Medieval Warfare Line-Up on KLRU-Q 1/30!

Tune in for Warriors and Battle Castle on January 30th for a line-up that explores Medieval history and warfare.

8:00 pm Warriors Richard The Lionheart and Saladin
Also airing Sunday 2/2 at 2 pm
Jaffa, a vital strategic port on the coast of Palestine. The Christians are on the brink of defeat in their Crusade against Saladin for control of the Holy Land. Richard the Lionheart staked his reputation on this final battle at Jaffa. With just a handful of knights and a small number of infantrymen, he lead an assault and gained a victory which cemented his position as the personification of the noble warrior king.

8:55 pm Battle Castle Crac Des Chevaliers
Also airing Sunday 2/2 at 2:55 pm
Set high above the Syrian landscape, Crac des Chevaliers was built by the Knights
Hospitaller to dominate. Its flawlessly-cut stones, steep slopes, and deadly entrance are designed to resist any attacker. In 1271, a Muslim warrior king and his powerful army come to seize this crown jewel of Crusader castles and drive Christians from the Holy Land.

9:40 pm Battle Castle Dover
Also airing Sunday 2/2 at 3:40 pm
High atop the white cliffs of southern England, Dover Castle was built by King Henry II to protect an empire. Its deadly gatehouses, layers of walls, and magnificent keep were engineered to crush the enemy. In 1216, an ambitious French prince and his determined troops descend to capture this key to England and with it, the English crown.

10:25 pm Battle Castle Malaga
Also airing Sunday 2/2 at 4:25 pm
Located high above the Mediterranean coast, Gibralfaro Castle and its surrounding defenses are the monuments of a Muslim dynasty. Its daunting towers, brilliant water-storage, and one-of-a-kind passageway were engineered to withstand the most ambitious attacker. In 1487, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella descend to capture this city and destroy the legacy it represents.