American Graduate Champion: Lori Burns

KLRU shares the inspiring stories of the people that are making our community a success! As part of our American Graduate initiative, we’re honoring American Graduate Champions that have been submitted by the community.


Today’s champion is Lori Burns! Lori Burns is a mother in Kyle, Texas. She encourages her son in academics and life, and helps him through the rough patches in life. “My mother has easily been the most constant person in my life, as my world continued to grow and change with the introduction of newer people, and the deaths of old,” Jeremiah Faecke said on her nomination form. “We often take our parents for granted, expecting them to be there or to be forgiving, but these things can cease at any time. Take a step back and view your treatment of them, and try to treat them as best you can, for you never know when they may not be there to welcome you home.”

Do you know someone in our community who is working to improve high school success for students throughout Central Texas? Recognize them as an American Graduate Champion! American Graduate Champions can be students who work as mentors, business leaders who serve as role models, school officials making changes to better the system, parent activists, and even struggling students who are overcoming obstacles in order to graduate.