American Graduate Champion: Isaac Torres

KLRU shares the inspiring stories of the people that are making our community a success! As part of our American Graduate initiative, we’re honoring American Graduate Champions that have been submitted by the community.

isaac-torresToday’s Champion is Isaac Torres.  Torres is the Program Coordinator for Generation Texas in the Center for P-16 Initiatives at Texas State University. Torres works throughout Central Texas by visiting high schools throughout Central Texas which serve predominantly low-income, first generation, and immigrant students to advocate for college access. He is the chair of the Outreach and Communication subcommittee chair of the Austin College Access Network and is spearheading the efforts to launch a “College Signing Day” in Austin. This event focuses on engaging stakeholders throughout Central Texas in support of college access for all students to increase the college enrollment rate to 70%. The recognition letter submitted by the community said: “This goal of 70% college enrollment can never be attained through the current and never ceasing efforts of the community of educators and practitioners who live into this mission daily. We can only do this as a community-wide endeavor. GenTX and the efforts of Isaac are pivotal to attaining this goal. Isaac has been a longtime champion for this effort and he continues to lead the community forward toward realizing this goal.”

Do you know someone in our community who is working to improve high school success for students throughout Central Texas? Recognize them as an American Graduate Champion! American Graduate Champions can be students who work as mentors, business leaders who serve as role models, school officials making changes to better the system, parent activists, and even struggling students who are overcoming obstacles in order to graduate.