Science Night Mar. 15

Science Night check off list: Cats, Origami, Europe. This week, take a look at a variety of topics, including the evolution of some of the fastest species, into our favorite domesticated cat that we know and love. Then, we see how the ancient paper folding craft is being used for science and technology advancement. Finally, end the night with Rick Steves as he takes you on a European Journey.

Discover how the first cats arose in the forests of Asia, how they spread across the continent and later came to conquer Africa. We reveal how cats evolved with an in-depth look at lions, servals, caracals, cheetahs, tigers, fishing and sand cats. Watch The Story Of Cats: Asia To Africa, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions. Watch The Origami Revolution at 8:00 pm.

Taking you on a spring journey through Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Greece, RICK STEVES SPECIAL: EUROPEAN EASTER celebrates this 2,000-year-old story in a variety of cultures, airing at 10:00 pm.