KLRU Reaches December Pledge Goal

We did it together! KLRU has reached its goal of $230,000 for the December Pledge Drive. Our final total is $253,948. If you were among the thousands of KLRU supporters who gave a gift this December, thank you.

Your pledge of support ensures the continued strength of PBS programs like the PBS NewsHour, Washington Week, Nature and Nova; engaging local productions like Texas Monthly Talks and Central Texas Gardener; a new series of arts specials highlighting the best in Austin’s performing arts community; events that enliven debate like the KLRU Community Screening Series and the KLRU Community Town Hall Series; and outreach programs aimed at educating Central Texas children like Ready To Learn and Teacherline.

Development Team Launches Blog

The development department at KLRU has created this blog to better communicate with our funders and supporters about what’s happening in fundraising at your PBS station. We believe it’s important to raise money for KLRU in a way that is open and transparent. Check back often for updates on fundraising news, upcoming events, and our take on trends and new technologies in public broadcasting philanthropy.