What do 902 minutes mean to you?

You’ve told us how important #YourKLRU is to you. And supporting public television is now more important than ever.

Take it from Chase Erwin, KLRU NEXT Member.

“I first donated to KLRU when I was in grade school. It was never very much. $5 whenever I had the chance… because I knew from an early age how important KLRU and PBS were to me. They helped me learn math, grammar and social studies. As I matured, my programming choices on KLRU did too. I’ve grown up with PBS every step of the way and I intend to continue watching and supporting my local public television station for many years to come.”

Stories like Chase’s validate what we already know — that public television is vital to the Central Texas community and worthy of your support.

So this June, we’re giving back 902 minutes of uninterrupted high-quality educational programming! But in exchange, we need your help to raise $100,000 in just five days during our online fund drive. Want to know more?

WHEN: Monday, June 5 – Friday, June 9. Circle the calendar!

WHAT: For the past two years, viewer response to KLRU’s online fund drives has been overwhelmingly positive. But what does an online fund drive mean? It means we’re NOT interrupting your regular schedule and we’re NOT breaking into your favorite shows to ask for support. 

WHY: By eliminating an on-air pledge drive, we’re giving back 902 minutes of uninterrupted programming to you. That’s over 15 hours of your favorite shows! But we are relying on YOU to help us reach our goal so that fundraising drives can continue with zero program interruption.

HOW: Save the date to make a donation at klru.org June 5th through 9th and help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by answering “What’s #YourKLRU?”. Or share your story with us here today!

You have the power to keep #YourKLRU thriving for years to come. Can we count on you to make a difference this June?