Your support is more important than ever!

You have the power to keep public television in Central Texas thriving for years to come. So, we couldn’t be more thankful that YOU answered our call for support by making a gift during our Spring Fund Drive!

Because of YOU… KLRU raised over $243,000 for the programs you love to watch and the vital community services we provide to Central Texans. Not only that, you helped us meet the generous $10,000 challenge match from Lonnie & Polly Cooper in less than 24 hours, allowing us to end our fund drive one day early! All in all, more than 1,400 donors stepped forward to join us in the proud PBS tradition.

What’s more, we loved hearing why supporting KLRU and PBS is essential to YOU! Here’s what first time donor Jeni Williams shared with us when she made her gift:

“I have enjoyed PBS for most of my life and the programming on KLRU since moving to Austin a decade ago. While I have considered supporting KLRU for most of that time, I never actually pulled the trigger. This email was the perfect encouragement to do so, especially in the current political climate. Thank you for bringing diverse voices into the living rooms of thousands, encouraging conversations between family and friends, and teaching our little ones not only their ABC’s, but also how to live with compassion and understanding.”

Now it’s your turn! Would you be willing to share why supporting public television is important to you or how KLRU/PBS has impacted your life? We’re collecting stories to be featured on-air and online. Tell us… What’s #YourKLRU?


Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to public broadcasting. You’re truly the reason we’re able to be here to provide Central Texas with high quality, educational programming every day.