Together our impact is doubled! What’s #YourKLRU?

KLRU’s online fund drive kicks off today and to get a jumpstart on our $100,000 goal we have a generous $10,000 challenge match from KLRU Board Member Myra Leo and her husband Billy Atkins. Here in their own words is why they support #YourKLRU.

My KLRU is the campfire that we can all gather around in the evening to hear the stories that make us one community. This campfire—our only community-supported public television station—would leave a huge void if it died out.

Without public television, our access to informed, commercial free and educational programming in Central Texas would vanish. Even in today’s digital age, the programming that KLRU and PBS provide can be found nowhere else.

This is why my husband Billy and I are committed to keeping the KLRU campfire burning bright with a $10,000 matching gift promise. Every dollar you give during KLRU’s online fund drive, beginning today, will be doubled. And that will go a long way in helping reach their goal to raise $100,000 in five days.

Together we can have the strongest impact to keep this community resource thriving for years to come. Won’t you join us in supporting this trusted national institution by making a gift today and sharing What’s #YourKLRU?

Do you love the independent film you see on KLRU every Monday night? Consider making your gift to KLRU’s Independent Film fundraising page. When you do, you’ll be entered into a giveaway for some cool swag, like 2 tickets to LaLa Land in Concert at the Long Center! Or make your gift to one of KLRU’s local productions or PBS programs by clicking one of the logos below!

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