Travel the globe on KLRU Q 11/26

What’s on KLRU-Q Wednesday evening? Take a look:

8 pm: On Globe Trekker, Tyler kicks off his culinary adventure in Mexico City, where he explores the vibrant markets and discovers the potent chilies of the region.

9 pm: Buen Provencho! takes viewers on a delicious journey through Florida’s culinary past. The one-hour documentary explores Florida’s Spanish roots through its cuisine, while blending historical narrative with delicious recipes and vibrant locations.

10 pm: Florida is a state known for its sun, surf, and sand! But wait a minute! Florida also has a darker, offbeat and downright weird side, where ancient mysteries and legends reside on Weird Florida: On the Road Again.

KLRU Q is broadcast channel 18.3. It is also available to digital cable subscribers of Grande on 284 and Time Warner on 20.