Highlights April 27 – May 3

KLRU Highlights

Marroquin explores the relation between the choreographer and the dancer as Arts In Context presents Hold My Hand, Sunday at 1:30 pm.

Great Performances presents Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty Sunday at 2 pm

The midwives discover that a young Down Syndrome woman is six months pregnant, leading to difficult confessions and decisions on Call The Midwife, Sunday at 7 pm.

Victor and Agnes make plans and Harry joins the war effort in Masterpiece‘s Mr. Selfridge, Season 2 – Part 5, Sunday at 8 pm.

In Bletchley Circle Uncustomed Goods, Part 1, Millie’ s, on Sunday at 9 pm, Millie’s import/export sideline leads to her abduction by a crime ring involved in trading perfume, cigarettes and stockings – and in human trafficking.

Father Brown is skeptical when a parishioner believes she’s being haunted by her sister who went missing years ago in Father Brown‘s The Ghost In The Machine Sunday at 10 pm.

Antiques Roadshow travels to Anaheim, California to the Rickenbacker International Corporation to discuss vintage electric guitars Monday at 7 pm.

Antiques Roadshow travels to Minneapolis and discusses animation propaganda produced by Disney Studios during World War II, Monday at 8 pm.

Director Chris Paine takes his film crew behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors to chronicle the story of the global resurgence of electric cars in Independent Lens‘  Revenge Of The Electric Car, Monday at 9 pm.

Makarios: A Rising Tide examines  a pre-school tucked away in a remote village in the Dominican Republic and its efforts to end the cycle of extreme poverty through education, Monday at 10:30 pm.

Pioneers Of Television Breaking Barriers traces the story of people of color on American television, Tuesday at 7 pm.

Ruben Salazar: Man In The Middle – A Voces Special provides insights and answers to one of the most bizarre, disturbing and controversial fatal shootings of the mid-20th century, on Tuesday at 8 pm.

Frontline investigates the impact of mass incarceration in America in Prison State, Tuesday at 9 pm.

Get an all-access tour of Israel, guided by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel: The Royal Tour, Tuesday at 10:30 pm.

Take a look at the love life of animals as Nature presents Love In The Animal Kingdom Wednesday at 7 pm.

NOVA flies along with the monarchs, visiting the locations they call home and meeting the dangers they encounter along the way in The Incredible Journey Of The Butterflies, Wednesday at 8 pm.

Discover some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history with Nazi Mega Weapons Super Tanks, Wednesday at 9 pm.

Go behind the scenes to witness the passion and energy required to create a successful music festival as Arts In Context presents There Will Be Fun,  Thursday at 7:30 pm.

The Daytripper Episode #506 travels to Arlington Texas and explores the city’s legacy of big thrills, Thursday at 8:30.

Making Of War Horse premieres Thursday at 9 pm.

Express your personality and creativity with functional, fun garden accents crafted from recycled objects with Central Texas Gardener‘s Express Yourself, Saturday at noon & 4 pm.

Victory Garden’s Ediblefeast Episode #3507 visits Vermont to meet people involved with sustainable farming and see the foods they produce, Saturday at 4:30 pm.

Austin City Limits presents the best in Latin music with Juanes and Jesse & Joy, Saturday at 7 pm.