KLRUQ takes a look at 20th Century Dictators on 3/23

This KLRUQ Thursday night (March 23) takes you on a journey throughout the dictatorships of history, including Mao Zedong of China, Joseph Stalin of Russia, and Fidel Castro of Cuba. Stay tuned for documentaries about the mindsets and the motives of these dictators.

MAO IN COLOUR: A STUDY IN TYRANNY chronicles the controversial life of Mao Zedong (1893-1976), founder of the People’s Republic of China and the first Chairman of its ruling Communist Party. Using archival film from a variety of sources, including formerly classified CIA collections, this fascinating documentary is a stunning visual profile of the man who created modern China – but at a terrible price for millions of people. Mao in Colour: A Study in Tyranny airs at 7:59 pm.

In the documentary WORLD WAR TWO: 1941 AND THE MAN OF STEEL, professor David Reynolds chronicles Joseph Stalin’s humble origins, his ruthless rise to power, and the numerous wartime crises that nearly annihilated his regime. Utilizing visits to Russian battlefields, historical footage, original telegrams and official documents, this two-part film examines the factors that drew Britain and America into an alliance with a murderous dictator and reassesses Stalin’s significance to the Allied victory in World War II. World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel airs at 8:45 pm. Part Two airs at 9:45.

The Fidel Castro Tapes is a film that takes viewers on a journey like none other. This program uses only news and documentary footage — past and present — to detail the life and times of one of the most controversial political figures of the 20th Century. There is no narration in this film and no interviews. Instead, The Fidel Castro Tapes relies solely on the words of journalists who covered the major events in Castro’s life to tell the story. The Fidel Castro Tapes airs at 10:25 pm.