KLRU Create in June

Cool off on a hot Saturday in June with KLRU Create Saturday marathons.

June 7
Going to the Chapel
Are you planning to be a June bride? Our lifestyle experts will be with you every step of the way helping you with your big day! Who needs a wedding planner when you have Katie Brown to help you plan a simple yet elegant wedding? Julia Child and Martha Stewart will show you how to make the perfect three tiered wedding cake. After the nuptials it’s off to Fiji and Paris for the honeymoon with Joseph Rosendo and Rudy Maxa! Dinner for two, prepared by P. Allen Smith and Sara Moulton, is what’s on the menu to keep the love alive.

June 14
Stalk and Vine
Fresh from the stalk or ripe off the vine, this marathon celebrates summer’s favorite foods, corn on the cob and tomatoes. Join Chefs Joanne Weir, Christina Pirello, Vivian Howard, and many more as they grow, grill and pick these sweet and juicy treats from the garden.

June 21
Vic Rallo’s Italy
Your Italian adventure begins now, with Chef Vic Rallo! See Italy as you have never seen this beautiful country before. Vic proudly takes you to the regions where our favorite Italian dishes and wines hail from. This food trip will leave you wanting more, and in Italy there’s always more!

June 28
Patriotic Pitmasters
We are planning a big 4th! Raichlen, Christina Pirello, Chris Kimball Joe Ciminera and Sara Moulton have everything on the grill from short ribs to catfish to turkey pastrami to dessert! Your July 4th celebration!