New Masterpiece Series Jamestown Available now on KLRU Passport

Don’t miss the epic eight-part drama Jamestown available now on KLRU Passport for a limited time before it airs on KLRU.  From the producers of Downton Abbey this new dramatic series follows the lives of three courageous, dynamic women who decide to leave their dark pasts behind in England, and make the journey of a lifetime across the ocean for a new life in 17th Century America. Written by Bill Gallagher (Lark Rise to Candleford, The Paradise), Jamestown is accessible to stream immediately via KLRU Passport, a member benefit for PBS station donors that offers extended access to a rich library of public television programming.

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Taking viewers back to 1619 Jamestown, Virginia, Alice, Verity and Jocelyn are among the first women to arrive in the English colony. Duty bound to marry the three men who have paid for their passage to the New World, they have little idea of what the future holds or the disruption their arrival is about to bring. Twisting storylines follow the new
arrivals as they make an immediate impact and are thrust into a new world of love, desire, power and survival. While love triangles, bitter rivalries and fierce competition cause conflict for the residents, ultimately they are bound together by their resolute will to survive and thrive in their new lives.