American Graduate: Karen Yokum

Produced by the Lanier Early College High School PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab students, Karen Yokum talks about  her experience as a mentor.

This video is part of KLRU’s American Graduate project. Be sure to tune in on October 14th starting at 1 pm for our American Graduate Day programming. American Graduate Day 2017 is a four-hour, live broadcast and outreach event dedicated to engaging our country around the dropout crisis with special celebrity guests, relevant spokespeople and compelling stories from the students themselves.

At 5 pm on Oct. 14th will present I Am Here, which is also part of our American Graduate project. Produced by the Creative Action Youth Cinema Collective and Youth Rise Texas, “I Am Here” tells the story of Yesenia Martinez, an immigrant teen raised in the US whose family is undocumented. With a rising wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in the city, Yesenia has to grapple with the reality of living as an undocumented immigrant, and what that means for her future. Produced by young people in two of Austin’s most exciting youth programs, the film is an honest and emotional look into the real lived experiences of immigrant youth torn between the future they want for themselves and the future society will allow them to have.