Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2015

KLRU celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a range of special programs that celebrate the Asian American experience. Year round, KLRU provides content and events that give a diverse perspective on our community. Here is a complete list of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month programming on KLRU and KLRUQ.

This month on KLRU:

Independent Lens Kumu Hina Monday, May 4 at 9 pm
Kumu Hina tells the inspiring story of Hina Wong-Kalu, a transgender native Hawaiian teacher and cultural icon who brings to life Hawaii’s traditional embrace of māhū — those who embody both male and female spirit.  The film traces Hina’s evolution from Collin Wong, a timid high school boy, to her present position as a married woman and cultural director of a school in one of Honolulu’s grittier neighborhoods. When Ho’onani, a charismatic 6th grade girl, asks to join the school’s all-male hula troupe, Hina gives her the opportunity to express her inner male spirit. As teacher and student prepare for a climactic end-of-year performance, they meet many obstacles, but hold fast to the idea that being true to oneself matters most.

Soul of a Banquet Monday, May 11 at 10 pm
Wayne Wang, director of The Joy Luck Club, takes us into the world of Cecilia Chiang, who introduced America to authentic Chinese food. Chiang opened her internationally renowned restaurant The Mandarin in 1961, and went on to change the course of cuisine in America. The film is equal parts a showcase of delectable gastronomy and a touching portrait of Chiang’s journey from a childhood in Beijing before the Cultural Revolution to accidental restaurateur on the West Coast. The film features interviews with Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl and Cecilia Chiang herself.

War for Guam Monday, May 18 at 10:30 pm
Through rarely seen historical footage and first-person remembrances, the harrowing tale of the Japanese occupation of Guam unfolds—from the perspective of its native residents—the Chamorros—who will endure a devastating 2 years and 8 months of brutality, massacres, and concentration camps until American troops once again gain control of the country.  The Chamorros eventually win U.S. citizenship, but it does not win them the right to control the use of the land of their ancestors.  A new era of occupation has begun.

Four-Four-Two, F Company At War Tuesday, May 19 at 10 pm
The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was an infantry regiment in the United States Army comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry. This film follows the exploits of “F” Company through the letters of 1st Sergeant Jack Wakamatsu and interviews of five “F” Company veterans who recall in vivid detail their experiences from witnessing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to the Banzai charge on a hill in France where “F” Company wiped out a German company.

Our American Family: The Furutas Tuesday, May 19 at 10:30 pm.
Through hard work, the Furutas, a Japanese American family of Wintersburg, CA established a successful goldfish farm, only to have their business devastated and family separated in the wake of WWII. Following years in an Arizona relocation camp, their indomitable spirit prevails as they return home and band together to pursue the American dream a second time.

Independent Lens Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry Tuesday, May 26 at 10 pm
Ai Weiwei is arguably the most internationally celebrated Chinese artist of the modern era.  At heart, he is a troublemaker with a serious agenda:  to challenge the oppression of the Chinese people by their government with rebellious and irreverent gestures.

This month on KLRUQ:
Saturdays at 6:30 pm May 2-16, KLRU Q will feature episodes of Pacific Heartbeat. Running the gamut from enlightening documentaries to musical showcases, the anthology series  Pacific Heartbeat journeys into the heart, mind and soul of Pacific Island culture.

  • May 2  Na Mele: Jerry Santos Legendary musician Jerry Santos shares music and thoughts about his home in Hawai’i.
  • May 9 Road to the Globe New Zealand actor Rawiri Paratene forms his own company and prepares to adapt a Shakespeare play.
  • May 16  Na Loea: The Masters II The dedicated lives of those who are considered masters in Hawaiian culture are showcased.
Soul of a Banquet Saturday, May 30 at  6:30 pm