Winter is coming, the universe may be expanding and Earth’s shape: Our picks from PBS Digital Studios

Science doesn’t come easy to some individuals— those usually turn into English, philosophy or communication studies majors. Though, you may still need to register for that dreaded Astronomy course you’ve been putting off until your senior year. This week’s picks from PBS Digital Studios are here to help you stop seeing stars when it comes to your science homework.

Is an Ice Age Coming?PBS Space Time

In a world where you can’t get away from a viral picture of a polar bear and its cub floating on a melted piece of ice, studies suggest that the current ‘warm period’ may be coming to an end. Sure, we’re in a brief interglacial phase, a summery-stretch which causes the glaciers to retreat, but these interglacial periods are short lived— so you might want to stock up on some parkas. Is an Ice Age really coming? Watch the episode to find out!

Will the Universe Expand Forever? – PBS Space Time

Dump all information regarding how large the Universe is out of your mind because scientists are currently unaware of its size. Truthfully, the Universe may be finite or infinite—strange, right? Even stranger, the expansion of the Universe will be dominated by a mysterious influence: dark energy. Yeah, it’s crazy.

Why is the Earth Round and the Milky Way Flat? – PBS Space Time

Our Universe creates some pretty cool things, right? But why do the planets, the stars and galaxies take on different shapes? They’re all held together by gravity, so how do they decide what shape to be? This episode of Space Time uncovers the two key principles behind these questions!