Science Night 9/25

Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation: South America at 7 pm
Condors and scarlet macaws take us to the Andes and the Amazon. Giant petrels in Patagonia shadow killer whales. Hummingbirds feed at Iguazu Falls, vultures ride the thermals over Rio de Janiero, and black vultures target turtle eggs in Costa Rica.

Nova, Secrets of the Viking Sword at 8 pm
A modern-day swordsmith reverse engineers the ultimate weapon of the Middle Ages — a sword both prized and feared.

Skeletons of the Sahara at 9 pm
This film tells the story of scientist Paul Sereno’s amazing discovery of a prehistoric human burial ground in the middle of one of the world’s most forbidding desert. Like many great scientific discoveries, this one happens by accident. Sereno, one of the world’s leading experts in finding fossils of dinosaurs and ancient crocodiles, is on an expedition to Niger, in Saharan Africa. Six weeks into a three-month journey, Sereno’s team makes an unexpected discovery. They find bones all right, but these bones don’t belong to prehistoric beasts — they are human bones, the last remnants of a people who lived from 10,000 to 5,000 years ago when this now forbidding landscape was a thriving culture on the edge of a vast lake. “Skeletons of the Sahara” tells the story of this find and what it reveals to us about two civilizations that once thrived in what is now the world’s largest desert.

Highlights September 22-28

KLRU Highlights

Sunday at 7 pm a new episode of Last Tango in Halifax premiers. Celia and Alan decide on a civil marriage ceremony to be held at an eerie medieval hall near Halifax.

Foyle’s War, Series VII continues Sunday at 8 pm when Foyle discovers a mysterious military facility full of secrets that could threaten British Intelligence.

At the Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Genealogy Roadshow Monday at 8 pm uncovers fascinating stories and mysteries about Tennessee citizens and their enigmatic relatives.

POV‘s “Best Kept Secret” at 9 pm Monday centers around a teacher at a special-education needs school in New Wark, NJ as she tries to help her autistic students plan ahead after graduation.

The next installment of Latino Americans on Tuesday at 7 pm traces the World War II years and those that follow, as Latino Americans serve their new country by the hundreds of thousands – yet still face discrimination and a fight for civil rights in the United States.

Frontline on Tuesday at 9 pm investigates America’s assisted living system, a multi-billion dollar, loosely regulated industry and how it’s putting seniors at risk.

On Story on Tuesday at 10:30 pm features David Magee as he discusses adapting Finding Neverland and Life of Pi, and how he approached translating such imaginative worlds for the screen.

See South America like never before on Nature Wednesday at 7 pm. Earthflight gives a bird’s eye view of the continent.

A modern-day swordsmith reverse engineers the ultimate weapon of the Middle Ages — a sword both prized and feared on Nova Secrets of the Viking Sword Wednesday at 8 pm.

Skeletons of the Sahara at 9 pm Wednesday tells the story of scientist Paul Sereno’s amazing discovery of a prehistoric human burial ground in the middle of one of the world’s most forbidding desert.

Actress Annette O’Toole talks about her career on Evan Smith Overheard Thursday at 7 pm.

Conjunto Los Pinkys are a traditional-style conjunto formed on East 6th Street in July of 1993 and are still performing today. Art in Context  on Thursday at 7:30 pm takes a close look at the history and culture of conjunto music.

A stellar lineup of Mexican-American musicians take the stage in front of a live audience. Vamos al Baile Thursday at 8 pm hosts performances by award-winning artists Little Joe y La Familia, Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution, and Joel Guzman with Sarah Fox plus special guests.

Arts in Context on Thursday at 9 pm features Peligrosa, a collective of DJs, producers, and visual artists re-energizing the sights and sounds of Latin America. 

The second part to the remake of Shakespeare’s four plays, The Hollow Crown: Henry Iv, Friday at 9 pm boasts yet another all-star cast and even more drama.

Central Texas Gardener on Saturday at noon and 4 pm will show you how to save Monarch butterflies and all butterflies and bees.

Watch Jack White of the White Stripes on Austin City Limits on Saturday at 7 pm perform music from his solo LP Blunderbuss.

Q Night at the Movie 9/14

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Just Seen It at 7 pm
JUST SEEN IT is the review show where industry professionals present their takes on current movies and TV shows, and interview Hollywood insiders.

On Story at 7:30 pm
Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld writer/producer Alec Berg and BRIDESMAIDS director and Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig pull back the curtain to show how they create comedy that resonates with us all.

Feature Film: The Birdcage at 8pm
In Miami Beach, a gay couple (Robin Williams, Nathan Lane) pretend to be man and wife when a son’s future father-in-law (Gene Hackman) and family visit. Cast: Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman.

Feature Film: Get Shorty at 10 pm
A film-loving loan shark teams with a B-movie producer to become a Hollywood mogul. Cast: John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito.

Science Night 9/18

Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation: Europe at 7 pm
Cranes and geese rise over Venice, Dover, Edinburgh and the monkey-guarded Rock of Gibraltar. In Rome, the Loire Valley, Holland and Hungary, birds gather by the millions to breed and two by two to raise their families.

Nova Why Ships Sink at 8 pm
Are you safe aboard a modern cruise ship? Twenty million passengers embark on cruises each year, vacationing in deluxe “floating cities” that offer everything from swimming pools to shopping malls to ice skating rinks. And the ships just keep getting bigger: The average cruise ship has doubled in size in just the last ten years. Some engineers fear that these towering behemoths are dangerously unstable, and the recent tragedy of the Costa Concordia has raised new questions about their safety. Now, NOVA brings together marine engineering and safety experts to reconstruct the events that led up to famous cruise disasters, including the ill-fated Concordia, the Sea Diamond, and the Oceanos. Are we really safe at sea-or are we on the brink of a 21st century Titanic?

Brains on Trail with Alan Alda: Deciding Punishment at 9 pm
Jimmy Moran is found guilty of badly injuring a woman during a robbery. In the sentencing phase of the trial, Judge Rakoff hears arguments from the court-appointed psychiatrist, the attorneys, the victim’s husband and Jimmy himself. Meanwhile, Alan Alda discovers how neuroscience is already influencing the sentencing of defendants – especially young defendants – by revealing how the immature teenage brain is vulnerable to foolish and impulsive acts. Before Judge Rakoff pronounces Jimmy’s sentence, Alda meets a judge who has volunteered to have his own brain probed as he makes sentencing decisions. This episode focuses on the sentence phase of Moran’s trial. We investigate Moran’s brain and look into what factors could have played into pulling the trigger.

Highlights September 15 to 21

KLRU Highlights

Last Tango in Halifax Sunday at 7 pm continues to follow Celia and Alan, the lovers reunited after 60 years though their daughters aren’t so keen on the new relationship.

Foyle’s War Series VII Sunday at 8 pm comes back to 1946-47 when Foyle and his loyal friend Sam find themselves adjusting to a new era of secrets, intelligence and security as their worlds shift into those of MI5.

POV takes you into two conflicting worlds in India on Monday at 9 pm as you follow a hopeful beauty pageant winner and a militant leader of a fundamentalist group. These divergent realities create a portrait of the world’s largest democracy.

Survey the Latino history and people from 1565-1880 on Latino Americans airing Tuesday at 7 pm. The several part series covers the history, struggles, and successes of the Latino people.

Examine the rise and rapid fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood with Frontline Tuesday at 9 pm. How did the Brotherhood lose control? Could the U.S. have done anything to alter the course of events in Egypt? Follow the Islamist movement as it plots its next move.

On Story on Tuesday at 10 pm combines screenwriters from past successful romantic movies to contemplate the important balance of relationship, conflict and originality when creating romantic comedies.  Immediately after at 10:30, another On Story premieres with an interview of Brian Helgeland.

Go on an European adventure and see Venice, Dover, Edinburgh Rome, the Loire Valley, Holland and Hungary all through the vantage point of birds on Earthflight Wednesday at 7 pm.

NOVA investigates modern cruise ships and the safety of these sea behemoths that have double in size over the last 10 years on Wednesday at 8 pm.

The series, Brain On Trail with Alan Alda, continues Wednesday at 9 pm with a look into how young brains are more likely to make foolish choices and an in depth study of a judge’s brain.

End your Wednesday at 10 pm with The Black Keys and Sonic Youth on Austin City Limits. Sonic Youth showcases the avant-garde rock of its latest album The Eternal, while the Black Keys highlights the classic blues rock of its recent record Brothers.

Tony Hale is the guest on Overheard with Evan Smith on Thursday 7 pm. Best known for playing Buster Bluth on Arrested Development, Hale was recently nominated for an Emmy for playing Gary Walsh on “Veep”.

Arts in Context Thursday at 7:30 pm features Peligrosa, a collective of DJs, producers, and visual artists re-energizing the sights and sounds of Latin America.

Chet heads to Nacogdoches, the “oldest town in Texas”, to learn its history, go zip lining in the piney woods, and eat at a historic hotel on the Daytripper Thursday 8:30 pm.

Great Performances on Friday at 9 pm presents The Hollow Crown: Richard II. Featuring Patrick Stewart and David Morrissey, this adapted play from William Shakespeare comes alive with modern touches.

Get to know your butterflies from larval to adult stages and where they go in between seasons on Central Texas Gardener Saturday afternoon at noon and 4 pm.

Austin City Limits Satruday at 7 pm presents modern blues and soul with Gary Clark, Jr. and Alabama Shakes. Austin guitarist Clark showcases his major label debut, while Alabama’s Shakes spotlight their critically acclaimed Boys & Girls.


Highlights September 8 to 14

KLRU Highlights

Last Tango In Halifax on Sunday at 7 pm and Saturday at 8 pm follows childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the internet after nearly 60 years.

Masterpiece Mystery! on Sunday at 8 pm concludes “Silk,” a legal drama following the rivalries, passions and intrigues of criminal law.

SCHEDULE CHANGE for Monday and Tuesday

Charlie Rose Monday at 8 pm interviews Bashar al-Assad asking Assad about the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

POV‘s “Ping Pong”  at 9 pm Monday and 7 pm Tuesday follows eight table tennis players as they play in the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China’s Inner Mongolia. This is an unusual story of hope, regret, friendship, ambition, love – and sheer human tenacity in the face of aging and mortality.

Age of Champions 10 pm Monday follows five competitors who sprint, leap and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics.

Live coverage of President Obama’s address to the nation on the situation in Syria on PBS Newshour at 8 pm Tuesday.

American Masters “Billie Jean King” 9 pm Tuesday commemorates the 40th anniversaries of both the infamous Billie Jean King / Bobby Riggs tennis match with a documentary about the legendary tennis player.

Take a visit to Africa with Earthflight Wednesday at 7 pm. See the most animal-packed continent with fresh eyes from an extremely unique perspective.

NOVA 8 pm Wednesday goes inside the construction of the new World Trade Center tower’s final floors and the installation of its soaring, 800-ton spire and beacon.

Is a witness lying? How reliable is eyewitness testimony?  Alan Alda in Brains on Trial explores how brain-scanning technology is providing insights into these questions and others on Wednesday at 9 pm.

Overheard with Evan Smith has guest Marc Morial on Thursday at 7 pm. Marc Morial is President and CEO of the National Urban League, the nation’s largest civil rights organization. He assumed that post in 2003, after Morial serving as Mayor of New Orleans from 1994-2002.

Every year a special concert presents the world premiere of nine new orchestral works composed by Texas students age 18 and younger. Arts In Context takes you through the selection process and accompanies the chosen students as they travel to Austin Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Thursday at 9:30 pm Chet and The Daytripper take you to Corpus Christy to tour an aircraft carrier, walk aboard Columbus’s ships, and learn about Texas’s one-of-a-kind surfing culture

Austin City Limits presents Esperanza Spalding, a jazz/soul singer/bassist, on Friday at 10:30 pm.

On Saturday at noon and 4 pm, Central Texas Gardener features Commander Ben, who goes after invasive plants to educate kids and adults.

Savor great moments from the series’ first two seasons on Downton Abbey Revisted  Saturday at 9 pm.

Q Night at the Movies 9/7

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Just Seen It at 7:00 pm
JUST SEEN IT is the review show where industry professionals present their takes on current movies and TV shows, and interview Hollywood insiders.

Feature Film: Fiddler on the Roof at 8:00 pm          
A poor Jewish milkman (Topol) and his wife (Norma Crane) try to marry off their five daughters in czarist Russia. Cast: Topol, Molly Picon, Norma Crane, Leonard Frey

Science Night 9/11

Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation: Africa at 7 pm
Fly and arrow-dive with cape gannets among sharks, dolphins, whales and the great sardine run. Soar with fish eagles, flamingoes, kelp gulls and vultures to see the most animal-packed continent with fresh eyes.

Nova Ground Zero Supertower at 8 pm
NOVA returns to Ground Zero to witness the final chapter in an epic story of engineering, innovation, and the perseverance of the human spirit: the completion of One World Trade Center, the skyscraper rising up 104 stories and 1,776 feet from the site where the Twin Towers once stood. In this update of NOVA’s “Engineering Ground Zero, ” which featured behind-the-scenes access to the struggles of the engineers and architects working at 1 WTC and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, NOVA goes inside the construction of the new tower’s final floors and the installation of its soaring, 800-ton spire and beacon. But 1 WTC isn’t the only engineering marvel taking shape here: NOVA goes underground to see the construction of a multi-billion dollar transit center whose sweeping, sinuous design is said to be inspired by the shape of a bird being released from a child’s hand. Will the buildings be completed on time under competing business, environmental, and safety demands? And will the final product be a fitting site for national remembrance?

Brains on Trail with Alan Alda: Determining Guilt at 9 pm
On trial is Jimmy Moran, who at 18 took part in a store robbery during which the storeowner’s wife was shot and grievously injured. Presiding is distinguished U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff, who has a longstanding interest in neuroscience and its conceivable effect on criminal law. The trial raises common questions: Is a witness lying? How reliable is eyewitness testimony? What’s the best way to avoid a biased jury? How well can the defendant’s intentions be judged? Alan Alda explores how brain-scanning technology is providing insights into these questions and discusses the implications of neuroscience entering the courtroom. This episode showcases the guilt phase of Moran’s trial. We peer into the brains of others in the courtroom: the witnesses, judges and jurors.

Next Avenue: Growing Bolder in September

Next Avenue

As your PBS station, it is KLRU’s mission to bring people together around important issues. KLRU does this through various educational and outreach initiatives.  Our newest effort is a national collaboration called Next Avenue that features resources and an online discussion of issues facing those 50+. As part of that project we are also airing, Growing Bolder Sundays at 10:30 am on KLRU. Growing Bolder delivers empowering stories that inspire audiences of all ages to believe that it’s never too late to achieve their dreams. It features stories of masters athletes, cancer survivors, musicians, health experts, entrepreneurs and more.

Upcoming Episodes:

September 1: Dreams Never Die
Field of Dreams – John Wilson’s story is straight out of Hollywood. It’s a story of personal redemption and hope for us all; a story of struggle and triumph played out in jails, hospitals and finally — on a baseball field. Tubes, Transformers and Tragedy – If you have a vintage radio or know anyone who does you’ll be thankful for Dennis G. Williams. He is one of a very few people you can turn to for expert, full-time antique radio repair and restoration. He has four decades of experience at his craft and his business, Radio Relics has a reputation for quality, honesty and integrity that spreads clear across the country. The only thing more interesting than what he does for a living, is who he is as a person. Growing “Bull”der – They’ve retired from the rodeo, but these two brothers are still, well, bullish, when it comes to how great life can be as you get older. Just don’t mess with their bodyguard. Calendars for a Cause – They’re bold, they’re beautiful — and they’re breast cancer survivors. Now, these women are glamming it up and saluting the stars of the silver screen. It’s art for a good cause, and they think you’ll never look at a calendar the same way again.

September 8: No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached? – Musicians strive for perfection. That means their instruments must be flawless. But good luthiers are very hard to find. See what makes Saul Cornell the most important member of any string section, even though he doesn’t play a note. International Celebrity: Rachel Veitch – “How’s Rachel? Is Chariot Still Running?” We get the questions daily. Rachel, of course, is Rachel Veitch, the hard-driving, gun-toting, America-loving nonagenarian who became an international celebrity after we told her story. How’s she doing? For starters, she’s a little nervous to have Marc behind the wheel of her beloved Chariot. But she’s also getting ready for a little body work of her own. She shares her busy plans for the coming months (you could say she’s on a bit of a media blitz) and she answers the question everyone wants to know: how many miles are on Chariot now? Skydivers Over Sixty Smash World Record – Growing Bolder is something anyone can do. Knitters. Dancers. Writers. Painters. Entrepreneurs. This is how skydivers do it. It’s one of the most inspiring, empowering and unforgettable world records ever, and only Growing Bolder was there to document it.

September 15: Don’t Stop Believing
Food and Family – Isabella Morgia di Vicari has two passions — food and family. They’ve always been her recipe for happiness. When Isabella had a midlife crisis, she didn’t come out swinging — she came out cooking. *Miss Matchmaker – Driven by a fear of failure, Michelle Valentine learned to light the spark of passion, not just in herself, but in others as well. Her success in creating a world-class dating service helped her to a clear understanding of how to help others build powerful relationships of all kinds. Don’t Stop Believin’ – The recession has led to difficult times for a lot of people, including 48-year-old Don Cupo. A year ago, he had lost his job and his optimism. But then he decided to take action and a leap of faith. He enrolled at the nation’s second largest university to pursue his passion — film and music. And since he was already being bold, he decided to chase another dream. He tried out for and made the marching band. Now he’s pushing himself in ways he never thought possible, and he’s got a message for anyone who’s lost hope — don’t stop believing. Taking the Plunge – More times than not, the one thing that gets in the way of trying something new is fear! What if there was a way to eliminate it? Would you be willing to try something like scuba diving? Find out how taking risks in life can bring you more rewards than you imagined.

September 22: Making Memories
The Faces That Made Norman Rockwell Famous – Norman Rockwell was our nation’s most beloved artist. He had always used professional models until he moved next door to the Edgerton family. Their faces are immortalized in some of the artist’s most beloved works. Inside the Folk Den – Since 1995, Byrds founder Roger McGuinn has worked to keep the legacy of American folk music alive. Every month, he records a song for his Grammy-nominated Folk Den project. This is an exclusive inside look. Clothes That Never Go Out of Fashion – They say if you hold onto clothes long enough, they’ll be back in fashion. But some of the really trendy stuff is hot for one season and never heard from again. And then there are the classics. As a young woman 40 years ago, Joan DesCombes bought clothes from one of the hottest designers in the world, and those outfits still hang in her closet today. She recently shared her stunning collection of vintage Yves Saint Laurent fashions to prove that some pieces — and looks — are made to stand the test of time.

September 29: Pursuit of Passion
The Purpose and Beauty of Birds of Prey – They are two of the most under-appreciated groups around — birds of prey and the people who dedicate their lives to helping them. Find out what made Carol McCorkle and her husband change careers to educate us on the plight of raptors, and see how their Avian Reconditioning Center has become a big part of their outreach. The Power of Persistence – It’s the definitive American success story. See a need, fill it and make millions. Of course, it’s never that easy. But it can be done. Patrick Gottsch is living proof. Eight years of having doors slammed in his face didn’t keep this former farmer from building a global media network. The Sky’s the Limit – What would you do if you had all the money in the world and a whole lifetime to spend it? Kermit Weeks realized early on that for him, the sky’s the limit. Literally. He now owns the largest private airplane collection in the world. But it wasn’t until recently that he realized the planes were just a vehicle to help him reach his true destiny.

Science Night 9/4

Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation: North America at 7 pm
Snow geese, pelicans, and bald eagles fly over the Great Plains, the Grand Canyon, Alaska and the Golden Gate Bridge as they encounter and engage with bears, dolphins, bison, and spawning fish.

National Parks: America’s Best Idea at 8 pm
In John Muir’s absence, a new leader steps forward on behalf of America’s remaining pristine places; a new federal agency is created to protect the parks; and in Arizona, a fight breaks out over the fate of the grandest canyon on earth.