KLRU gives thanks for YOU!

We need to raise $220,000 in 14 days – Give now!

During this season of thanksgiving, KLRU is extremely grateful to the Central Texas community, and most especially, to YOU!

Why? Because of YOU, your feedback and your support, KLRU has been able to make significant transformations to our fundraising drives this past year. What started as something new and different, keeping more of your favorite programs on during fundraising periods, is now becoming a regular practice. We’re absolutely thrilled that YOU and the Central Texas community have embraced this new way of giving to your only community-supported public television station, allowing us to meet our financial goals while keeping more of the programming you love on-air.

Our Winter Fundraising Drive began yesterday and once again we’ll be keeping your favorite primetime shows on every night during the drive. We must raise $220,000 by December 10th and we’re counting on YOU to do your part to support the shows you rely on each week in order to meet this goal.

Make a one-time gift or ongoing, monthly gift now!

We can’t say thank you enough, because your gift is so important in helping KLRU make this transformation to our fundraising drives. Will you continue to support YOUR KLRU with your gift today?

P.S.  What’s more, we have some wonderful ways to thank you for your support, including the final season of Downton Abbey on DVD, the highly anticipated seventh season of Doc Martin on DVD, and tickets galore! See Il Volo, Arlo Guthrie, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the Wild Kratts!