KLRU Q goes to the Mediterranean 1/9

KLRU Q explores the Mediterranean on January 9th. KLRU Q is broadcast channel 18.3. It is also available to digital cable subscribers of Grande on 284 and Time Warner on 255.

Ottomans Versus Christians: Battle For The Mediterranean at 8 pm
The Mediterranean Sea may be a beautiful tourist destination today but in the 16th century it was the central arena for a mighty power struggle between Christian Europe and the formidable Muslim Ottoman Empire. It was a conflict not just for power and wealth but for cultural and religious supremacy that lasted nearly three centuries, and its outcome resonates to this day. In OTTOMANS VERSUS CHRISTIANS: BATTLE FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN, host Julian Davison leads us on a swashbuckling adventure to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean.

Spice Trail Pepper & Cinnamon at 8:55 pm
Noted BBC presenter Kate Humble uncovers the story of the most heavily traded spice in the world – pepper in India – then she heads south to the cinnamon lands of Sri Lanka, a place shrouded in mystery for Europeans until the Portuguese accidentally landed on its shores.

Science & Islam The Language of Science at 9:55 pm
From the great mathematician Al-Khwarizmi, who did much to establish the mathematical tradition we now know as algebra, to Ibn Sina, a pioneer of early medicine whose Canon of Medicine was still in use as recently as the 19th century, Al-Khalili pieces together a remarkable story of the often-overlooked achievements of the early medieval Islamic scientists.