Highlights May 21-27

KLRU Highlights

An unexpected turn of events leads to a hastily arranged wedding on Call the Midwife at 7 pm Sunday.

Joanne Froggatt, who stole the hearts of millions of viewers as Anna on “Downton Abbey,” stars in a totally different role in this spine-tingling drama – the notorious Victorian poisoner Mary Ann Cotton, Britain’s first female serial killer on Dark Angel on Masterpiece at 8 pm Sunday.

They Call Us Monsters on Independent Lens Monday at 9 pm takes viewers behind the walls of the Compound, the facility where Los Angeles houses its most violent juvenile criminals. To their advocates, they’re kids. To the system, they’re adults. To their victims, they’re monsters.

Visions in the Dark: The Life of Pinky Thompson at 10:30 pm Monday is a Hawaiian story of pain and promise, of challenge and triumph and a story of leadership.

Enter the 1890s, when mass manufacturing and social reform offer a bit of hope for some of the residents, while others are plagued by a water shortage that dashes hopes for a promising laundry business Victorian Slum House at 7 pm Tuesday.

Travel to the rural South as Elder Burch, Charley Patton and others record early Delta blues, gospel and protest songs on American Epic Blood And Soil at 8 pm Tuesday.

The power struggles and competing visions of President Trump’s inner circle on Frontline at 9 pm Tuesday.

When your physical health suffers your mental state may too on Stories of the Mind at 10 pm Tuesday.

Nature The Gathering Swarms at 7 pm Wednesday looks at some of the most extraordinary swarms on the planet, including a view from inside a locust swarm, mayflies along the Mississippi, 17-year cicadas, and brine fly hatches over Lake Victoria.

A meteor burst into a fireball over Siberia. Can scientists spot the next deadly asteroid in time on Nova Meteor Strike at 8 pm Wednesday.

Travel the world with Michael Mosley and James Wong to learn about the science that makes our food taste delicious and the powerful effect it has on our tongue and nose on Food A Matter Of Taste at 9 pm Wednesday.

Matt Lewis is a senior columnist at The Daily Beast and a CNN political commentator on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday. Lewis has written for GQ, The Washington Post, Politico and many more. Previously, Lewis worked as a senior contributor for The Daily Caller and a columnist for AOL’s Politics Daily. He has been named one of the “50 Best Conservative Columnists” by RightWingNews for the past four years.

Canine Soldiers at 7:30 pm Thursday explores the intimate bond between Military Working Dogs and their handlers-combat soldiers who make life-and-death decisions based on the instincts and behavior of the dogs who lead their patrols.

Chet heads to the Texas border to sample the Tex Mex culture in Laredo on The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday.

A mischievous trickster finally gets his comeuppance when his body is found floating below the weir in Midsomers Deverell on Midsummer Murders at 9 pm Thursday.

Discover the story of Chef Jacques Pepin, a young immigrant with movie-star looks and a charming Gallic accent, who elevated essential kitchen techniques to an art form to become one of America’s most beloved food icons on American Masters at 8 pm Friday.

Alice Waters, once a Berkeley hippie, rocked the international world o f food in the late 1970s by preparing a simple lunch for an elite culinary gathering accustomed to complicated dishes on American Masters at 9 pm Friday.