Wild Kratts "Predator Week"

Both Mark and Chris find themselves on either side of a wild boarWILD KRATTS “Predator Week”
Monday-Friday, March 19 – March 23
4-4:30 p.m.

Wild Kratts: Predator Power DVD
will be available on March 20

#137: Stuck on Sharks
Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious Great White Shark. They use Aviva’s incredible Remora Rocketsub to “stick with” a female shark and soon learn that the giant predator of the sea actually has lots of challenges to contend with and that she could help them discover something that no one has ever seen before – the birth of Great White shark pups. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his Shark Fin Soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend.
Animals Featured: Great White shark, Orca, Sea lion, Wrasse fish
Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Orca attacking a Great White shark; Great White at a “cleaning station”

#125: Mimic
While exploring why some animals mimic the looks of others, Martin and Chris encounter a cheetah cub and its mom.  But before they know it, evil fashion designer, Donita Donata, ‘cat-naps’ the startled mom right in front of their eyes.  The Wild Kratts team springs into action on a rescue mission before Donita adds the momma cheetah to her new fall line. Martin discovers that the cheetah cub  has unexpected powers of mimicry,  and it’s ability to mimic the ferocious honey badger  – is the key to foiling Donita and protecting the cheetah.
Animals Featured: Cheetah, Honey badger, Black mamba
Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Cheetah cub mimicking a Honey badger and discouraging predators from coming too close.

#134: Little Howler
Chris and Martin are unpacking from an adventure and are surprised when a Wolf pup pops out of their bags. They have no idea where the little guy came from and must retrace their steps in order to return him back to his pack.  They experience that  wolves are a very social animal with a close pack structure and frequent visual and audio communication among individual members.  With this knowledge and wolf-powered Creature Power Suits the bros are able to fend off a hungry cougar and finally return the pup to his wolf pack.
Animals Featured: Wolf, Cougar, Raven
Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Wolf and Cougar face off

#140: Raptor Roundup
Martin and Chris  challenge themselves to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures as they can.    But the evil endangered species chef, Gaston Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them all in his quest to find the tastiest bird wing.  Will the Wild Kratts team succeed in rescuing the raptors before they become Gourmand’s next gourmet delicacy?  They’ll have to use everything they know about classification and birds of prey  – to round up the raptors and return them to where they belong – living free and in the wild!
Animals Featured: Owl, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Vulture
Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: A secretary bird hunting the venomous black mamba snake.

#101: Mom of a Croc
Chris and Martin are determined to prove to Aviva that there’s more to crocodiles than their reputation as scary brutes. They use an egg disguise, created by the young inventor, to infiltrate a crocodile nest for an insider’s look at the challenging journey of the infant crocs.  They also discover the importance of heat in the life cycle of the croc and that heat can even move from one object to another by a process called conduction.
Animals Featured: Nile crocodile, Hippopotamus, Monitor lizard, Soft-shelled turtle
Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: A glimpse inside a developing crocodile nest; the maternal care of a mother croc for her babies; an amazing crocodile and hippo encounter

A Repeat of ARTHUR's NEW Episodes!

Buster and Fern on a park benchIf you missed the new episodes of Season 15 which launched October 2011 — TUNE IN!

Monday, March 5, 3-3:30 p.m.
Buster tries to track down his secret admirer in “Buster’s Secret Admirer,” while James lets new-found power goes to his head in “The Last King of Lambland.”

Tuesday, March 6, 3-3:30 p.m.
Binky gets caught doing the uncoolest of all the uncool things in the world – holding his mom’s hand in “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” And in “Whistling in the Wind,” the Tibble Twins learn they aren’t exactly the same when Timmy can’t whistle quite like Tommy.

Thursday, March 8, 3-3:30 p.m.
Muffy and friends learn how to survive without using money in “Cents- Less” and Buster learns that others’ privacy is something to honor and respect in “Buster the Lounge Lizard.”

Monday, March 12, 3-3:30 p.m.
Muffy and friends learn how to survive without using money in “Cents-Less” and Buster learns that others’ privacy is something to honor and respect in “Buster the Lounge Lizard.”

Curious George Dance Contest!

Curious George Dance Contest Image 2
Do you and your kids like George? Do you and your kids like to dance? Do you and your kids like to record yourselves dancing? If the answer to all three questions is “yes,” you should consider sending an entry to the Curious George Dance Contest! Go to the link to download the Curious George theme song, then shoot a 60-sec. video of your child doing his/her best monkey dance! All uploads are due April 2, then from April 16-30, there will a public vote to choose the winners.

The official contest web page is now curiousgeorgedancecontest.com — home to all contest information including how to enter and official rules. The Grand Prize winner’s entry will be featured on a Curious George Home Video DVD. The Grand Prize winner and all nine finalists will receive “Curiosity Kits” including Curious George books, DVDs, and other merchandise.

The Rise of Miss Power Special


Word Girl and Miss PowerOne-Hour “The Rise of Miss Power” Special!
Starring Jane Lynch as the voice of Miss Power!
Premieres Monday, February 20 @ 3:30p.m!

There’s a new super hero in town! Miss Power has come to Earth from outer space to teach WordGirl everything she knows. But is Miss Power really a sper hero? Besides using her super strength and super speed to defeat villains, Miss Power has another secret weapon: using mean words against others. WordGirl would rather not use her words harshly, but afer giving it a shot, she feels empowered! Soon, everyone starts wondering “what has gotten into WordGirl?” When WordGirl experiences Miss Power’s bullying ways herself, she gets belittled and stripped of her super hero star. Will WordGirl be able to defeat Miss Power without sinking to her level?

Dinosaur Train "Weather Week"

Four new episodes of DINOSAUR TRAIN blow into the schedule for “Weather Week,” Feb. 6-10th.

Buddy and his family learn all about how earthquakes, forest fires, droughts and hurricanes affect animals and the environment.

Don’t panic! Mom, Dad and the Conductor have excellent advice on how to stay safe during a variety of different weather events!


Monday, Feb. 6 & Friday Feb. 10 at 9:30am
Mom takes the kids on a playdate with Tank Triceratops to the desert, where they meet a distant relative of Tank’s, an early Ceratopsian named Penelope Protoceratops. The Conductor points out that Penelope lives in a part of the world that gets a lot of earthquakes, and sure enough, the kids experience their first quake with Penelope. Mom and the Conductor have prepared the kids with excellent advice about what to do in an earthquake, so everyone does fine. When the family rides the Dinosaur Train, they learn that a new car has been added – a Nursery Car, with dozens of eggs in little, padded nests, attended by their expectant moms and dads. The kids watch the eggs hatch, and try to guess which hatchling goes with which dinosaur parent.

Tuesday, Feb.7 at 9:30am
When a forest fire comes to woods not far from the family nest at Pteranodon Terrace, the family takes the Dinosaur Train to visit a nearby area where a fire has already been, and the Conductor leads the kids on a Nature Tracker hike through the woods to see how new life is growing back – even after the forest fire’s devastation. Buddy and Tiny ride the Dinosaur Train for a playdate with their old friend Petey Peteinosaurus, and learn that the train has added a new Aviary Car, for their various flying passengers. Suddenly, they are joined by a lost bird named Judy Jehelornis, who was displaced by the recent forest fires, and can’t remember where her home is. Buddy, Tiny, and Petey act as detectives to figure out from clues where Judy’s home is, and the Conductor makes sure she’s brought safely home on the train.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 9:30am
When the weather has been extremely dry for several weeks, all the water holes at Pteranodon Terrace dry up. The Lambeosaurus family decides to move away in search of water, which upsets the kids. Dad and Mom decide to take the kids to the Big Pond on a camping trip, where they will wait out the drought and return home when it rains again. Don doesn’t want to leave his home, even temporarily, and decides to perfect a “rain dance” that will make the rain return. Dad learns that he’s been chosen to compete in the big annual Fishing Contest at the Big Misty Sea, and is one of three contestants. The whole family rides there on the Dinosaur Train to cheer Dad on. They learn that the contestants are Dad, the Old Spinosaurus, and Dad’s childhood friend and rival, a huge raptor named Marco Megaraptor. The three all end up fighting over Chester, the legendary biggest fish in the Big Misty Sea.

Thursday, Feb. 9 & Monday, Feb. 13 at 9:30am
The long-awaited rains finally return to Pteranodon Terrace, but grow into a huge rainstorm that grows even bigger – into a hurricane! Dad hasn’t seen it blow like this since he was a kid. They seek shelter, and Don discovers an entrance to a cave below their nest, where not only the Pteranodons, but also their other neighbors, the Lambeorsaurus family and Cindy Cimolestes, all take shelter for the night. In the morning, the storm has passed, but everyone must pitch in to rebuild their various nests. The family is cleaning up the mess left over from the hurricane, and discover that a raft of logs has washed up two refugees from across the Western Interior Sea – a turtle named Aidan Adocus, and a small mammal named Tommy Ptilodus. Our family learns of their adventure, crossing the sea in the storm, and washing up at Pteranodon Terrace. They decide to take their new friends to the Dinosaur Train, and ride back with them to their home in Appalachia.

6th Annual Feria Para Aprender 2012 (Learning Fair)

6th Annual Feria Para Aprender 2012 (Learning Fair)
Saturday, Jan. 28 from 10am-3pm
North Lamar Events Center (10601 N. Lamar Blvd.)


Come learn the steps to guide your child from preschool to college.

  • Free entry!
  • Thousands of free books!
  • Hundreds of educational exhibits.
  • Come see many science exhibits and demonstrations.
  • Talk directly with hundreds of academic and college experts.
  • Learn about high-demand careers.

Clifford, Maya & Miguel will be visiting so bring your cameras!

El sábado, 28 de enero, 10am-3pm

Conozca los pasos para guiar a sus hijos desde la infancia a la universidad.

  • ¡Entrada Gratuita!
  • ¡Regalaremos MILES de libros!
  • Várias exposiciones educativas.
  • Exposiciones y demostraciones científicas.
  • Hable con mentores y expertos universitarios.
  • Aprenda acerca de carreras de alta demanda.

¡Clifford, Maya y Miguel estarán presentes! ¡Lleve su cámara!

WILD KRATTS: The Food Chain Gang

The Food Chain Gang (#130)
Monday, January 16, 4-4:30 p.m.
repeats: Friday, February 2, 4-4:30 p.m.


Aviva wants to build a food web for the African savannah, so she devises a game and Martin and Chris accept her challenge! They will each start as a blade of grass and climb to the top of the food web in a game of “Power Suit Creature Tag.” As they play, the brothers boost their knowledge of the complex relationships between predators and prey as well as the differences between herbivores and carnivores.

SUPER WHY! Time Travel Week

Super Why and the Great Robot RaceSUPER WHY!
Time Travel Week
January 16-20, 2012

#207 Super WHY and Jasper’s Cowboy Wish
Monday, Jan. 16, 9am (repeats: Friday, Jan. 20, 9am)
Howdy Partner!  Whyatt and his friends are playing cowboys, but Pig can’t join in because he doesn’t know what cowboys do.  The super readers jump into the tale Jasper’s Cowboy Wish and make the acquaintance of a cowpoke named Jasper who’s desperate to become a rompin’ stompin’ cowboy if only he could get the hang of it!  When Jasper must use his cowboy skills to save the day, will he be a hero…or will this be his last roundup?
Educational Objectives: To explore the Old West.  Young viewers will sing the alphabet, practice the magic of spelling, learn what the word saddle means, and use the power to read to change the story.

#208 Super WHY and Baby Dino’s Big Discovery
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 9am (repeats: Monday, Jan. 23, 9am)
ROAR! Pig invited his friends over to play dinosaurs, but Whyatt can’t figure out which toy dinosaur he has.  So he super readers soar into Baby Dino’s Big Discovery where they lend a hand to a baby dinosaur searching for his mommy.  They’ll need to look closely to figure out what kind of dinosaur Baby Dino is…and be careful to avoid being eaten while they do!
Educational Objectives: To learn about dinosaurs, follow the alphabet, rhyme with ANT words, find out what the words “herbivore” and “carnivore” mean, and use the power to read to change the story.

#209 Super WHY and Princess Gwennie Saves the Day
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 9am (repeats: Saturday, Jan. 21 & Tuesday, Jan. 24, 9am)
Princess Pea is feeling dramatic (as usual) and she and Red are staging a play. Princess is pretending she’s a queen but Red doesn’t know what to be!  The super readers fly into the story of a princess with a silly sense of humor and a big job to do.  They help Gwennie use her talents to save the day, and Red discovers her own special gifts.
Educational Objectives: To learn about medieval times.  Kids will sing the alphabet, practice the magic of spelling,  learn what the word “harp” means and use the power to read to change the story.

#210 Super WHY and The Great Robot Race
Thursday, Jan. 19, 9am (repeats: Wednesday, Jan. 25 & Saturday, Jan. 28, 9am)
Ready…steady…splat!  Whyatt and his puppy want to win the porridge race, but the bowl of breakfast cereal keeps falling off the puppy’s back.  This is a super MESSY problem!  The reading friends visit The Great Robot Race and encounter a boy named Bradbury who is determined to help his robo-doggie to win a race too!  Both Bradbury and the super readers will have to use a little creative problem solving to help robo-doggie zoom to the head of the pack!
Educational Objectives: To learn about innovation, experiment with the alphabet and rhyme with ING words. Preschoolers will also learn what the word “fins” means and use the power to read to change the story.


The new year is a time for resolutions and for many of us that includes a renewed commitment to exercise and healthy eating. Sid the Science Kid premieres “Get Up and Move!” this January, a special episode designed to motivate kids to run and play outside and make healthy food choices.

Sid the Science Kid
“Get Up and Move!”

A Special Episode on Exercise and Healthy Eating
Premieres Friday, January 6, 10am
(repeats Monday, January 16 & Thursday, February 9, 10am)

Sid is super excited, because teacher Susie announced that today is full of surprises-healthy surprises! First the class walks to a local park where they get to run around and play outside in the fresh air! Susie teaches the kids how to do yoga, and when it’s snack time, the kids get another special surprise-they get to pick fresh vegetables from a community garden! Yum! Next, Susie teaches the kids her favorite childhood game-Red Light, Green Light! It’s a great way to move your body, and it’s fun! Back home, Sid tells his Mom about his amazing day, and Mom is inspired to plant a garden in the backyard. Sid then comes up with a new family tradition-taking a walk every day together! It’s easy to do and it’s a fun, healthy way to move your body!

Downloadable activity sheets

Sid the Science Kid Healthy Food Activity Sheet (PDF)
Sid the Science Walking Coloring Sheet (PDF)