Highlights June 18-24

KLRU Highlights

My Mother And Other Strangers On Masterpiece at 7 pm Sunday follows the affairs of Englishwoman Rose Coyne (Hattie Morahan) and her family in Northern Ireland during World War II.

Grantchester Season 3 On Masterpiece at 8 pm Sunday begins with a new crime that has all the hallmarks of a years-old unsolved murder.

Independent Lens Real Boy at 9 pm Monday is the coming-of-age story of Bennett, a trans teenager with dreams of musical stardom.

Juneteenth Jamboree Spotlight On Unsung Heroes at 10 pm Monday explores the lives of African American heroes from Texas history.

Klan on Trial at 10:30 pm Monday tells the story of how a young district attorney took on the KKK in a Texas courtroom, obtaining a guilty verdict and prison sentence against its members for the first time in U.S. history.

On Story Of China at 7 pm Tuesday historian Michael Wood explores the history of the world’s oldest continuous state, from the ancient past to the present day.

Frontline at 9 pm Tuesday investigates the hidden dangers of vitamins and supplements, a multibillion-dollar industry with limited FDA oversight.

Big Pacific at 7 pm Wednesday plunges into the Pacific with researchers and cinematographers and see the ocean’s rare and dazzling creatures in a way never before seen on television.

Great Yellowstone Thaw at 8 pm Wednesday journey  to Yellowstone, where wolves, grizzlies, beavers and Great Gray owls survive one of the greatest seasonal changes on the planet. As the temperature swings 140 degrees, cameras capture how the animals cope

Experience the colossal geologic forces that shaped our continent over 3 billion years on NOVA Making North America: Origins at 9 pm Wednesday.

Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday features David Brown, Retired Dallas Police Chief.

Yellowstone In Four Seasons at 7:30 pm Thursday in the park, Summer is for eating, Fall is for mating, Winter is for surviving and Spring is for re-birth.

Chet goes to Big Bend and Georgetown on back-to-back episodes of The Daytripper starting at 8 pm Thursday.

See how the bakers tackle three of Paul’s toughest challenges ever: preparing a sweet dough with a twist on Great British Baking Show at 8 pm Friday.

Grammy-winner Alicia Keys  performs in notable locations all around New York, including the world-famous Circle Line, the Unisphere and Harlem’s Apollo on Landmarks Live In Concert at 9 pm Friday.

Dig the best in modern rock with artists My Morning Jacket and Ben Harper on Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday.

British drama night on features Father Brown, Doctor Blake, Place to Call Home and Midsomer Murders back-to-back starting at 8 pm