is done in Finland, with Shrimp Sandwiches.  Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Shrimp Scampi and Shrimp Parmigano is on Lidia Bastianich’s menu.  So many shrimp dishes in one marathon – it’s simply shrimp.

April 13  Travel Smart – Pacific Rim
Spend your weekend leisurely traveling the Pacific Rim with Rudy Maxa.  Journey from continent to continent, country to country.  Visit majestic landmarks of Australia, then work your way through Hong Kong and end your trip in the good ol’ U.S. of A, in San Francisco.  There’s a lot to see on this amazing tour!

April 20   It’s Not Easy Being Green 
In recognition of Earth Day, this eco-friendly marathon will show you how to recycle, repurpose and care for an organic garden.  Lifestyle experts, including P. Allen Smith, Michele Beschen, Vicki Payne and Sloan Payne-Rutter will help you follow the path to a “greener” life.

April 27 Motivation, Renovation 
The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to renovate your home.  Katie Brown, Vicki Payne Matt Fox and Shari Hiller will give you tips, tricks and great ideas as your remodeling project unfolds.  No room is off limits! The house is getting a much needed makeover and you’ll be pleased with the end result.

St. Patrick’s Day on Create

KLRU Create celebrates St. Patricks Day with a day of programs focused on the Spirit of the Emerald Isle.

March 17 from 5 am to 11 pm
Spirit of the Emerald Isle
Today everyone is Irish as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Rudy Maxa, Rick Steves and Burt Wolf are your Emerald Isle tour guides. Even Irish folksinger, Tommy Makem, gets in on the exploration; visiting churches, pubs and castles in Ireland. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Create Special Days in March

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

March 2 
Ladies of Leisure
The Ladies of Create want you to explore your passion during your free time. Whether it’s traveling, sewing, cooking, gardening, or crafting there’s something for everyone in this marathon. Beautify your home with Katie Brown, get cooking in the kitchen with Lidia Bastianich, Sara Moulton and Joanne Weir; paint and sew with Donna Dewberry and Martha Pullen. It’s the weekend; enjoy something that you truly enjoy doing!

March 9 
Caribbean Spice
There’s nothing more flavorful than the Caribbean. From Puerto Rico to Jamaica and beyond, we have the recipes and adventure that will add spice to your life. Steven Raichlen, John Shields and Christina Pirello heat things up in the kitchen with flavorful dishes that are sure to please. A tropical paradise awaits you in the Grenadines and the US Virgin Islands. We promise that your trip will be worthwhile.

March 23
Spring is in the Air
The weather is getting warmer and everything is emerging from winter’s deep freeze. Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, Burt Wolf will be in the mix of the festivities. P. Allen Smith has flowers, flowers more flowers and food straight from the garden to usher in spring. Join Katie Brown as she prepares an unforgettable spring bunch. Spring has sprung!

March 30 
New York State of Mind
New York, New York – a city so nice, they had to name it twice! Take a tour of the city that never sleeps. Chef Joe Ciminera, host of Taste This, takes us to eat all around the city he loves and shows us why New York is a true melting pot of cultures. We taste all things Italian in the concrete jungle with Chef Lidia Bastianich. Finish your tour with a history lesson from world traveler Burt Wolf. After this marathon, you’re certain to be in a New York State of Mind.

Valentine’s Day on Create

It’s Valentine’s Day and you are so in love! KLRU Create presents an entire day of lovely programs from 5 am to 5 pm. Lifestyle experts Katie Brown, Martha Stewart, Julia Child and Christine Pirello will show you how to take your romance to the next level! Hold hands and stroll through Paris; enjoy a quiet dinner for two; bake a heart shaped cake or get married! February 14 will be an unforgettable day for you and your sweetie.

Create Special Days in February

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

February 2 
Big Game Snack Attack
With Superbowl Sunday just one day away, you’d better plan a giant “snack attack” for your fellow sports fans. Whether its pizza, burgers, chicken or wings that are your favorites; Steven Raichlen, John Shields and Katie Brown will provide inspiration for a fun-filled afternoon with friends and family. We may not know who will win the big game, but we do know that your menu will be filled with tasty treats!

February 9
Let the Good Times Roll
In honor of the biggest party, on the bayou, “Laissez Les Bons Temps Roule” – Let the Good Times Roll! We’re celebrating Mardi Gras, with chefs Steve Raichlen, John Besh, John Shields, Nick Stellino and John Folse. They will be preparing the finest seafood and Cajun dishes just in time for Fat Tuesday.

February 16
African Roots
Come with world travelers Regina Fraser, Pat Johnson, Art Wolfe, and Joseph Rosendo to the vast continent of Africa. From the northern countries to the most southern tip, and everything in between, you’ll be on a fantastic voyage! Go wine tasting in South Africa and on a safari in Kenya. Then go into the kitchen with Chef John Folse and cultural expert Burt Wolf to learn about the African influences in American recipes. African roots stretch far and wide!

February 23
Baby Love
Show your baby love with the handcrafted items you made! Knit a baby’s bib or hat. The ladies of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, give you step by step instruction on how to make an adorable quilt. There are so many gifts you can create for your baby, the possibilities are limitless!


KLRU Create's Sewing with Nancy features Austin expert

Local Expert Makes Appearance on TV’s Longest Running Sewing Show

When she’s not busy showing sewing machines to potential customers in the Austin area Barbara Goldkorn, of the Sew Much More sewing retail store, loves to create unique projects with her Baby Lock serger. In fact, Goldkorn creates such beautiful sewing projects that she caught the attention of national sewing celebrity Nancy Zieman and was invited to be a guest on TV’s longest running sewing show, PBS’s “Sewing With Nancy”. The episode, “Serger Boutique”, will air on KLRU Create. Part one airs on 12/24, 12/26 and 12/28 at 5:30 pm and part two airs 12/31, 1/2 and 1/4 at 5:30 pm.

Goldkorn loves her Baby Lock Evolution serger, and has created numerous original projects using unusual techniques. “I had a lot of projects I thought I’d like to share,” Goldkorn said. “I thought about writing a book…” But after speaking with Zieman at a sewing event, Goldkorn’s projects were destined for television.

“Sewing With Nancy” first aired in 1982 as a one-woman production. From those humble beginnings, the show quickly gained popularity and now airs on 91% of all PBS markets. Zieman’s “you can do it” approach towards new techniques makes it easy for viewers to follow along. In fact, Zieman is so popular that over 40 thousand people visit her blog each month.

For over 30 years, Zieman has searched for guests, like Goldkorn, who can provide new inspiration to her audience. From helpful tips to original project ideas, each “Sewing With Nancy” guest gives viewers an opportunity to try something they may have never considered. These motivational guests combined with Zieman’s on-screen charm have made “Sewing With Nancy” the longest running sewing show on television.

By using her Baby Lock serger in a unique way, Goldkorn was exactly the type of guest to keep the “Sewing With Nancy” momentum going into its 31st year. “Barbara has the unique talent of making a serger (sewing) machine sing! Her creations rival high-end accessory and home décor designers,” Zieman said.

Of course, Goldkorn was just as excited to be on the show as Nancy was to have her. She had never made a television appearance and was particularly impressed with the helpful staff behind “Sewing With Nancy.” A lot of prep goes into each episode, and Zieman’s staff made it easy for Goldkorn to make her television debut.

“It was an honor to be there. Her staff is amazing, and of course being with Nancy is a treat,” Goldkorn said. “Nancy makes you feel very comfortable. She has a knack for that.”

The two-part “Serger Boutique” episode featuring Goldkorn and her projects will debut in late December. It can be seen on PBS or online at A book and DVD of the episode  are already available, but  that  won’t be stopping Goldkorn from pursuing another book in the future.

You can also read about Barbara’s visit on Nancy Zieman’s blog

Create Special Days in December

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

December 1 Sweet Ending
Everyone knows the best part of any meal is dessert. Join Create to indulge in the yummy goodness of cakes, brownies and cookies. Julia Child bakes a moist Vanilla Chiffon cake. Katie Brown Whips up Orange and Cherry brownies and Sugar an.d Spice cookies. Nick Stellino and Chris Kimball and company try their hand at sweet endings too. Those with a sweet tooth wiil certainly enjoy this marathon.

December 8 Gift of Giving
They old proverb states, “it’s better to give, than to receive,” with the holiday season quickly approaching be sure to gift specialists, Katie Brown, Joseph Rosendo; Donna Dewberry and Rachel Alien. They’ll take you to the finest holiday markets and you’ll learn how to add that extra special detail to a homemade gift. Show someone how muoh you care, with the gifts of love that you give.

December 15 California Dreamin’
West Coast is a dream come truel Hop a trolley in San Francisco and slp wine in Napa with Burt Wolf. Joseph Rosendo takes us far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to other parte of Los Angeles for an unexpected good time. Venture off to the beautiful island of Catalina with Doug lVloConnell. Eureka, it’s California!

December 22 Joy to the World
Celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa with the help of some of our favorite Create friends. With traditions of the holidays provided by travel expert and cultural histoilan Buit Wolf; and holiday recipestrom Mary Ann Esposito, Katie Brown and Andreas /iestad, you’l| be celebrating the season with Warmth and good cheer.

December 29 Midnight Celebration
Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR! having a New Year’s open house and you‘re invited! Indulge in the tasty appetizers prepared by our exceptional chefs Hubert Keiier, Katie Brown, and it/lary Ann Esposito. Toast to the New Year with globe trekker Rick Steves, as you tour France’­s Champagne Region. VVe’re planning to bring in 2013 with an unforgettable party and we hope that you’ll| be there too!

Create special days in September

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

September 1
Last of the Summer Fun

The unofficial end to summer is upon us. Grillmaster Steven Raichlen has fantastic grilling tips just in time for your Labor Day barbecue. The grill is fired up with succulent seafood, racks of ribs and pork that’s just waiting to be pulled! Invite your friends and family over for the last of the summer fun!

September 8
Street Fare

What’s more fun than shopping and cooking? Street Fare follows some of our favorite chefs, such as, Joanne Weir and Ming Tsai to popular street markets around the U.S. and beyond. They’ll teach us how to choose the freshest ingredients possible, from veggies, to seafood, to spices and then whip up delicious recipes for your family’s table.

September 15
Better with Butter

Whether you like a juicy steak or delicious seafood, a dollop of butter makes them tastes even better. Jacques Pepin will make grilled chicken with Tarragon butter and Steven Raichlen adds spiced butter to yummy grilled bananas. You’ll find out what our Create chefs have always known -food is simply better with butter.

September 22
Pigging Out

Tune into our Porkapalooza, where we are high on the hog! Chefs Nick Stellino, Hubert Keller and Kimchi Chronicle’s Marja Vongerichten will be making dishes that show off the versatility of pork. Enjoy it roasted, barbecued, or as part of an elegant meal right here on Create!

September 29
Nature’s Sweet Nectar

They’re sweet, they’re sticky and they’re straight from nature. See how sweet it is – recipes featuring honey and maple syrup, from Andreas Viestad, Joanne Weir and Christina Pirello. Whether you tap it from a tree or it comes from a bee they are sweet gifts from nature!

Create Marathons for July

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

July 7 Very Berry
Summer time is the right time to enjoy the flavor of sweet berries – strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Our talented Create chefs, Julia Child, John Besh and Tina Nordstrom will show you how to incorporate berries into your favorite recipes. P. Allen Smith will show you how to decorate with berries. This will be a very berry marathon.

July 14 Exotic Sweets
Adding juicy fruits to your dishes will bring a new taste sensation to your mouth. Chefs Ming Tsai, Mary Ann Esposito and Jacques Pepin demonstrate with mango, kiwi fruit and lychee how sweet your food can be.

July 21 Take it Outside
There’s more room out than in… So take the fun outside! The Victory Garden crew is ready to dazzle you with an outdoor cocktail party. Then enjoy the beauty of the garden with Katie Brown or go on a clambake with John Shields. It’s summertime, and why should you stay cooped up in the house? Laugh and enjoy yourself with family and friends this summer with Create!

July 28 London Calling
Commemorate the start of the summer Olympics in London, England with Create! Get a taste of England from Chris Kimball and the America’s Test Kitchen gang as they prepare Bread Pudding. Pascal Aussignac and the Galvin Brothers (Jeff and Chris) will take us on a food trip to London’s finest restaurants. See all the sights that London has to offer with Rudy Maxa and Rick Steves. Let the games