American Graduate Champion: Bako Ambianda

KLRU shares the inspiring stories of the people that are making our community a success! As part of our American Graduate initiative, we’re honoring American Graduate Champions that have been submitted by the community.

bako-ambiandaToday’s Champion is Bako Ambianda. Bako is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and an engineering student. He is the author of Destined to Win in the Game of Life, a self-improvement book that provides a blueprint of how people can tap into their potentials. He was a 2014 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Competitor and has served as the Vice President of Public Relations for the University of Texas At Austin Sciences Toastmasters. The recognition letter submitted by the community said: “What began as a young man’s desire to overcome his own physical and emotional obstacles has grown into his mission to help people reach their highest potential and obtain their greatest goals. He delivers a high energy message that tells people through firsthand experience on how to live up to their full potential.”

Do you know someone in our community who is working to improve high school success for students throughout Central Texas? Recognize them as an American Graduate Champion! American Graduate Champions can be students who work as mentors, business leaders who serve as role models, school officials making changes to better the system, parent activists, and even struggling students who are overcoming obstacles in order to graduate.