Makarios: A Rising Tide

KLRU Highlights

Documentary_MakariosKLRU presents a new documentary by an Austin filmmaker focusing on an Austin humanitarian effort. Makarios: A Rising Tide is a documentary that examines a pre-school tucked away in a remote village in the Dominican Republic and its efforts to end the cycle of extreme poverty through education. The school’s founder, Sharla Megilligan and Dr. Pam Schiller describe their efforts to develop young children for lifelong learning and for problem solving. Makarios: A Rising Tide is a story of gritty humanitarianism that grips the heart. Premiering April 24 at 9:30 pm, and again on April 28 at 10:30 pm.

Winner of the Chairman’s Special Award for Social Consciousness in Filmmaking at the Macau China International Digital Cinema Festival, Makarios: A Rising Tide allows viewers an inside look at this remarkable school and the ways in which it’s fostering harmony and raising the next generation out of the grips of hunger and disease. It also explores a coffee shop called Dominican Joe in Austin, Texas that helps fund the effort and allows a city to show its support.

The documentary provides candid insight from the school’s founder, Sharla Megilligan about the triumphs and trials associated with the school and Child Development Specialist, Dr. Pam Schiller describes in detail how education literally wires a developing brain for lifelong learning and problem solving. The teachers who have given up the luxury of life in the USA to live among bitterly impoverished villagers are truly inspirational and viewers will be hard pressed not to fall in love with the students. Makarios: A Rising Tide is a story of gritty humanitarianism that grips the heart.