Highlights June 14 to June 20

KLRU Highlights

KLRU presents season 2, part 5 of Last Tango in Halifax on Sunday at 8 pm, as Celia hesitantly introduces Alan to her sister, Muriel, and a surprised Caroline learns that Kate is pregnant. In part 6 on Sunday at 9 pm, Kate makes an unexpected gesture at Alan and Celia’s wedding.

On Monday at 9 pm, Independent Lens Limited Partnership tells the story of a gay couple, a Filipino American and an Australian, and their fight over the course of 40 years to take on the U.S. government and fight for marriage and immigration equality.

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America at 10 pm on Monday is a biography of the man who made public parks an essential part of American life. Olmsted believed that a park was both a work of art and a necessity for urban life, and his efforts to preserve nature created an “environmental ethic” decades before the environmental movement became a force in American politics.

Roosevelts: An Intimate History The Common Cause (1939-1944) at 7 pm on Tuesday chronicles FDR as he shatters the third-term tradition and helps set the course toward Allied victory during World War II. In the meantime, his wife, Eleanor, travels the Pacific to comfort wounded servicemen.

Dorothea Lange was a 20th-century American artist who captured powerful images from the Great Depression. KLRU depicts Lange’s journey to continue to bear witness, bring subjects alive and transmit raw emotion through her art on American Masters Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning at 9 pm on Tuesday and at 8 pm on Friday.

On Nature The Funkiest Monkeys at 7 pm on Wednesday, filmmaker Colin Stafford-Johnson returns to Sulawesi in Indonesia after twenty-five years to understand why numbers of feisty, expressive and unusual macaque monkeys have dropped dramatically. Teaming up with a local expert and creating the film allows him to share the macaques’ story with local schools and communities.

NOVA Escape from Nazi Alcatraz on Wednesday at 8 pm tells the story of Colditz Castle, a prisoner of war camp in Nazi Germany that was supposedly escape-proof. But at the end of World War II, a group of British officers dreamt up an elaborate escape plan involving a two-man glider made of bed sheets and floorboards. Now, a team of engineers and carpenters rebuilds the glider to see if the daring escape would have succeeded.

The story of how Hitler’s massive defensive wall from France to Norway sucked in huge quantities of raw materials and men from all over the Third Reich and faced its ultimate test on D-Day is told on Nazi Mega Weapons Atlantic Wall at 9 pm on Wednesday.

Austin City Limits at 10pm on Wednesday and at 10 pm on Friday presents Nine Inch Nails in a rare television appearance playing songs from their latest album, Hesitation Marks. On Saturday at 7 pm, Los Lobos perform a 40th anniversary career overview and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down play songs from their LP We the Common.

Taylor Branch, author and historian, discusses his Civil Rights era trilogy America in the King Years and his latest work on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm on Thursday.

Arts in Context In Their Words at 7:30 pm on Thursday highlights SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a program that offers immersive retreats to military veterans and active duty soldiers the chance to write songs about their experiences.

On BBQ with Franklin Fire & Smoke at 8 pm on Thursday, Aaron covers the major types of wood used in Texas BBQ, gives some tips on building a fire and shows a twist on using smoke for more than cooking meat.

On Thursday at 8:30 pm, The Daytripper goes to Lubbock, Texas and explores Texas Tech University, eats fried cheese and calzones and dives into the Buddy Holly Center and the archaeology site Lubbock Lake Landmark.

Host Harrison Eppright presents a tour of Juneteenth celebrations from across the country on Juneteenth Jamboree at 9 pm on Thursday.

Looking Over Jordan: African Americans and the War on Thursday at 9:30 pm chronicles the black experience in the South before, during and after the war. Among many topics, the documentary covers the marked rise of slavery between 1790 and 1860, the role of religion and music in the slave narrative and the influx of freed black slaves into the Union army.

At noon on Saturday, Central Texas Gardener Living Vertical Walls tours the American Botanical Council’s gardens for health.