Highlights October 18 to October 24

KLRU Highlights

View the competition among the remaining six bakers to update old- fashioned suet puddings, create perfect religieuses – delicate choux buns filled with creme patissiere – and make three different kinds of puffed pastries Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on the Great British Baking Show Pastry.

On Home Fires on Masterpiece Episode Three, Alison takes desperate steps to pay a bill. Claire asks Spencer out and Pat makes a speech but pays the consequences. The farmer and vicar do their duty. Sunday at 7 p.m.

The viceroy gets a royal welcome Sunday at 8 p.m. on Indian Summers on Masterpiece Part Four. A crucial piece of evidence is missing. Aafrin sends Alice on an urgent errand. Ian gets bad news.

A riveting installment, Widower Part Three finds Malcolm continuing to evade capture and plotting to bigamously marry Simone. DS Henry is thwarted at every step of his investigation, and time is running out when he stumbles across a legal ruling that could ultimately lead to Malcolm’s downfall. Sunday at 9 p.m.

Sunday at 10 p.m., catch Father Brown The Face Of Death. Father Brown looks into Clarence Clifton’s murder at a charity treasure hunt. The prime suspect? Professor Galloway’s wife, Lady Margaret.

Doctor Blake looks into what seems to be an open-and-shut murder case Sunday at 11 p.m. on Doctor Blake Mysteries Bedlam: young nurse Violet Brown appears to have been stabbed to death by a patient in the mental hospital she works in. As always, there’s more to the story.

Host Mark L. Walberg discusses Northwest Coast Indian masks with appraiser Ted Trotta at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on Antiques Roadshow Seattle, Hour Three, Monday at 7 p.m. Then at 8 p.m., travel to Chicago with Antiques Roadshow Chicago, Hour One for finds like a 1969 “Chicago Seven” signed subpoena, a 1961 Leonora Carrington oil, and a 1976 Playboy Bunny collection.

On I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Hong Kong, ride along with Phil as he steps out of his comfort zone in this Pacific metropolis and gateway to Asia. He tries hot pot and a classic dish of century-old eggs, and even seeks medical aid in the form of unusual tea. Monday at 9 p.m.

Austin is home to more than 50,000 Asian-Americans, a higher percentage than any other Texas city. Civic Summit Austin’s Asian-American Identity, Monday at 10 p.m., is a town hall discussion focusing on the people who make up a diverse segment of our changing city.

Tuesday at 7 p.m., Forgotten Plague: American Experience explores tuberculosis, the deadliest killer in human history, responsible for one in four deaths for almost two centuries. While it shaped medical pursuits, social habits, economic development and public policy, TB and its impact are poorly understood.

Gain insight into the hard-fought battles and secret negotiations over immigration reform on Capitol Hill on Frontline Immigration Battle Tuesday at 8 p.m. Examine President Obama’s push for policy changes that could affect the fate of millions and define for decades what it means to be American.

In On Story A Conversation with Terry George – Tuesday at 10 p.m. – Terry George (writer/director Hotel Rwanda; writer In the Name of the Father) reflects on the art of fictionalizing fact and placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances as a storytelling vehicle.

Another episode, On Story The Left and Write: Politically Driven Narratives, follows at 10:30 p.m. In that episode, Beau Willimon (creator House of Cards) and Eli Attie (writer The West Wing) debate politically-driven narratives, power struggles, and dramatizing the truths and fictions that comprise ideologically-charged stories.

In Nature Pets: Wild At Heart: Playful Creatures, Wednesday at 7 p.m., we investigate how our favorite pets get in touch with their wild side through play and discover how our pets’ playful games are just a whisker away from the wild.

The catastrophic collapse of the ground beneath our feet is a growing worldwide hazard, explored Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Nova Sinkholes – Buried Alive.

Brain With David Eagleman What Makes Me?, explores how we are our brains, how our personality, emotions and memories are encoded as neural activity Wednesday at 9 p.m. The process of becoming continues through our lives – we change our brains and our brains change us.

Enjoy “Life of Sin” and other tunes from Sturgill Simpson’s acclaimed LP Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, as well as Western swing classics from Asleep at the Wheel’s album Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys in Austin City Limits Sturgill Simpson/Asleep at the Wheel Wednesday at 10 p.m. and Friday at 11 p.m.

Salman Khan is the founder of Khan Academy, a non-profit providing online instruction to people all over the world. He began by tutoring his cousins remotely by video. Khan speaks with Evan Smith Thursday at 7 p.m. on Overheard with Evan Smith Salman Khan.

Arts In Context Out Of Your Head takes viewers inside the booming improv comedy scene of Austin, Texas. With an environment comparable to that of late 90’s Chicago, the birthplace of great comedians’, entertainers in Austin are turning heads all across the nation. Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Chet visits “The Big Bend” of Texas on The Daytripper Alpine, Tx, with stops to learn its history and climb to a mountaintop classroom, Thursday at 8 p.m. He eats at a steakhouse inspired by the movie “Giant” and devours hot dogs from a truck that takes wienies to a whole other universe.

Then on The Daytripper Blanco, Tx, Chet heads to the “Lavender Capital,” harvesting it from the field and drinking it in lemonade. He explores the historic courthouse used in the movie “True Grit” and a buggy museum that’s supplied Hollywood with all its western needs for years. Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Sidney’s former flame throws an engagement party that leads to murder on Masterpiece Mystery! Grantchester Part 2 Thursday at 9 p.m. To crack the case, Sidney and Geordie must break a code of silence.

Enjoy a special celebration performance of Elton John’s Tony-winning musical from London’s West End with Great Performances Billy Elliot The Musical Live, Friday at 9 p.m. The musical is about a young boy in a North East England mining community and his journey from the boxing ring to the ballet barre, based on the popular 2000 film.

Annuals warm up winter for salads and wildlife. Visit a garden where they join evergreen structure on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday.

Savor songs from Don Henley’s first solo album in 15 years, Cass County, on Austin City Limits Don Henley, Saturday at 7 p.m. The new album represents both Henley’s roots and the next stop on his creative journey.

Veterans Day 2015 on KLRU-Q

KLRU Q Featured

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of November almost 100 years ago, German and Allied soldiers implemented an armistice and ended the greatest war the world had ever witnessed. Celebrate Veteran’s Day (née Armistice Day) and honor both soldiers and country with a night of special programming on KLRU-Q.

At 8 p.m., Ice Warriors – USA Sled Hockey portrays the US Sled Hockey team preparing for and competing in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games. Their personal stories are riveting, from a teenager making his debut to four military “wounded warriors,” proud to represent America in Paralympic sports.

Healing the Warrior’s Heart examines the emotional trauma of war through the prism of Native American tradition and ceremony. The program – which airs at 9 p.m. – reveals the central role that military service plays in Native life and explores the spiritual traditions that help returning American Indian soldiers reintegrate into society. These traditions hold lessons for the nation as we seek to bring comfort and healing to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

Then at 10 p.m., examine the Latino experience during a war that placed its heaviest burden on the working class in On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam. Framing the documentary are memoirs of two siblings who stood on opposite sides of the Vietnam War, one a POW and the other a protestor at home.

Wrap up the night with In Their Words: Songwriting With Soldiers at 11:30 p.m. Learn how creative experiences can help heal military with post-traumatic stress. The recovery process for active duty US soldiers and veterans can seem out of reach, at times leading to attempted suicide and death. Follow how one group of volunteers and professional songwriters work with soldiers to offer an immersive retreat for them to write songs about their military experience and even a chance at healing.

KLRU-Q is broadcast channel 18.3. It is also available to digital cable subscribers of Grande on 284 and Time Warner on 20.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Turns 30

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife is hitting a pretty big birthday – the show is celebrating 30 years on PBS!

To celebrate, the show is adding special segments to each episode. Each week will feature different throwback segments from deep in Texas Parks and Wildlife’s series past. They’re also adding interviews with segment creators.

Even more fun, the Texas Parks and Wildlife website is also getting a makeover. The website reveals its new look Oct. 15, and a special contest for viewers will go up soon after. Keep an eye out!

The show premieres Oct. 18 with a special episode entirely about Big Bend National Park. The episode will show the film from the park’s visitor’s center. “I saw it last November when I was on a camping trip with a few friends,” says series producer Don Cash. “The film is so good and beautifully done that I immediately wanted to air it on the show.”

Look out for more new episodes as Texas Parks and Wildlife celebrates its biggest year yet.

Highlights October 11 to October 17

KLRU Highlights

Watch the bakers work with sweet dough, making tea loaves that are connected to home, and 36 sweet European buns, from Swedish cinnamon buns to German schnecken and French brioches on Great British Baking Show Sweet Dough, Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

The Women’s Institute is back on Home Fires Episode Two Sunday at 7 p.m., and the RAF arrives in town. Pat endures abuse and Alison’s dog has a close call. The local doctor faces up to his fate.

On Indian Summers on Masterpiece Part Three, Sooni gets into trouble and witness-tampering runs riot. Ramu confronts Armitage at the annual fair. Sunday at 8 p.m.

After two failed attempts on Felicity’s life, Malcolm returns to Scotland and reinvents himself – this time as the perfect boyfriend to Simone. However, DS Henry is hot on his heels and will stop at nothing to prevent the next murder on Widower Part Two Sunday at 9 p.m.

On Father Brown The Devil’s Dust, Sunday at 10 p.m., a girl alleged to have radiation sickness goes missing, and only Father Brown can find her.

Doctor Blake tends to another death at the shoe factory this week on Doctor Blake Mysteries If The Shoe Fits, Sunday at 11 p.m. Though the death is initially ruled an accident, something more nefarious is at play.

host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Nicholas Lowry visit the tower to talk about World’s Fair posters on Antiques Roadshow Seattle, Hour Two, Monday at 7 p.m. The trip to Seattle is followed by Antiques Roadshow Albuquerque, Hour Three, at 8 p.m. – Albuquerque reveals classic items from the past, including a 1962 sonic blue Fender Stratocaster, a 1965 Beatles-signed photo and letter, and French filigree earrings, ca. 1775.

Join Phil in the place he calls the “City of Sweets” as he indulges in some of the finest hot chocolate, football-sized croissants and vanilla bombes and searches for the best roast chicken and vegetable-centric dishes in the City of Lights on I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Paris, Monday at 9 p.m.

In the aftermath of the death of probably the most inspirational computer designers and innovators of the 21st century, Steve Jobs – One Last Thing takes an in-depth look at the life and work of Apple boss, Steve Jobs to examine how and why he revolutionized our world. Monday at 10 p.m.

View dozens of classic TV and movie clips and hear comments from Mary Tyler Moore’s co-stars and Moore herself Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration. Oprah Winfrey recounts Moore’s critical role in inspiring her – and millions of others – as TV’s first independent career woman.

On Secrets of the Dead The Real Trojan Horse, discover new archeological evidence that suggests Troy and the Trojan War may be more than myth. If the legendary siege did happen, was there really a wooden horse that brought enemy soldiers inside the fortified city? Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Follow Dornstein’s continued search for his brother’s killers, the terrorists who blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie on Frontline My Brother’s Bomber, Part 3 Tuesday at 9 p.m. The filmmaker uncovers new information about a suspected Lockerbie bomb-maker and attempts to make contact.

John Ridley reflects on his beginnings and the inspirations that have shaped his approach to screenwriting, with a special look into his journey adapting the Academy Award-winning script for 12 Years a Slave in On Story A Conversation With John Ridley, Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Then, Mick Garris (Masters of Horror) and Alvaro Rodriguez (Machete) deconstruct the shock, suspense, and subtleties of David Cronenberg’s The Fly and how his execution has contributed to the legitimacy and intellect of the horror genre in On Story Deconstructing The Fly, Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.

Award-winning filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert start with the remains of two bull elephants and through a series of key flashbacks, look at the lives they would have led, the dramas they may have seen, their great migrations for water with their families, and their encounters with lions and hyenas on Nature Soul of the Elephant, Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Wednesday at 8 p.m., delve into the chilling new reality of cyberwar on NOVA Cyberwar Threat, in which cyber weapons can inflict physical damage on our factories, power plants and pipelines … leaving us vulnerable to crippling attacks.

Dr. David Eagleman takes viewers on an extraordinary journey, exploring how the brain, locked in silence and darkness without direct access to the world, conjures the rich and beautiful world we all take for granted Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Brain With David Eagleman What Is Reality?

Celebrate Billie Holiday with acclaimed jazz singer Cassandra Wilson, as she performs “Strange Fruit,” “Don’t Explain, “Good Morning Heartache” and other Holiday classics from the tribute album Coming Forth by Day Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. on Austin City Limits Cassandra Wilson.

Evan Smith speaks with comedian and actress Mary Lynn Rajskub this week on Overheard With Evan Smith, Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Rajskub is best known for playing Chloe on Fox’s super-popular series 24.

Explore the first Live-Action Graphic Novel with Arts In Context The Intergalactic Nemesis, Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Created by an original comic-book story projected panel-by-panel on a video screen while three actors voiced the characters, one performer created sound-effects, and a keyboardist performed the score.

Chet heads to Dallas to explore its history, excitement, and food on The Daytripper The State Fair of Texas Thursday at 8 p.m. He hangs out with Big Tex (the fair’s 55-foot tall mascot), see some prize-winning steers and ostrich races in the Livestock Exhibit, and explores the park’s diverse fried food, including fried butter, fried thanksgiving dinner, and the original “Corny Dog.”

Then on The Daytripper Alpine, Tx, Chet visits “The Big Bend” of Texas with stops to learn its history and climb to a mountaintop classroom. He eats at a steakhouse inspired by the movie “Giant” and devours hot dogs from a truck that takes wienies to a whole other universe. Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

James Norton (Belle) stars as Sidney Chambers, a young and charismatic vicar who turns amateur investigator when one of his parishioners dies under suspicious circumstances on Masterpiece Mystery! Grantchester, Part 1 Thursday at 9 p.m. Chambers turns to gruff, down-to-earth police inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green, “Reckless”) for help, and the two become crime-solving partners and friends in the hamlet of Grantchester.

Friday at 8 p.m., relish a groundbreaking musical about love and heartbreak on Live from Lincoln Center Kern & Hammerstein’s Show Boat, performed by the New York Philharmonic and featuring Vanessa Williams, Julian Ovenden, Fred Willard, Norm Lewis, Jane Alexander and Lauren Worsham.

Beat the drought from trees to groundcovers. A front yard dazzles neighbors and wildlife all year on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday.

Enjoy “Life of Sin” and other tunes from Sturgill Simpson’s acclaimed LP Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, as well as Western swing classics from Asleep at the Wheel’s album Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys on Austin City Limits Sturgill Simpson/Asleep at the Wheel Saturday at 7 p.m.

Highlights October 4 to October 10

KLRU Highlights

Join eight bakers on the Great British Baking Show Biscuits and Traybakes as they produce favorite traybakes, offering twists on everything from bakewells to banoffees and brownies Sunday at 6 p.m.

Then Sunday at 7 p.m., with World War II imminent, the local Women’s Institute dissolves after Joyce resigns as president and Frances tries to revive the group with a jam-making project on Home Fires on Masterpiece Episode 1.

This week on Indian Summers on Masterpiece Part Two, while Aafrin fights for his life, Ralph confronts the gunman in jail. Sarah is suspicious of Alice’s past. Adam goes missing. Sunday at 8 p.m.

When Claire confronts her husband, Malcolm Webster, over his wild spending on Widower Part One Sunday at 9 p.m., he tries to control her with sedatives. Afraid he’ll soon be caught, he silences her forever. Three years on, he has a new bride…and history appears to be repeating itself.

Then on Father Brown The Bride of Christ, Father Brown investigates a convent with the help of a young nun after two nuns are murdered. Sunday at 10 p.m.

On Doctor Blake Mysteries Hearts & Flowers, Sunday at 11 p.m., many years have passed since Dr Blake first returned home from war to run his father’s old practice. But Ballarat is no longer the sanctuary from the outside world it used to be.

Antiques Roadshow Seattle, Hour One rocks out at Seattle’s EMP Museum and discusses Jimi Hendrix’ trend-setting fashion style Monday at 7 p.m. Then, Antiques Roadshow Albuquerque, Hour Two journeys to Albuquerque for finds such as a 1969 Jasper Johns flag print, a 1939 inscribed “Pinocchio” book, and an Imperial jade snuff bottle at 8 p.m.

Join Phil in I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Italy Monday at 9 p.m. as he revisits this food mecca. Sit down with him as he feasts on a home-cooked meal at chef Nancy Silverton’s Umbrian home and indulges his inner caveman, roasting gargantuan steaks over hot flames and serving them up “barbarian style.”

In 1955, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean and a massive crew descended on the Texas town of Marfa to begin production on Giant. Now, 60 years later, Voces Children of Giant explores the film’s still timely examination of racial prejudice Monday at 10 p.m.

On Gorongosa Park Battle Lines/Roaring Back Tuesday at 7 p.m., a new lion sparks conflict, Joyce has questions about the mysterious behavior of the Gorongosa’s elephants, and Bob tastes the danger of crop-raiding elephants. Then, when Bob Poole returns to Gorongosa, he discovers a huge nesting colony of water birds. He resumes his search for the lion cubs that went missing.

Track Ken Dornstein’s continued search for the terrorists who blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie on Frontline My Brother’s Bomber, Part 2 Tuesday at 9 p.m. In this second episode, the filmmaker follows the evidence to Zurich and Malta in search of the truth.

Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, dissects the culture, identity, and status quo of the show, and the psychology behind its beloved antihero, Don Draper on On Story Mad Men: A Conversation Tuesday at 10 p.m. Then, True Detective director Cary Fukunaga and Fargo creator Noah Hawley discuss the rise of the television anthology series and how to execute a compelling balance of plot, character, and structure within the bounds of one season in On Story Fargo & True Detective at 10:30 p.m.

Nature Big Birds Can’t Fly is the unique story of flightless birds, which include ostriches, emus, rheas, cassowaries and kiwis. Research has shown that some of these big birds at one time could fly, but once the dinosaurs were wiped out, these same birds no longer needed to take flight from their enemies. Wednesday at 7 p.m.

A 3,700-year-old inscribed clay tablet reveals a surprising new version of the Biblical flood story, complete with how-to instructions for assembling an ark. Following the directions, expert boat builders assemble and launch a massive reed boat on NOVA Secrets of Noah’s Ark Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Learn how  early engineers carved tombs into rock cliffs and funneled water to the desert city of Petra on NOVA Petra: Lost City of Stone Wednesday at 9 p.m. 

Enjoy the 2015 Austin City Limits Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Wednesday at 10 p.m., as Loretta Lynn, Asleep at the Wheel, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Flaco Jimenez are honored by Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, Gillian Welch, Jason Isbell and more on Austin City Limits 2015 Hall of Fame Special.

On Overheard with Evan Smith Thomas Mallon Thursday at 7 p.m., Smith talks to Thomas Mallon, a novelist and critic who has written 9 novels and 7 works of non-fiction. His 2012 novel Watergate was a finalist for the PEN / Faulkner Award.

God & Governing  Thursday at 7:30 p.m. touches on the topics of guns, education, abortion, the death penalty and marriage, with dozens of intimate interviews which unlock the spiritual motivations behind some of Texas’ most powerful lawmakers.

Chet explores the east side of Texas’s capital city exploring its food trucks, a modern butcher shop, and a house museum that “Keeps Austin Weird” on The Daytripper East Austin, Tx Thursday at 8 p.m. He visit the Texas State Cemetery with the graves of past Texans including “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Austin, and then pushes his lack of athleticism to the extreme on an obstacle course.

Then, more Chet, with The Daytripper Granbury, Tx. Chet finds heaps of history, including the alleged grave of Jesse James and the story of John Wilkes Booth hiding out here after his assassination of the president.

Civic Summit Austin’s Asian-American Identity, Thursday at 9 p.m., focuses on the people who make up a diverse segment of our changing city – Austin is home to more than 50,000 Asian-Americans, a higher percentage than any other Texas city. n Civic Summit: Austin’s Asian-American Identity KLRU explores the challenges they face and common misconceptions about this growing minority.

Hear Latin-infused arrangements of iconic songs such as “Smooth Criminal,” “I Want You Back” and “Billie Jean” in this concert special hosted by Sheila E, featuring award-winning Latin artists on Unity – The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson Friday at 8 p.m.

Join host Rita Moreno for a celebration of the country’s highest tribute to Latinos by Latinos on the Hispanic Heritage Awards Friday at 9 p.m. The program includes performances and appearances by celebrated Hispanic artists.

Then, watch the Austin City Limits 2015 Hall of Fame Special again Friday at 10 p.m.

The week wraps up with Austin City Limits Cassandra Wilson Saturday at 7 p.m. Celebrate Billie Holiday with acclaimed jazz singer Cassandra Wilson, as she performs “Strange Fruit,” “Don’t Explain, “Good Morning Heartache” and other Holiday classics from the tribute album Coming Forth by Day.

Highlights September 27 to October 3

KLRU Highlights

On Great British Baking Show Pies and Tarts Sunday at 6 p.m., watch the remaining bakers undertake double-crusted fruit pies, a challenge to even the most experienced bakers; English custard tart – a centuries-old recipe that causes a wobble for the contestants; and phyllo pie, with dough made from scratch.

On Sunday at 7 p.m., Secrets of Westminster goes inside the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben to reveal he hidden world of the Houses of Commons and Lords; a world of back-stabbing, intrigue and traditions.

Examine the collision of the English ruling class and local people agitating for Indian independence in the twilight of British rule in India in Indian Summers on Masterpiece Part One, Sunday at 8 p.m. The two sides clash and merge in intricate games of power, politics and passion. Julie Walters stars. The British arrive at their summer headquarters in northern India for a season of parties, romance and trouble – including attempted murder.

It’s someone’s big day, but things are far from smooth with the appearance of an unexpected guest on Vicious Wedding Sunday at 9:30 p.m. Penelope and Mason are asked to pick up the wedding cake, which doesn’t go as planned. It’s not long before the blissful event becomes a potential disaster.

On Dr. Blake Mysteries Brotherly Love, Sunday at 11 p.m., many years have passed since Dr Blake first returned home from war to run his father’s old practice. But Ballarat is no longer the sanctuary from the outside world it used to be. There’s a new chief superintendent who doesn’t approve of Blake’s unorthodox methods, and despite the pathologist solving the crimes which have confounded the police, he is determined to get rid of Blake for good.

Antiques Roadshow Rapid City and Antiques Roadshow Albuquerque are back-to-back Monday at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. In Rapid City, host Mark L. Walberg explores 19th-century Sioux weapons with appraiser John Buxton at beautiful Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. Notable finds include a 1760s Chester County Pennsylvania spice chest; two sets of Frank Lloyd Wright blueprints; and a Favrile Fabrique Tiffany desk lamp valued at $4,000-$6,000. Then, discover the treasures of Albuquerque, including a 1969 Woodstock jacket and program, a silk wedding gown, ca. 1875, and a Jane Peterson oil The Answer, ca. 1925. Which is valued at $300,000? And visit the International Balloon Museum.

Monday at 9 p.m., I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Tokyo follows Phil in his search for the most delicious ramen, the sushi of his dreams and anything else that makes Tokyo a global culinary capital. He serves New York egg creams to his guests and dials down with TV host and comedian David Spector.

Guitar Hero Joe Bonamassa performs an exclusive event concert experience at Red Rocks Amphitheater celebrating the music of blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, Monday at 10 p.m. on Joe Bonamassa: Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks.

The lion team find one of the cubs with a grave wound and race to save her on Gorongosa Park at 7 pm Tuesday.

Filmmaker Ken Dornstein sets off to war-torn Libya in search of the men who killed 189 Americans, including his brother, in 1988, on part one of Frontline My Brother’s Bomber at 9 pm Tuesday.

Watch two-toed baby sloth Pelota learn to be independent in Costa Rica, while in Australia, young kangaroo Harry must be taught to socialize with his mates on Nature Nature’s Miracle Orphans at 7 pm Wednesday.

E.O. Wilson: Man of Ants at 8 pm Wednesday examines the remarkable life and groundbreaking ideas of the biologist and founder of the discipline of sociobiology.

Robert Reich, economist and former U.S. Labor Secretary, on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts In Context at 7:30 pm Thursday follows a week in the life of Los Pinkys as they keep the Tejano musical tradition alive in East Austin.

Aaron sends out a little leftover brisket to some chefs around Austin to see how they are inspired by brisket on BBQ with Franklin at 8 pm Thursday.

Chet explores the east side of Texas’s capital city exploring its food trucks, a modern butcher shop, and a house museum that “Keeps Austin Weird” on The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday.

Austin’s Proyecto Teatro aims to make the arts accessible to the entire community, regardless of income levels, and to reduce social and cultural differences of society on El Taller at 9 pm Thursday.

The 30th Imagen Awards recognizes and rewards positive portrayals of Latinos in all forms of media at 8 pm Friday.

KLRU will be exploring the dropout crisis in Central Texas and celebrating the people and organizations who are working to keep all young people in our community on track to graduate high school. From 10 am to 5 pm, KLRU will participate in national American Graduate Day. American Graduate Day is a 7 hour celebration of the American Graduate initiative. In between the national content, Central Texas students will be your hosts from KLRU’s Studio 6A to talk about what the station is doing locally.

Enjoy the 2015 Austin City Limits Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at 7 pm Saturday, as Loretta Lynn, Asleep at the Wheel, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Flaco Jimenez are honored by Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, Gillian Welch, Jason Isbell and more.





Highlights September 20 to September 26

KLRU Highlights

Follow Gabrielle on a visit to the ancient city, where she makes a parmesan omelet and ravioli on The Mind of a Chef Rome at 5:30 pm on Sunday.

On Great British Baking Show Desserts at 6 pm on Sunday, follow the remaining 11 bakers as they deal with desserts: a trifle of biscuit, cake, jelly or custard in distinct layers; perfect Floating Islands; and a Showstopper of 24 petits fours. And, for the first time, there’s a baking burglary in the tent!

Sir Arthur and Woodie close in on the Wyrley Ripper. But have they found their man? Find out on Masterpiece Arthur & George Part 3 at 7 pm on Sunday.

To Sherlock Holmes, Charles Augustus Magnussen is the Napoleon of blackmail—and the one man he truly hates. Watch their saga unfold on Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock: His Last Vow at 8 pm on Sunday and 9 pm on Saturday.

After Freddie and Stuart have a falling out, Stuart moves in with Ash and Violet moves in with Freddie on Vicious Flatmates at 9:33 pm on Sunday and 10:35 pm on Saturday.

Lady Felicia finds in her park a man on a tree, fallen from a passing train on a nearby viaduct.The man has been stripped and tortured, and Sid is accused of the crime on Father Brown The Man In the Tree at 10 pm on Sunday and 8 pm on Saturday.

There’s a new chief superintendent who doesn’t approve of Blake’s unorthodox methods, and despite the pathologist solving the crimes which have confounded the police, he is determined to get rid of Blake for good on Doctor Blake Mysteries Death of a Traveling Salesman at 11 pm on Sunday.

Antiques Roadshow Rapid City Hour One at 7 pm on Monday visits one of South Dakota’s greatest treasures, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, to look at presidential prints.

Join a town hall meeting to explore the many issues propelled into public discourse after a white gunman shot and killed nine African-American parishioners in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June. Gwen Ifill moderates on America After Charleston at 8 pm Monday.

On POV Don’t Tell Anyone at 9 pm on Monday, meet immigrant activist Angy Rivera, the country’s only advice columnist for undocumented youth. In a community where silence is often seen as necessary for survival, she steps out of the shadows to share her own experiences of being undocumented and sexually abused.

Rudolfo Anaya was the first Hispanic American writer to achieve major publishing success with his landmark novel, Bless Me, Ultima. On Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic of Words at 10:30 pm on Monday, learn how Anaya has demonstrated a lifelong determination to persevere—through poverty, catastrophic injury and an almost insurmountable artistic struggle to publish—and in the end, succeed.

Bob Poole joins scientist Paola Bouley as she tries to solve a baffling mystery: Why isn’t Gorongosa’s lion population growing? By filming the lions, Poole hopes to help, following five cheeky lion cubs on their journey to adulthood on Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise Lion Mystery / Elephant Whisperer at 7 pm on Tuesday.

Examine the Latino experience during a war that placed its heaviest burden on the working class during On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam at 9 pm on Tuesday. Framing the documentary are memoirs of two siblings who stood on opposite sides of the Vietnam War, one a POW and the other a protestor at home.

Latino Americans on the South Plains at 10:30 pm on Tuesday is a celebration of culture, music, and artistic expression by Latinos in West Texas through specific stories of larger significance. The history is laid out in detail, how and why Latinos came to this area and what they faced when they got here.

Watch rescue center caregivers help wild baby orphans get back on their feet on Nature Nature’s Miracle Orphans: Second Chances on Wednesday at 7 pm. In Australia, a teddy bear comforts baby koala Danny, and tiny wallaby Neil receives preemie care. In Costa Rica, baby three-toed sloth Newbie battles pneumonia.

Unravel the greatest mystery in Arctic exploration on NOVA Arctic Ghost Ship at 8 pm on Wednesday. 160 years ago, the Franklin Expedition to chart the Northwest Passage vanished. Now, a Canadian team discovers one of Franklin’s lost ships-a vital clue to the fate of the ill-starred expedition.

Take a fresh look at the enigmatic story of a young American hiker named Chris McCandless, the son of successful middle class parents, who was found dead in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness and became the subject of the best-selling Jon Krakauer book and Sean Penn-directed movie Into the Wild on Return to the Wild – The Chris McCandless Story at 9 pm on Wednesday.

Superstar rockers Foo Fighters return to the Austin City Limits stage at 10 pm on Wednesday and 10:30 pm on Friday. The band, with special guests, features songs from the best-selling Sonic Highways. Then, on Saturday at 7 pm, ACL presents indie rock with Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear.

On Overheard with Evan Smith Bernie Sanders at 7 pm on Thursday, Evan talks with Bernie Sanders.

Featuring larger-than-life creatures powered by pedals, Austin Bike Zoo is a one-of-a-kind blend of puppetry and cycling. On Arts In Context Beautiful Creatures at 7:30 pm on Thursday, learn how this “Human Powered Puppetry” was born out of a passion to combine the beauty and strength of human movement with the artistry and theater of puppets and a dedication to creating interactive works.

Aaron travels to a BBQ cook-off competition in Kansas with his father-in-law, going way outside his comfort zone on BBQ with Franklin Competition at 8 pm on Thursday.

Chet heads north of Houston to explore a town built along the railroad—Tomball, Texas. He visits its many historic sites and takes a flight on a WW2 B-17 “flying fortress” bomber on The Daytripper Tomball, TX at 8:30 pm on Thursday.

The best of Austin and British Invasion musicians perform in celebration of the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians on All ATX: The British Invasion at 9 pm on Thursday. Performances include Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Zombies, Alejandro Escovedo, Ian McLagan, Ruthie Foster, Shinyribs, Van Wilks, Malford Milligan, Guy Forsyth, Monte Montgomery, Shawn Sahm, Erin Ivey, Hector Ward and the All ATX band.

On American Masters The Women’s List at 8 pm on Friday, meet 15 women who define contemporary American culture in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ new “List” film featuring Madeleine Albright, Margaret Cho, Edie Falco, Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie Perez, Wendy Williams and more.

The jig is up for art forger Mark Landis, who has donated his expert copies to museums for 30 years. But stopping isn’t simple. On POV Art and Craft at 9 pm on Friday, see how this cat-and-mouse caper uncovers the universal in one man’s search for connection and respect.

Get ideas for your low-water design, whatever your style, and visit a drought tough succulent garden in deer country on Central Texas Gardener Garden Conservancy Tour 2015 at noon on Saturday.

Highlights September 13 to September 19

KLRU Highlights

Hear Gabrielle’s explanation of what is and isn’t garbage on The Mind of a Chef Garbage at 5:30 pm on Sunday.

On Great British Baking Show Bread at 6 pm on Sunday, watch the 12 remaining contestants bake 36 perfectly thin and crispy bread sticks and technically tricky English muffins. The Showstopper features outrageous loaves of bread: a Christmas wreath, a proud peacock and a psychic octopus.

Sir Arthur and Woodie get a shock after they order their driver to “follow that carriage!” on Masterpiece Arthur & George Part 2 at 7 pm on Sunday.

Sherlock faces his biggest challenge of all—delivering a Best Man’s speech on John’s wedding day on Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock: The Sign of Three at 8 pm on Sunday.

On Vicious Stag Do at 9:30 pm on Sunday and 10:30 pm on Saturday, finding themselves both single, Violet and Ash consider dating new people. Violet has already met someone on the internet, while Ash’s ex, Chloe, returns.

When a poet hangs himself in his locked conservatory. Father Brown thinks that it was not a suicide, but a murder on Father Brown The Wrong Shape at 10 pm on Sunday and 8 pm on Saturday.

Amid the upheaval the mysteries continue and Lucien Blake will face his most personal challenge yet as he tries solving his own mother’s mysterious death on Doctor Blake Mysteries The Greater Good at 11 pm on Sunday.

Every antique is a survivor, but considering some have made it through exceptionally dangerous circumstances, it is amazing they survived at all. Antiques Roadshow Special: Survivors at 7 pm on Monday highlights amazing tales of rescues, near misses and beating the odds with treasures that have endured wars, natural disasters and fires.

Explore the complex life and enduring legacy of the iconic filmmaker from his early days creating Mickey Mouse through the making of Snow White, the first full-length animated film on Walt Disney: American Experience Part One at 8 pm on Monday.

High school dropouts, educators, and researchers introduce the economic and personal costs of dropping out, why a high school equivalency is no longer enough, and the benefits of dropouts gaining second chances on Dropping Back In Second Chances at 10 pm on Monday. Then, at 10:30 pm on Monday, Dropping Back In Building a Better Life features Cafe Hope, a culinary apprentice program in New Orleans and The Makers Coalition, a training program in sewing manufacturing.

Follow Jim Henson’s career, from his early television work with the Muppets in the 1950s to his commercial work and network appearances, his breakthrough with Sesame Street and “The Muppet Show,” his fantasy films and his sudden death in 1990 on In Their Own Words Jim Henson at 7 pm on Tuesday.

Explore the complex life and enduring legacy of the creative genius as Walt Disney made films such as Cinderella and Mary Poppins and realized his dream project, Disneyland, on Walt Disney: American Experience Part Two at 8 pm on Tuesday.

Follow the infectious party song on its fascinating journey from Ukraine to YouTube during Hava Nagila at 10 pm on Tuesday. Featuring Harry Belafonte, Glen Campbell and more, the program celebrates the power of music, the importance of joy and the resilient spirit of a people.

On Nature The Sagebrush Sea at 7 pm on Wednesday, learn about one of the most overlooked ecosystems on the continent that consists of a massive sea of sagebrush stretching across 11 states in the American West.

Take a dazzling dive with NOVA Creatures of Light at 8 pm on Wednesday to explore how and why so many of the ocean’s creatures light up-revealing a hidden undersea world where creatures flash, sparkle, shimmer or simply glow.

Follow six brilliant scientists for the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, built to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang and search for the Higgs boson, marking the start of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet on Particle Fever at 9 pm on Wednesday.

Golden Hornet Project has presented over 60 concerts of indie classical music by more than 40 composers from non-academic musical backgrounds – all in the name of making classical music exciting and accessible. Arts In Context Classical Undead at 7:30 pm on Thursday will take behind the scenes to the follow up to the highly successful “String Quartet Smackdown I.”

Aaron gets a lesson in cooking “cowboy style” in a way that combines traditional BBQ skills with the grill on BBQ with Franklin Direct Heat & Mesquite at 8 pm on Thursday. Then, go behind the scenes at a big city BBQ joint in Dallas and learn their unique take on Texas traditions.

Chet heads to no-man’s land to canoe the “most pristine river in Texas” in Devils River, Texas. On this multi-day canoe trip, he fishes, camps on the banks of this blue river, and learns what it takes to survive in the middle of nowhere on The Daytripper Devils River, TX at 8:30 pm on Thursday.

Austin City Limits at 9 pm on Thursday and 9 pm on Friday features soulful pop from Sam Smith and Future Islands. UK sensation Smith sings “Stay With Me” and others from his debut. Future Islands features their single “Seasons (Waiting on You)” as well as other tunes from Singles. Then, Foo Fighters feature songs from the best-selling Sonic Highways at 7 pm on Saturday.

Discover the life and work of Mexican-American photographer Pedro E. Guerrero, who collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright and sculptors Alexander Calder and Louise Nevelson, on American Masters Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey at 8 pm on Friday.

Meet homegrown designs that inspire drought tough visions and visit a garden that supports wildlife all year on Central Texas Gardener Master Gardener Tour 2015 at noon on Saturday.

Highlights September 6 to September 12

KLRU Highlights

Spend a day at Prune as Gabrielle cooks smoky eggplant, celery salad and sweetbreads on The Mind of a Chef Prune at 5:30 pm on Sunday.

On Great British Baking Show Cakes at 6 pm on Sunday, meet the 13 bakers who make simple sandwich cakes in the Signature challenge, angel food cakes in Mary’s Technical challenge and all things chocolate in the Showstopper.

Asked to clear a man convicted of animal mutilation, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds there’s more to the case than meets the eye on Masterpiece Arthur & George Part 1 at 7 pm on Sunday.

Mycroft calls Sherlock back to London to investigate an underground terrorist organization on Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock: The Empty Hearse at 8 pm on Sunday.

The gang decides to join Ash and Jess at a ballroom dancing class on Vicious Ballroom at 9:30 pm on Sunday. Nimble on his feet, Stuart quickly becomes teacher’s pet, leaving Freddie in a huff, while Violet becomes a hit with the amorous teacher in other ways.

When an alcoholic woman is found drowned near her home, Father Brown suspects murder, although the police think it’s an accident on Father Brown The Flying Stars at 10 pm on Sunday.

Many years have passed since Dr. Blake first returned home from war to run his father’s old practice. But Ballarat is no longer the sanctuary from the outside world it used to be on Doctor Blake Mysteries Still Waters at 11 pm on Sunday.

Antiques Roadshow Myrtle Beach Hour 3 at 7 pm on Monday visits the Waccamaw River with host Mark L. Walberg and militaria appraiser Christopher Mitchell as they discuss an important 19th-century blockade rifle. Other discoveries include an 1884 Courier & Ives print; a Pennsylvania folk art whirligig; and a 1936 first edition of Gone With the Wind, valued at $12,000-$15,000.

Beginning with an examination of slavery, Civil War The Cause – 1861 at 8 pm on Monday looks at the causes of the war and the burning questions of union and states’ rights. Significant events include John Brown’s rebellion at Harper’s Ferry, the election of Abraham Lincoln, the firing on Fort Sumter and the jubilant rush to arms on both sides.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proved himself a master of a new frontier-not on the battlefields of the Civil War, but in his “high-tech” command center: the War Department Telegraph Office, America’s first “Situation Room.” Lincoln@Gettysburg at 10 pm on Monday will unfold the greatest turning point in American history: the rebirth of a nation and the dawn of the information age.

Follow Muhammad Ali’s path from a gym in Louisville to boxing successes, conversion to Islam, opposition to the draft, exile from the ring, comeback fights, Parkinson’s disease and his inspirational re-emergence at the Atlanta Olympics on In Their Own Words Muhammad Ali at 7 pm on Tuesday.

On Civil War A Very Bloody Affair – 1862 at 8 pm on Tuesday, see the birth of modern warfare and the transformation of Lincoln’s war to preserve the Union into a war to emancipate the slaves. Then, on Civil War Forever Free – 1862, convinced by July 1862 that emancipation was now morally and militarily crucial to the future of the Union, Lincoln must wait for a victory to issue his proclamation.

Watch interviews with prominent Austin citizens about their experience during Austin’s civil rights period, the effect of segregation and what gentrification has meant to the city on Austin Revealed Civil Rights Stories at 10:30 pm on Tuesday.

Legend paints the wolverine as a solitary, bloodthirsty killer that roams the icy heart of the frozen north, taking down prey as large as moose, crushing bones to powder with its powerful jaws. Nature Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom at 7 pm on Wednesday takes viewers into the secretive world of the largest and least known member of the weasel family to reveal who this dynamic little devil truly is.

On Civil War Simply Murder – 1863 at 8 pm on Wednesday begins with the nightmarish Union disaster at Fredericksburg and follows two clashes: at Chancellorsville in May, where Lee wins his most brilliant victory but loses Stonewall Jackson; and at Vicksburg, where Grant is prevented from taking the city by siege. Then, on Civil War The Universe of Battle – 1863, learn how the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the war.

Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm on Thursday talks with Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy.

Since 1995, Rude Mechanicals have created original theatrical productions that represent a genre-defying cocktail of big ideas, cheap laughs, and dizzying spectacle. On Arts In Context Rude Mechs at 7:30 pm on Thursday, learn how the group has jumped into the national spotlight.

Civil War Valley of the Shadow – 1864 at 8 pm on Thursday begins with a biographical comparison of Grant and Lee and then chronicles the series of battles that pitted the two generals against each other from the wilderness to Petersburg in Virginia. Then, Civil War Most Hallowed – 1864 teaches you how the presidential campaign of 1864 set Abraham Lincoln against his old commanding general, George McClellan.

William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea brings war to the heart of Georgia and the Carolinas and spells the end of the Confederacy on Civil War War Is All Hell – 1865 at 8 pm on Friday. Then, Civil War The Better Angels of Our Nature – 1865 recounts the final days of the war, the capture of John Wilkes Booth and the fates of the series’ major figures.

The best contemporary rock hits the Austin City Limits stage with the Black Keys and J. Roddy Walston & The Business at 10:30 pm on Friday. The Black Keys play hits from their #1 album Turn Blue, while Walston and his trio highlight their record, Essential Tremors. Then, ACL features soulful pop from Sam Smith and Future Islands on Saturday at 7 pm.

How do organic techniques improve homegrown food? Learn more, plus see how gardens help a high school keep students at risk for graduation on Central Texas Gardener Why Grow Organically at noon on Saturday.

Highlights August 30 to September 5

KLRU Highlights

Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or MI6 as it is known, is the world’s most legendary spy agency, thanks to the James Bond stories. Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service at 7 pm on Sunday lifts the veil on the shadowy world of spying, going back in time and behind the scenes to look at some the world’s most calculated and delicately executed operations.

In what may be the climatic case of his career, Sherlock faces Moriarty’s diabolical plot to “get Sherlock,” which begins innocently enough when the criminal mastermind breaks into the Crown Jewels on Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall at 8 pm on Sunday and 9 pm on Saturday.

On Vicious Sister at 9:30 pm on Sunday, Violet panics when her wealthy sister Lillian, whom she hasn’t seen in years, announces a visit. Then, at 10 pm on Sunday, feeling unfit, Freddie and Stuart join Ash at his gym, where a young fitness instructor persuades the pair to sign up for an expensive membership on Vicious Gym.

When an ungodly man is murdered at the unveiling of a new church clock, Father Brown must find the killer before an innocent woman is sent to the gallows on Father Brown The Hammer of God at 10:30 pm on Sunday and 8 pm on Saturday.

PBS Previews – The Best of Fall 2015 brings you a look at PBS’ fall 2015 programs, including Walt Disney: American Experience, Indian Summers on Masterpiece, Gorongosa Park, American Epic, Earth’s Natural Wonders, NOVA, Nature, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having and the PBS Arts Fall Festival.

Join scientists, animal behaviorists and other experts in a live TV broadcast to view the rejuvenation of the once endangered ecosystem of Monterey Bay, California, where marine creatures convene in a once-a-year confluence of fins, fur and fangs in the three-episode live series, Big Blue Live. Episode one airs on Monday at 7 pm, episode two airs on Tuesday at 7 pm and episode three airs on Wednesday at 7 pm.

In the latest Roadshow’s Most Wanted segment at 8 pm on Monday, Antiques Roadshow Myrtle Beach Hour 2 investigates a story about stolen art from South Carolina’s Hobcaw Barony estate with appraiser Debra Force and a former FBI agent.

POV Point and Shoot at 9 pm on Monday lets you ride shotgun with Matt VanDyke, who films his self-transformation from a timid 26-year-old to a motorcycle-driving rebel, fighting in the Libyan revolution. Two-time Oscar nominee Marshall Curry tells his amazing story.

Follow Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable life, from her youth to her uncle’s abdication, her father’s coronation as King George VI, her experience during World War II, her sudden ascension to the throne and her eventful reign of more than 60 years on In Their Own Words Queen Elizabeth II at 8 pm on Tuesday.

Frontline Putin’s Way at 9 pm on Tuesday investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia. Tracing his career back over two decades, Putin’s Way reveals how the accumulation of wealth and power has led to autocratic rule and the specter of a new Cold War.

Meet Spinosaurus—the lost killer of the Cretaceous and the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur ever on NOVA Bigger Than T. Rex at 8 pm on Wednesday.

Austin City Limits showcases modern Americana with the Avett Brothers and Nickel Creek. The Avett Brothers perform tunes from their LP Magpie and the Dandelion, while Nickel Creek highlights their comeback album, A Dotted Line at 9 pm on Wednesday and 9:30 pm on Friday. Then, the best contemporary rock hits the ACL stage with the Black Keys and J. Roddy Walston & The Business at 7 pm on Saturday.

A dozen years ago, Andy Roddick was the number one men’s tennis player in the world – the last American male to hold that title, and the last to win a Grand Slam singles event. Overheard with Evan Smith Andy Roddick, Former Professional Tennis Player on Thursday at 7 pm features the TV sports commentator and philanthropist whose namesake foundation is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

Specializing in large-scale productions in non-traditional public environments – such as federal buildings, power plants, or scaffolding at the shores of Lady Bird Lake – Blue Lapis Light’s aerial dance creates what founder Sally Jacques describes as “prayers for the planet” on Arts In Context Here and Beyond at 7:30 pm on Thursday.

Aaron takes us to a Texas BBQ joint where they cook their chicken in a unique way and then teaches us how to make sauce from scratch on BBQ with Franklin Poultry & Sauce at 8 pm on Thursday.

Chet heads north of Houston to explore a town built along the railroad—Tomball, Texas. He visits its many historic sites and takes a flight on a WW2 B-17 “flying fortress” bomber on The Daytripper Tomball, TX at 8:30 pm on Thursday.

The best of Austin musicians perform in celebration of the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians on All ATX: A Celebration of Austin Musicians at 9 pm on Thursday. Featuring Christopher Cross, Jimmie Vaughan and Lou Ann Barton, Eric Johnson, Charlie and Will Sexton, Marcia Ball, Van Wilks and Malford Milligan, Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth, Monte Montgomery, Shake Russell, Quiet Company, Suzanna Choffel and the All ATX band.

Discover the story of Althea Gibson, who emerged as the unlikely queen of the segregated tennis world of the 1950s on American Masters Althea at 8 pm on Friday. She was the first African American to play and win Wimbledon and the U.S. Nationals. Features Billie Jean King and David Dinkins.

Give It All Away: Newman’s Own Recipe for Success at 10:30 pm on Friday traces Paul Newman’s legacy of giving. The half-hour documentary chronicles the path of the Newman’s Own Foundation food company—the brainchild of Newman and writer A.E. Hotchner—as it evolved and funded a variety of charities across the nation.

Get the color palette to attract butterflies and visit a City Hall where plants for drought and wildlife replace grass on Central Texas Gardener Gardening by Color for Butterflies at noon on Saturday.