Decibel amplifies stories and issues important to Austin

KLRU-TV, Austin PBS, is proud to announce our first television special from Decibel, our new News & Public Affairs initiative, premiering on-air and online on Feb. 25 at 6:30pm and re-airing on March 2 at 7:30pm.

Immigration reform is a top priority from the White House to the Texas Capitol. As a sanctuary city, Austin is at the center of the dispute. Decibel amplifies the human stories behind the heated immigration debate and brings you a close look at who might get caught in the red tape.

This 30-minute news magazine begins with an in-depth look at the experiences of an undocumented student at the University of Texas at Austin who is part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Decibel follows him through current events – from the Inauguration to recent protests and testifying at the Senate Bill 4 hearing.

Decibel also examines how the travel ban impacted people in Central Texas; those who were born here and those who immigrated. This segment includes how Austin’s Muslim community is reacting to the current policy changes and how future measures could affect them.

About Decibel:
Decibel amplifies stories and issues important to Austin by listening to the community and encouraging dynamic discussions. It is the new News & Public Affairs initiative from KLRU-TV, Austin PBS, taking an in-depth look at the stories that impact our community and welcoming engagement from everyone. Participate at, where we’ll share our stories, our interviews and our diverse community conversations.

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