KLRU News Briefs: Teaching Language Through Dance, Lawmakers Dive into Shark Fin Debate

This weekend during PBS NewsHour, we talk to the Austin native behind Dance Another World, an English immersion non-profit taught through dance. Plus, The Texas Tribune highlights what happened at the State Capitol this week.

Dance Another World works with non-native English speaking girls from primarily low socio-economic areas. They currently teach dance after school at T.A. Brown Elementary in North Austin, but they recently received their vendor license from AISD, which will allow them to offer the program in more schools next school year.

The program is a mixture of dance, reading, and writing in English. 

“There’s so much research that shows the benefits of growing up bilingual. Language is such a mental thing,” says Dawn Mann, Founder of Dance Another World. “We know a dance is a story, so we will read and write our own stories, and then we’ll portray them in a dance. It lets the girls work on their English but put their energy towards the art and dance.”

You can watch that story in the video above.

This week’s Texas Political Roundup from The Texas Tribune centers around end of life care for pregnant women, the Senate budget, and the debate surrounding the sale of shark fins.

A House bill by Rep. Elliott Naishtat (D-Austin) would remove a line in state law that requires pregnant women remain on life support, regardless of their last wishes. “Marlise’s Law” is in memory of Marlise Muñoz who was declared brain dead at a Fort Worth hospital and kept alive for 62 days despite her family’s wishes.

Also debated in the House this week was a bill by Rep. Eddie Lucio III which would make the practice of purchasing and selling shark fins in Texas illegal. The House passed the measure, which now goes to Senate. You can see the Roundup in the video below.

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