Q Night At The Movies 2/22

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

KLRU-Q’s Saturday Night at the Movies presents a full-length feature film every Saturday night, plus extra content that gives the evening an exciting spin. Each film explores the work of legendary actors and actresses through many important films from their careers. Here is a peek of what this Saturday has in store:

On Story Creating Fantastical Worlds at 5 pm
The challenges of creating fantastical world and getting the audience to suspend their disbelief are discussed by the creative minds behind STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, EL MARIACHI, and WATCHMEN. Featuring David Hayter, Robert Orci, Damon, Lindelof, and Robert Rodriguez. Film: Tadpoles by Miguel Alvarez.

On Story Writing Action! at 5:30
The creators behind the explosions CON AIR, GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, HULK, ZOMBIELAND and MACHETE debate what makes a great action movie.

On Story Unawakening at 6 pm
Suspenseful storytelling is discussed by the creative minds behind THE USUAL SUSPECTS, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE BIG EASY and LETHAL WEAPON. Featuring Shane Black, Ted Tally, Daniel Petrie, Jr. and Christopher McQuarrie. Film: Unawakening by Jack Daniel Stanley.

On Story A Conversation With Chris Carter, Creator Of The X-Files at 6:30 pm
Legendary television writer Chris Carter reveals the secret behind the creation and success of The X-Files and how he stirred audiences using the power of mythology. Lost and PROMETHEUS writer, Damon Lindelof, speaks with Carter on how his use of the paranormal and search for the truth have become staples of popular culture.

On Story A Conversation With Damon Lindelof, Co-Creator of Lost at 7 pm
Damon Lindelof discusses his hand in some of the most celebrated and scrutinized works of science fiction over the past five years, and how much of their success is attributed to writing stories that leave a lot up to one’s imagination.

On Story Elements Of Great Horror at 7:30 pm
Professional horror writers explore how great drama lies at the core of the most frightening films, and discuss the style and techniques used to invoke fear, suspense and thrills that linger long after the credits roll. 

Hollywood Stars Film Package Aliens at 8 pm
The survivor (Sigourney Weaver) of a horrific alien attack returns to planet LB 426 with Marines sent to check out the situation.

Android Prophesy at 10:20 pm
For almost a century, Hollywood has been warning us of a future where human beings become enslaved by the machines they created. But has the time come to take the seemingly outlandish imagination of science fiction seriously? Drawing disturbing conclusions about our impending mechanical domination, THE ANDROID PROPHESY, narrated by actor Tom Baker (Doctor Who), investigates the parallels between science fiction and science reality. Over the years technology has matured on screen and innovations in artificial intelligence and bio technology are making it harder to distinguish man from man-made. The debate is set, who has the upper hand: the great minds of Hollywood, or the world’s leading scientists? Featuring an array of clips from the distant world of ‘Lost in Space’ to the domestic horror of ‘The Stepford Wives, THE ANDROID PROPHESY investigates the parallels between movie director fantasy and science reality by bringing together legendary filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott as well as pioneers in cyborg research.