Austin Revealed: Joanie Shapiro

In Central Texas as elsewhere, being Jewish means many different things. KLRU will explore the many differing ways of identifying and “being” Jewish in Austin in a series of short format documentaries for our web series Austin Revealed.

Today’s video features Joanie Shapiro
After selling her medical billing business and moving to Sun City in Georgetown, Texas, Joanie and other Jews living in her area came together to form Haverah Shalom. This congregation started by in the late 1990s by meeting for Shabbat services at each other’s homes. Now, Haverah Shalom has grown exponentially in size and resources, including a portable Ark and Torah. These congregation members have come to form bonds religiously, socially, and philanthropically to create a Jewish

Austin Revealed is an oral history project that shares personal experiences and stories of Austin’s past to encourage discussion and thought around the city’s future.. Learn more about Austin Revealed.