Innovation Tuesday on KLRU Q

Each Tuesday in February, KLRU Q looks at the individuals and innovations that helped shape the information age!  KLRU Q is broadcast channel 18.3. It is also available to digital cable subscribers of Grande on 284 and Time Warner on 255.

Feb. 4th
8:00pm  Codebreakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes – The extraordinary, but previously hidden, story of a British engineer,Tommy Flowers, and a talented British mathematician, Bill Tutte. Tutte’s codebreaking skill, and the engineering genius of Flowers, gave rise to Colossus, the world’s first programmable computer. Tutte is revealed as having been responsible for what experts have described as the single most important intellectual feat of World War Two – without this work, D Day would never have happened. Tutte broke a code ten times tougher than Enigma and, with a handful of brilliant men, allowed Churchill to ‘hack in’ to Hitler’s own hotline, win the War and usher in the age of computers.

9:00pm  Dayton Codebreakers – Throughout 1942, German U-boats were sinking hundreds of American ships in the Atlantic Ocean, effectively cutting the supply line to embattled ally England. In desperation, the United States Navy turned to the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio, to design and build code-breaking machines.

Feb. 11th
8:00pm  Digital_Man / Digital_World – Only a few decades ago, computers filled entire rooms, and consumed enough electricity to power over 100 households. The Digital Equipment Corporation transformed the entire industry, making computers smaller, less expensive and more accessible. DEC’s founder, Ken Olsen, led the revolution, and in the process developed innovations that became the basic principles of the Information Age

9:00pm  Long Distance Warrior – His name was Bill McGowan, a modern-day David in a business suit, fighting Goliath on the corporate battlefield. He took on the most powerful monopoly of his time – AT&T, and its Bell System of local phone companies – and won against all odds. He helped usher in the Information Age by unleashing the forces of competition and change.

Feb. 18th
8:00pm  Something Ventured: Risk, Reward and the Original Venture Capitalists – Tells the story of the creation of an industry that went on to become the single greatest engine of innovation and economic growth in the 20th century. It is told by the visionary risk-takers who dared to make it happen…Tom Perkins, Don Valentine, Arthur Rock, Dick Kramlich and others. The film also includes some of our finest entrepreneurs sharing how they worked with these venture capitalists to grow world-class companies like Intel, Apple, Cisco, Atari, Genentech, Tandem and others.

9:30pm  Capital of Innovation “Video Game Entrepreneurs” – Meet some of the innovators who’ve helped make Austin the nation’s third largest video game production community.

Feb. 25th
8:00pm  Silicon Valley: American Experience –  Robert Noyce’s innovation, the integrated circuit, would shape the way Americans live, making possible smart phones and digital video recorders, pacemakers and microwaves. In telling the story of Noyce and the integrated circuit, this film looks at the monumental impact the microchip had on modern life and reveals the pivotal role Noyce played in transforming a fertile farmland into one of the most creative places on earth — the hub of technological ingenuity we now know as Silicon Valley.

9:30pm  Steve Jobs – One Last Thing – In the aftermath of the death of probably the most inspirational computer designers and innovators of the 21st century, this film takes an in-depth look at the life and work of Apple boss, Steve Jobs to examine how and why he revolutionized our world.