Watch now: Munich ’72 and Beyond

As the nations prepare for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, KLRU is taking the time to recognize the 1972 massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics with a new documentary, Munich ’72 and Beyond.

Forty-three years ago on Sept. 5, terrorists took 11 Olympic athletes hostage at the Munich Olympics, also know as Germany’s “Happy Games,” which resulted in the massacre of all 11 Israeli athletes and one German policeman. The “Munich Massacre” quickly became a historical turning point for the Olympics, terrorism and an international audience tuned into the first international broadcast of the games.

Munich ’72 and Beyond covers chilling detail of the tragedy, its aftermath and its relevance. New evidence and never-before-seen photographs will be presented and the continuous struggle for public remembrance will be explained.

Before the release of the film, Munich ’72 and Beyond had caught the attention of The New York Times, NPR and individuals from around the world.




Now available: Updated PBS Video Roku channel


Missed your favorite PBS show? Don’t fuss. You can now catch PBS videos on an updated version of our Roku channel.

Along with an improved user interface, the latest Roku release includes Passport. Passport, a members-only streaming service, aims to deliver station donors with an upgraded viewing experience. The new PBS Video Roku channel contains about 1,000 PBS programs including the entire Downton Abbey series.

All Passport videos are available in lists and search when localized to supported stations. Non-Passport members are shown an upsell when attempting to play Passport videos.unnamed-2

In addition, the update includes improved navigation that allows for a fluid movement across the screen. A simplified UI is in place to make finding content and station info easier.


Five documentaries to watch before they expire


With all the great content out there, it can be hard to pick and choose what to watch. But these five documentaries set to expire soon, you have to watch them before they’re gone.

Avant | Expires 7/27/2016

From Global Voices, this documentary focuses on a forgotten national ballet company that is performing in a half-finished theater. The company is shaken into life by the arrival of Julio Bocca, a retired ballet dancer considered one of the best of all time.

Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) | Expires 7/27/2010

In this documentary from POV, follow Angy Rivera who has lived in the United States since she was four with a secret that threatens to upend her life: She is undocumented. Now 24 and facing an uncertain future, Rivera becomes an activist for undocumented youth with a popular advice blog and a YouTube channel boasting more than 27,000 views.

Welcome to Leith | Expires 8/01/2016

What would you do if an extreme white supremacist moved into your neighborhood and wanted to take over?  Independent Lens’ “Welcome to Leith” chronicles the attempted takeover of a small North Dakota town by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. As his behavior becomes more threatening, tensions soar, and residents desperately look for ways to expel their unwanted neighbor.

City of Trees | Expires 8/02/2016

From America Reframed, this is a personal story about the struggle to achieve social, economic and environmental change during the worst recession in a generation capturing the tension-filled last six months of a two-year grant cycle for Washington D.C.’s nonprofit organization Washington Parks & People, and the close-out of a $2.7 million stimulus grant.

Dog town Redemption | Expires 8/15/2016

This documentary from Independent Lens explores the complex dynamics of race, class, and systemic poverty as it tells the story of four recyclers in Oakland who struggle to survive by digging in the trash to see if they can find material to sell.

This documentary from Independent Lens explores the complex dynamics of race, class, and systemic poverty as it tells the story of four recyclers in Oakland who struggle to survive by digging in the trash to see if they can find material to sell.

Arts In Context Shorts Puro Chingón

AICS PURO CHINGON GROUP-2Three Austin, Latino artists: Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, James Huizar and Claudia Zapata are changing the tradition of art through experience and happenings, not just art.

In 2012, The Puro Chingón Collective was born, which set off to break the traditional art space and aimed it towards the exterior of the art space, resulting in connectivity among the art and bystanders. The collective is a Latino art trifecta specializing in happenings, the activation of nontraditional spaces, designer toys and art zines. Ultimately, the art work goes untouched from the artist to the public and illustrates that people are not alone in their thoughts.




The Great British Baking Show Recipes


Not everyone is an expert baker, but to soften the craving for the next episode of The Great British Baking Show we compiled a list of the technical recipes featured in this season for you to try and recreate while you wait.

Frosted Walnut Layer Cake
marys_frosted_walnut_15679_16x9This walnut cake recipe from judge Mary Berry was the technical challenge for the first episode of this season. As Mary says, “follow the directions and it’ll be fine.” And it’s great for special occasions, like sitting down and watching The Great British Baking Show.

arlettes_17164_16x9For the biscuits episode of The Great British Baking Show, judge Paul Hollywood created this technical recipe for these delicious puff pastries, or “high-end light delicate cinnamon-flavoured biscuits.” Perfect to eat with a nice cup of tea.

paul_hollywoods_55351_16x9Baguettes are a staple to every French meal. While you can buy this French classic at the grocery store, it won’t compare to this technical recipe from Paul Hollywood you can make at home. This recipe was featured on Bread week of The Great British Baking Show.

Spanish Windtorte
spanische_windtorte_64745_16x9This Spanish Windtorte recipe from judge Mary Berry, is the one that requires the most time. It was featured in the “Desserts” episode of The Great British Baking Show and takes approximately four hours (preparation & baking time), but is sure to impress all those who taste.

You can find more recipes from The Great British Baking Show on the PBS website.

The next episode of The Great British Episode “Alternative Ingredients” premieres on July 22 at 8:00 p.m. followed by another episode “Pastry” at 9:00 p.m.

The Great British Baking Show: Desserts 7/15


After eating the bread, it’s time for dessert. With nine bakers left, it’s time to tackle the final piece to a perfect meal. In this episode of The Great British Baking Show, contestants must make 12 crème brûlées in two and a half hours. They are instructed that the custard must be set and are not allowed to use a blowtorch to caramelize the top. Next, they have four hours to make a Spanische Windorte as part of the technical challenge. And finally, as the showstopper, contestants must create a three-tiered cheesecake. Who will be eliminated?

This episode premieres Friday, July 15 at 10:00 p.m.

KLRU-Q welcomes new show ‘Dragons Alive’ 7/15


Following Wildest Islands, stay tuned for a brand new KLRU-Q show, Dragons Alive. This three-part series investigates how today’s reptiles are adapting to live alongside man.

Ruling Reptilesairs July 15 at 8:55 pm
This first episode looks at the various groups of reptiles that inherited the earth from the dinosaurs

Smart Reptilesairs July 22 at 8:55 pm
This second episode looks at the incredible diversity of skills that reptiles possess.

Dragons Aliveairs July 29 at 8:55 pm
This last episode looks at the future of reptiles in the modern world.

KLRU-Q Friday 7/15: New show ‘Wildest Islands’


KLRU-Q welcomes a new show, ‘Wildest Islands,’ which is set to premiere on July 15.

This archipelago of over 7,000 islands and reefs lies within the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. From just a few metres wide, to hundreds of kilometres across, every island is different, and each has its own unique wildlife.

The Caribbean: The Wild Side Of Paradise – airs July 15 at 8 pm

Galapagos: Darwin’s Edenairs July 22 at 8 pm 

The Hebrides: Land Of Legendsairs July 29 at 8 pm

Sri Lanka: Monsoon Islandairs August 5 at 8:05 pm 

Amazon River Islands: The Floating Forestairs August 12 at 8:05 pm

Falkland Islands: Penguin Paradiseairs August 19 at 8:05 pm

Japan Islands Of Extremesairs August 26 at 8:05 pm

Philippines: Islands Of Mysteryairs September 2 at 8:05 pm 

Vancouver Islands: Rivers Of Lifeairs September 9 at 8:05 pm


It’s bread week on The Great British Baking Show 7/15


After a long day at work to put bread on the table, tune in to KLRU to watch the next episode of The Great British Baking Show where the ten remaining contestants will face the challenge of bread baking.

During bread week, bakers will have three different tasks including creating two quick free-form breads, four French baguettes, and a 3-D bread sculpture. Are they up for the challenge?

This week on The Great British Baking ShowIt’s Bread Week on The Great British Baking Show, and Paul is testing the bakers on the classic French baguette. Catch a new episode this Friday night. #PBSBakingShow

Posted by PBS on Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This episode premieres July 15 at 9:00 p.m. on KLRU.

KLRUQ Sunday Highlights 7/10

KLRU Q Featured

How did America make its way toward becoming one of the greatest nations on the planet? This Sunday on KLRUQ, find out how American made its way to the top through its landscapes, highways and the journey of Lewis and Clark.

Wild West with Ray MearsMountains‘ – airs at 6:05 pm
Ray begins his westward journey in the Appalachian Mountains where he explores how their timbered slopes fuelled the lumber industry and provided the fuel and building material for the emerging nation. Native Appalachian Barbara Woodall and lumberjack Joe Currie share their family history with him, and he gets to grips with the rare “hellbender” salamander. Further west, in the high jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Ray goes mule trekking with modern day mountain man Stu Sorenson and he has close encounters with beaver, elk and black bear. His journey ends as he pans for gold with modern day gold prospector John Gurney, and explores the boom and bust story of ghost town, Bodie.

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery airs at 7 pm
In 1801, when President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon, he doubled the country’s size. The sudden western expansion of the United States–and rumors of a Northwest Passage that would link the Atlantic with the Pacific–motivated Jefferson to find the great byway to the West. He appropriated $2,500 for the journey and commissioned his secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to the task of revealing the West. Lewis asked his old friend, William Clark, and a group of rough frontiersmen to join the expedition, now called the Corps of Discovery. This Ken Burns documentary chronicles the challenges, frustrations and anxiety that faced the Corps of Discovery — their encounters with Native Americans, the new animals and plant life they discovered, their historic pairing with Sacagawea, and their crossing of the Continental Divide.

Paving The Way: The National Park-To-Park Highwayairs at 9 pm
At a time when train travel to the National Parks was only for the wealthy, this program follows the convergence of U.S. Land being set aside for all people, the development of the “autos for the everyman” and the need to escape the drone of WWI and the 1918 flu pandemic. With this need for release, 12 intrepid motorists embark upon the 1920 inaugural tour of the National Park-to-Park Highway. Traveling 5, 000 miles over 76 days to promote the need for good roads, these individuals also explore the idea of what it means to ‘See America First’ while touring in the western United States, instead of visiting their ancestry in war torn Europe.