Highlights Sept. 24-30

KLRU Highlights

As the Tet Offensive unfolds, Americans begin to doubt LBJ in Vietnam War Things Fall Apart at 7 pm Sunday.

Ross does Elizabeth a favor, while George starts plan C against him in back-to-back episodes of Poldark starting at 8:30 Sunday.

Americans at home wrestle with the draft while soldiers in Vietnam face savagery with unflinching courage on Vietnam War The Veneer of Civilization at 7 pm Monday.

Hear veterans, Vietnamese immigrants, and protestors recount how their lives were affected by the Vietnam war on Austin Revealed Stories from Vietnam 9 pm Monday.

Follow a family’s musical journey from Veracruz to the American Midwest in Beyond La Bamba Monday at 9:30.

Three young women experience difficult homecomings as they confront the pain of growing up on Film School Shorts Coming Home 10 pm Monday.

Get an inside look at Oregon’s most talented animators in Oregon’s Animation Magic Monday at 10:30.

After the shocking massacre at My Lai, American soldiers and civilians begin to question the war’s rectitude in Vietnam War The History of the World 7 pm Tuesday.

Teens and boomers discuss the roles of citizenship and service in ATX Together: Lessons from Vietnam 9 pm Tuesday.

Ken Burns talks about the making of his Vietnam War documentary, and local veterans are profiled on Decibel Vietnam Special Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

Paula Pell talks about her background in theater and drawing from a funny family in On Story Queens of Comedy: A Conversation with Paula Pell Tuesday at 10 pm.

Jason Segel discusses his career in On Story Freaks & Muppets: A Conversation with Jason Segel 10:30 pm Tuesday.

South Vietnamese soldiers are defeated in Laos, and Nixon brings home American soldiers in Vietnam War A Disrespectful Loyalty Wednesday at 7 pm.

Follow one man’s growth from student activist to civil rights leader and see what issues face Latino millennials today on Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice 9 pm Wednesday.

Enjoy dazzling modern rock and soul performances on Austin City Limits Florence + The Machine/Andra Day Wednesday at 10 pm.

Nixon resigns and North Vietnamese troops overtake Saigon in Vietnam War The Weight of Memory 7 pm Thursday.

Barnaby and Jones are busy unraveling the deaths of a choir member and a bird watcher in Midsomer Murders Death in Chorus Wednesday at 9 pm.

Explore the influences Mexican and American craft artists have on each other in Craft in America Borders Friday at 8 pm.

Travel to and from the U.S. and Mexico to learn how aesthetics cross from country to country in Craft in America Neighbors Friday at 9 pm.

Enjoy dazzling modern rock and soul performances on Austin City Limits Florence + The Machine/Andra Day Friday at 10 pm.