Oct. 1-7 Highlights

KLRU Highlights

George has everything going for him, Sam and Drake take up preaching, and Dwight vanishes after his elopement with Caroline on the Season 3 premiere of Poldark Sunday at 8 pm.

Travel to the Boise Art Museum and marvel at a letter from Thomas Jefferson and a pricey ruby necklace on Antiques Roadshow Boise, Hour Three Monday at 7 pm.

Follow the rise of three swimmers on the autism spectrum as they reach for a life of independence and inclusion on POV Swim Team Monday at 9 pm.

Three wayward pets wreak havoc on the lives of their owners, neighbors, and distant acquaintances in Film School Shorts Pet Problems 10:30 pm Monday.

Join Larry David and Bernie Sanders as they trace their roots back to Eastern Europe Jewish communities on Finding Your Roots The Impression 7 pm Tuesday.

Ho Chi Minh leads revolutionaries to end French colonial rule, and Vietnam stands divided as the Cold War intensifies in Vietnam War Deja Vu Tuesday at 8 pm.

President Kennedy wrestles with how deeply to get involved in South Vietnam, and a political crisis unfolds in the face of communist insurgency on Vietnam War Riding the Tiger 9:30 pm Tuesday.

See how caretakers and researchers help Naledi, an orphan elephant born in Botswana, find her place in the herd on Nature Naledi: One Little Elephant 7 pm Wednesday.

Master armorers re-engineer some of the greatest armor ever made and put it to the test 8 pm Wednesday on NOVA Secrets of the Shining Knight.

Frontline North Korea’s Deadly Dictator examines claims that Kim Jong-un ordered the assassination of his half brother and sheds light on his capabilities Wednesday at 9 pm.

Lyle Lovett, actor and four-time Grammy award winner, talks about his life and music on Overheard with Evan Smith Thursday at 7 pm.

Meet the Austin hip-hop group that defies genre and made their mark on the music scene with their signature live instrumentation on Arts in Context Magna Carda Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Rick travels across Europe to celebrate their top 10 festivities, including Carnival, Oktoberfest and the Scottish Highland Games on Rick Steves’ Specials European Festivals Thursday at 8 pm.

Take an intoxicating musical journey to Cuba where past, present and future collide in joyful celebration on Great Performances Havana Time Machine Friday at 8 pm.

Celebrate the recipients of the Hispanic Heritage Awards and watch performances by acclaimed Hispanic artists Friday at 9 pm.

Spend an hour with Ed Sheeran as he performs hit songs from his album ÷ on Austin City Limits Saturday at 7 pm.