Q Night At The Movies Feb. 25

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Q Night At The Movies brings you a plethora of genres this week. Start with Tarzan and move onto British Classics like Mary Poppins and Northanger Abbey. End the night with a look back on PEGOT Marvin Hamlish, and his incredibly journey to obtain those awards.

Humans are descended from apes! Professor William Harcourt-Smith explains how that idea is both true and false. Additionally – if apes raised Tarzan, would he truly act like the apes? If apes had the consciousness and brainpower of humans would they rise up like in Planet of the Apes? Our scientist breaks it all down on this episode of Science Goes to the Movies at 7:00 pm.

Director John Lee Hancock and writer Kelly Marcel discuss how the script for Saving Mr. Banks was successfully transformed onto the screen using heavily stylized elements, and musical cues from the classic film Mary Poppins to depict the life of author PL Travers during the 1960’s. Catch this On Story airing at 7:30 pm.

In ane Austen’s gentle parody of gothic fiction, Northanger Abbey airing at 8:00 pm, Felicity Jones plays romance addict Catherine Morland. At a medieval country house that fuels her lurid fantasies, she forms a friendship with Henry Tilney, but their budding romance is cut short.

Tailors, hatters and shoemakers to the British elite reveal the secrets behind a gentleman’s unique style; historians discuss the gentleman’s origins in the Middle Ages; and modern-day gentlemen and gentlewomen share what the label means in the modern world, all in THE ENGLISH GENTLEMAN – AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, airing at 9:35 pm.

By age 31, Marvin Hamlisch had won four Grammys, an Emmy, three Oscars, a Tony and a Pulitzer Prize, making him one of only 2 PEGOT’s ever. A rich archival legacy, interviews with his A-list collaborators, and cooperation from his family combine to tell this rich and engrossing story, on Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did For Love, airing at 10:30 pm.